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Dale Neuner is a commodities professional, sports enthusiast, world traveler, and dedicated family man.
Dale Neuner is a man with multiple facets. On the career side, Dale works in the commodities industry as a Director and Global Head of Commodity Operations with Citigroup. He is an accomplished commodity professional with more than 20 years of progressive experience in the industry of investment banking, and he has amassed an impressive set of skills throughout his work history. These skills include:

● Electronic Trading
● Risk Management
● Equities
● Fixed Income
● Hedge Funds
● Capital Markets
● Trading Systems
● Derivatives
● And More

With Citigroup, Dale is responsible for the management of a budget measuring in at $8.2 million, as well as the personnel of three different Citigroup locations in London, Houston, and Singapore. He also possesses a working knowledge of the regulatory requirements associated with the Dodd-Frank Act regarding Business Conduct Rules, Large Trader Reporting, and Swap Data Repositories, and is a student of EMIR.

On the hobby side, Dale is an experienced firearms instructor. Holding certification from the FBI, he has more than 10 years of experience in the professional instruction of the proper use and care of personal firearms. Dale also enjoys fresh water fishing, particularly in the lakes found within the orange groves of Central Florida, where he fishes for large mouth black bass with a unique and expert technique.

On the personal side, Dale is a dedicated family man who loves his wife, Tommie, and their three children: Kristy, Candice, and Kevin. His children all work as professionals across the United States. Dale and his wife have recently moved to London, England.
Dale Neuner’s past is full of many impressive progressions in his personal career history as well as a wealth of traveling for both him and his family. For work, for school, or for fun, Dale has proven to be a man who is always on the move.

Dale’s Education, Military Service

Dale Neuner began life as a native resident of Florida, where he attended Pasco Comprehensive High School in Dade City. After his graduation from high school, he attended Pasco-Hernando Community College.

After his graduation from Pasco-Hernando Community College, Dale joined the United States Coast Guard, where he received training in Search and Rescue operations. This position saw him assigned to multiple duty stations in locations spread all over the Eastern Seaboard, including Clearwater, FL; Yorktown, VA; and Baltimore, MD. This position also began a period of frequent travel in Dale’s life that has, thus far at least, still not quite ended.

Dale eventually returned to his home town. It was here that he met his beloved wife, Tommie Gonzales Neuner. On June 5, 1982, the two of them tied the knot and made a home for themselves in Central Florida. This is also where they started their family.

While raising his new family, Dale re-enrolled in college, this time at St. Leo University. His university days lasted three years this time, from 1989 to 1992, when he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminology.

Dale’s Work Experience

In 1991, while finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree at St. Leo University, Dale began working for the investment banking company Salomon Brothers, in Tampa, FL. Here he worked as an OTC Derivatives Documentation Specialist, in which capacity he co-managed the company’s Derivatives Confirmations Unit. He was also responsible for directly supporting traders and marketers who were transacting in Commodity, Equity, Interest Rate, FX, and Credit Derivative Swaps.

After working with Salomon Brothers for over seven years, Dale moved to Houston, TX in 1998. Here he joined the oil and energy company Enron on their Commodity Derivatives Documentation Desk as the lead Senior Specialist. In this role, Dale identified and then implemented new strategies that utilized review of existing department procedures and policies as well as work flow reengineering to reduce errors and improve efficiency. He was also responsible for the development and training of Enron team members in regards to ISDA documentation, as well as the related integration into credit, collateral, tax, and legal considerations.

Dale was later promoted to Manager and placed in charge of Enron’s Emerging Markets Commodity Derivatives Documentation Desk. Here, again, he oversaw the development and training of Enron personnel who were assigned to handle the unprecedented and complex transactions of the Emerging Markets. He later was responsible for drafting the legal descriptions for both physical and financial commodities transaction offered on the EnronOnline web-based trading platform.

In October of 2000, Dale was given yet a larger responsibility at Enron. He was tasked with creating and then managing Product Control Groups for both CommodityLogic and DealBench, with a particular emphasis on leveraging in those experiences that had been gained through EnronOnline.

