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Charles Harrison Chandler is a Chicago veterinarian with 10+ years of experience.
As a Chicago-area veterinarian, Dr. Charles Harrison Chandler is committed to helping all types of animals, as well as their owners. He specializes in pet nutrition, pain management, and client education—hoping to foster better relationships between people and their animals. In addition, he often works with animals on physical therapy, and has a careful and caring eye for diagnosing physical or nutritional ailments.
He loves working with computers, too, and is very self-sufficient on keeping the books in Excel for his clinic. He does, however, have managerial experience guiding younger veterinarians into the business. He loves sharing his love of animals with others.
On top of his regular hours, Dr. Charles Chandler is usually available seven days a week for consultation or emergencies. When not at work he likes to spend time with his family and two wonderful 3-year-old cats, Sansa (the friendly one who thinks she’s a dog) and Arya (the skittish one who thinks everyone else is a dog). Both cats started off as foster kittens that he and his family just couldn’t give up.
Dr. Charles Harrison Chandler also enjoys baseball and a number of other sports, when his busy schedule allows him time for recreational play (which is almost never). He can’t be pulled away from the TV during the Olympics, particularly the summer season, and his favorite memory to account is his and his family’s trip to the 1994 FIFA world cup. He’s an avid reader of both veterinary works and fantasy novels, and spends many a Friday date night at the movies.
Charles Harrison Chandler was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and declared at a young age that he wanted to be a doctor. Time spent visiting his uncle’s farm kindled his love of working with animals, as he loved working the horses, cows, and sheep. By age ten he’d convinced his aunt to let him help with some of the more complex chores around the farm, and he spent a lot of his visiting time brushing down horses, shearing sheep, and avoiding anything to do with fertilizer.
After graduating with an undergraduate degree in biology, Dr. Charles Chandler was determined to use his experience playing college baseball to try out for the minor leagues. A knee injury prior to try-outs kept him out at the last minute. Instead, with his aunt and uncle’s seal of approval for learning on the farm, he moved to the Chicago area for veterinary school to combine his childhood dream of being a doctor and his love of animals. Dr. Charles Chandler graduated from the Vet Tech Institute of Fox College, where he met his future wife. The two graduated together and Carol went on to work at the Humane Society of Chicago while he went on to work with the Stray Cat Alliance, where he helped spay and neuter feral cats and return them to the wild. The job took him out of town to other communities, and he was able to connect with veterinarians from all corners of the country.
During this time he started to develop his passion for helping educate others on the importance of animal care, whether it is feeding and neutering stray cats responsibly or helping dogs and cats through physical ailments. His King Charles spaniel, Atticus, was hit by a car and required extensive physical therapy to get back on his feet, which Dr. Charles Harrison Chandler ensured he was personally involved in. He began recommending animal physical therapy to others after seeing Atticus’ pain decrease, and getting to enjoy the company of his companion for another five years.
This, in turn, encouraged Dr. Charles Chandler to look more into pet nutrition, and he quickly became more well-read on the subject. Wanting to join a regular clinic where he could use his degree and experience to help other people help their best friends live longer, he settled back into Chicago for good, where he reconnected with his soon-to-be wife.
The two were married a year and a half later, at an intimate backyard ceremony with close family and friends. Many of their pets were, of course, in attendance. Their household, with all their pets, was busy with three dogs, four cats, and a temperamental rabbit who tried to pick a fight with all of them. Both Dr. Charles Chandler and his wife were committed to their respective jobs as veterinarians, and find themselves coming home after long days of work only to discuss their professions over the dinner table, which to them is paradise.
Working with his wife, Dr. Charles Harrison Chandler has also gotten involved in volunteer work, both with the humane society and on their own initiative. He organizes a bake sale for every community event in order to help raise money for the humane society. To run it, he coordinates with local bakeries to stock up with day-old baked goods, and also contributes as much as he can himself. He’s particularly interested in creating nutritional pet treats. Several locals have become his regulars at his bake sale events, and he’s been invited to participate in events such as dog-walking “marathons” and even outdoor youth sporting events.
In recent years, he’s found himself more active at work, so he moved to a smaller clinic that is closer to home to cut down on commuting time. Dr. Charles Chandler wanted to take his experience working in a busy clinic that saw a huge variety of clients, animals, and conditions, and then apply that to a less central clinic that needs the expertise.
Currently, Dr. Charles Harrison Chandler is working on a guidebook to further help pet-owners recognize health concerns in their cats. The book is based off his own experiences with caring for his own cats and dogs, as well as situations he has experienced while at work. It is designed to be partially a step-by-step guide to identifying pet illnesses or other needs, and partially an amiable series of first-hand anecdotes.
The book is slow (but steady) going, since he continues and wants to continue working in small clinics. As a dedicated associate, he never leaves without ensuring that everything is in perfect shape, organized and well-staffed, but often finds himself with itchy feet that urge him to bring his skills to a new location simply for a change of pace. Nevertheless, he foresees himself working at his current clinic for years to come because of the comfort, convenience, and general atmosphere.
He and his wife hope to retire into community service that lets them travel the country, and maybe to other countries, still using their experiences to help animals. Failing that, they hope to create their own retirement home, for themselves and older animals in need of a home in a world that’s a lot kinder to puppies and kittens. They hope to keep up their tradition of charity bake sales and other fundraisers. Dr. Charles Harrison Chandler also hopes to someday have time to catch up on his backlog of fantasy novels, which he often receives as gifts and often wants to read and reread.

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