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Carli Strength

United States
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Carli Strength is the owner of Carli Strength Consulting Group, which provides guidance to personal trainers, gyms, and other workout facilities.

Carli Strength owns a consulting firm that provides guidance to gyms, personal trainers, and other fitness businesses. The organization’s services cover each and every aspect of running the business. His company operates according to the following four concepts:

• Measured results
• Honest communication
• Data-driven decisions
• Coaching

Carli has 30 years of experience in this field, and is well aware of techniques, equipment, and implementation of technology that make fitness businesses better. He shares this expertise on each of his consulting jobs, making it easy for his clients to see real results.

Carli Strength is glad to have had the ability to translate his passion for fitness into education, and enjoys allowing others to do the same. He created training programs to help instructors learn how to effectively teach a range of group exercise classes, including Zumba, Piloxing, and other courses.

He currently owns and operates Strength Performance & Fitness LLC, which provides equipment and education, as well as space planning services. The company works with business owners who want to turn a small space into a fitness center. This includes partnering with hotels in order to help them maximize their space as they design an appealing workout facility. Carli is also proud to be an investor in Aqua Dopa, which is a new energy drink business that was founded by one of his close friends. The drink provides the same perks of Red Bull without the harmful levels of caffeine. It naturally increases the body’s levels of dopamine, thus allowing the person to feel energized without being shaky or feeling sick several hours later.

Carli Strength is the owner of a consulting group that offers assistance to gym owners, personal trainers, and others who oversee workout facilities. He and his team work alongside these individuals, thus helping them with every aspect of their business. Though many other consulting groups claim to be able to do the work that Carli and his team handle each day, there are several traits that allow their business to rise above the rest. The company is committed to focusing on four pillars. They include:

• Measured results: The team members are focused on performance-based compensation. Carli Strength explains that they create results, and don’t just simply offer recommendations. They partner directly with clients in order to achieve short-term goals and work toward long-term objectives, while creating an enterprise that is valuable and sustainable. Their commitment to performance-based compensation holds all members of the team accountable.
• Honesty: Team members are glad to engage in meaningful and candid conversations with their clients in order to figure out what truly matters to their business. Based on these discussions, they craft a strategy that works for everyone involved.
• Data-driven decisions: They work with their clients to help them make fact-based decisions, instead of acting impulsively.
• Executive coaching: They promote strength-based leadership development programs to ensure that all members of a team know how to contribute positively to that organization.

This business model, combined with 30 years of experience in the field, has brought Carli Strength a great deal of success. He uses his knowledge of new techniques, equipment, and technology in order to keep his work both relevant and effective for his clients. Carli is truly passionate about the field of exercise, and uses his dedication to the industry to allow him to provide the best service for his clients. He values remaining aware of industry developments and always has up-to-date information to provide to the business owners with whom he partners.

Carli has also combined his passions for fitness and education to pursue a new avenue in his career. He provides training and certifications to those who are looking to become group fitness instructors. Some of the certifications include core functional movement, Zumba, Piloxing, and other classes.

In addition to his current business ventures, he also created Strength Performance & Fitness LCC, which offers a number of services to dedicated clients. These include:

• Providing equipment
• Space management services
• Education

Strength and his team regularly work with people who are trying to make the most out of a small space as they create a workout facility. They want to put a fitness center in their small business facility or hotel, but need to know exactly how to make the best use of this space in cramped quarters. Strength and his team work with these individuals closely to ensure that they create an environment that is inspiring and pleasant for all exercisers. They take the current space and decipher the most effective way to use that area to hold state-of-the-art equipment.

In addition to this, Carli Strength and his team also provide staffing, management systems, culture development, and financial services. The group is a full-service operation that is fully committed to working to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of clients.

Carli Strength also owns Purfit Gym, LLC, which is a small gym that is focused on CrossFit techniques. The facility offers a mix of aerobic workouts, body weight exercises, and weight lifting. Workouts are usually 30 minutes or less, but are intense and demanding. They’re perfect for those who are pressed for time but still want to challenge their bodies and their minds to achieve more.

Additionally, Carli is proud to be an investor in Aqua Dopa, which is a new energy drink business founded by one of his close friends. The product is an innovative beverage that has many of the same properties as Red Bull, without the high levels of caffeine. It gives the consumer the energy boost they’re looking for, without causing them to experience a crash or shakiness after drinking it. This is because the drink naturally boosts the body’s level of dopamine, thus enabling them to feel energized without relying on an extensive amount of caffeine to get there.

Strength’s experience with the fitness industry is extensive, and began when he was just a teenager. Over time, he worked his way through a variety of positions, including manning the front desk at a gym and handling regional management responsibilities. At age 25 he was recruited to spend time in the education industry. He spent the next two decades in a variety of senior positions, including serving as the COO and CEO of the largest group of colleges in Texas. After successfully turning a 40 million dollar company into a 500 million dollar enterprise with nearly 3,000 employees, Carli decided it was to return to his roots: health and fitness.

He loves all types of fitness, including martial arts, cross training, and youth sports. Carli gets a thrill out of coaching his three children as they participate in youth athletics. He notes that sports have had a positive influence on his life, and he’s glad that his children are enjoying the same experiences. In addition to participating in and coaching sports, Strength also enjoys watching professional athletes perform and is a die-hard fan of the San Antonio Spurs. He is also a second-generation Dallas Cowboys fan. He supports UT football and Duke basketball, too.

In addition to this passion for all things health and wellness, Carli is a dedicated philanthropist. He’s proud to be an active member of the Fort Worth community. He provides support to a range of worthy causes, including the San Antonio State Hospital Volunteer Services Council, the Special Olympics, Giving More, and LULAC Mentoring programs, which assist those in urban areas of Dallas and Forth Worth. By lending his time and his money to these causes, he does his part to better the community he cares for so deeply. Carli Strength is a well-rounded business professional who enjoys spreading his love of fitness to others.

In the future, Carli Strength plans to open a commercial sports distributor that will serve a range of businesses. This means he will go into hotels, corporations, schools, and hospitals that are looking to incorporate a gym into their facilities. Using his decades of experience, Carli will provide guidance about creating a workout facility that serves the community well. He knows how to maximize space and he knows about the most popular trends in fitness today. He is able to use this relevant information to assist his clients. Since people are becoming increasingly health conscious as time goes on, there is a high demand for Strength’s knowledge base.

Carli Strength notes that many companies are beginning to rely on a personal trainer or gym to improve the morale among employees in the office. They know that offering a beautiful gym keeps their staff members feeling good, and also helps them to focus more effectively on important tasks at work. For this reason, many businesses are relying on Carli and his team’s services to figure out how to most successfully develop a workout facility that their employees will love. It’s also becoming increasingly common for hotels to strive to offer beautiful exercise rooms in their space in order to attract more customers. Since so many people value exercise, a gym can play a major role in whether that client decides to stay with that hotel during their trip. For this reason, Strength’s services are much needed. He is glad to help transform small hotel gyms into beautiful spaces where people can relax and challenge their bodies and their minds.


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  • Phisical Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Zumba
  • Piloxing
  • New Business Development
  • Consulting
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