Dale worked for Enron for two more years in this position before joining UBS Warburg Energy LLC in February of 2002, when the company acquired Enron’s Gas and Power trading operations. At UBS, Dale became the Associate Director of Deal Clearing. His responsibilities here included managing all UBS team members responsible for elements of trading support, which included Physical and Financial Gas and Power Commodity Products as well as FX and Interest Rate Swap Products.

In March of 2003, Dale left Houston and UBS to join HBK Investments LP, a hedge fund based in Dallas, TX. Here he joined the Legal Department as a Documentation Specialist, where he reported directly to the General Counsel. His responsibilities now included handling contract processing through the creation of the Confirmations Desk; reviewing all ISDA confirmations for Credit Derivative, FX, Commodity, Fixed Income, and Equity products; and acting as a consultant for Best Practices to the Director of Operations.

Dale worked for HBK Investments for over two and a half years before rejoining Citigroup, where he was hired at the startup of their Commodity trading initiative. Here Dale was assigned to build and direct a Commodity Operations team to oversee Confirmations, Margin, Funding, Reporting, and Settlements activity. Dale became the Director and Global Head of these operations, gaining responsibility over the management of a budget of $8.2 million and 50+ personnel in London, Singapore, and Houston. The Houston Commodities Operations department had to be relocated to Houston from New York, a transition which Dale directed. He also directed the build-out of both the Singapore and London Operations teams, and has recently added the management of the London and Singapore Middle Office teams to his resume.

Dale’s Personal Life

While his career managed to keep him in Florida and Texas for a relatively long period of time, Dale never lost his love of travelling. Most recently, these travels have involved Dale and his wife Tommie moving from Houston, TX to London, England. The couple reside in a nice flat in the Canary Wharf area, where they each enjoy weekend ventures into the city and local areas.

Dale and his wife enjoy vacationing either by themselves or with family members, their favorite destinations being near the water. They have always been particularly fond of the beaches in the Caribbean, including Cancun, Cozumel, and St. Lucia, among others. They also enjoy popular destinations all across the United States, including Las Vegas, Napa Valley, and the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

When Dale and Tommie moved to Houston they brought with them another family member, Pepper, their miniature Dachshund. They also added two loyal canine companions to the mix, a couple of Weimaraners named Max and Chance. Max was a relatively easy addition to the family, as the couple received him from an American Kennel Club certified breeder who came highly respected and regarded. Chance, however, was a bit more of a challenge; he was adopted from a rescue center, and his previous owner had beaten and neglected him. This made the poor dog malnourished and hand shy. However, Dale and his wife made the necessary arrangements with a local vet to bring Chance back to good health, giving him a second ‘Chance’ at a happy life.
Dale Neuner is rounding out his eighth year with Citigroup and getting prepared to go into his ninth. He has set himself a list of individual performance goals to reach for the close of 2013 and continues striving toward them in order to better his effectiveness. These performance goals include the following:

● Identifying opportunities to reduce expenses and then executing tactical strategies based on those opportunities
● Globally optimizing the company’s Operations team in order to provide better, seamless support to trading desks in London, New York, Houston, Singapore and Calgary
● Continuing his participation in industry-wide initiatives designed to further maximize automation and market transparency through the utilization of robust metrics reporting
● Eliminating control gaps by enhancing both legacy and support systems
● Increasing management of new product development and volume sensitivity with a minimum in increased headcount through the utilization of enhancements in technology

Dale looks forward to meeting these goals and increasing his already impressive expertise in the commodities industry. He already has more than two decades of experience under his belt and plans to continue adding to it throughout the near future and beyond.

Dale and his wife Tommie are also getting settled into their new home in London, England. Afterward, they plan to explore the United Kingdom in earnest, followed by trips throughout Western Europe. This is in addition to their regular travel yearnings to their favorite beach destinations, and to Dale’s favorite fresh water fishing holes. Between his work and his play, Dale promises to have a busy future.

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  • St. Leo University , United States , St Leo, FL

    Bachelor’s of Science in Criminology
    01/1989 - 01/1992
  • Pasco Comprehensive , United States , Dade CIty, FL

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  • Director and Global Head of Commodity Operations , United States

    to 12/2099
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    directeur/MKB-adviseur bij FBA
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