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Letantia Bussell is a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants.
Letantia Bussell currently serves as supervising physician and medical director at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants. She and her practice are well-respected amongst clients and the Los Angeles community. Dr. Bussell is an innovative dermatologist, offering individualized medical care to a diverse group of clients. She is experienced with various dermatology concentrations and is constantly developing new techniques to offer better, faster patient care. Three decades of experience has left Dr. Bussell well-versed in various techniques for each and every skin type. She even has her own line of skin care products, sold both in the facility and online.

A few of the dermatologic areas where Letantia Bussell has had extensive experience include skin cancer treatment, tattoo removal, Botox, facelifts, mole removal, and acne treatment. She and her team are dedicated to providing excellent patient care during which they make each client feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Bussell also prefers to use the gentlest treatments on her patients, to make their dermatologic experience more pleasant.

Offering both medical and cosmetic services, Dr. Bussell and her team cover just about every aspect of dermatology. With every treatment and procedure, safety is emphasized before all else. Dr. Bussell does an evaluation with each patient to make sure that all goals will be met safely. Additionally, Dr. Bussell and her staff are dedicated to remaining up-to-date with new techniques and practices. Clients at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants can rest assured that they are in the hands of talented professionals.
From an early point in life, Letantia Bussell understood the significant impact that outward appearance could have on self-esteem. She empathized with those who felt bad about themselves because of blemishes or unpleasant features of their skin. Her passion to help others led her toward a career in dermatology. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in biochemistry. At that same institution, she also received a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Keck School of Medicine.

Dr. Bussell was then granted an internship at Huntington Memorial Hospital. Dedicated to using her medical skills in dermatology, shortly after that she completed a dermatology residency with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), during which she was named Chief Resident. She was motivated to gain as much field experience as possible, and her superior performance was demonstrated by the various positions she was awarded. Dr. Bussell then obtained board certification in dermatology and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology.

In 1979, Letantia Bussell used her passion and expertise to open Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants. In the early 1980s, Dr. Bussell was a chief clinical investigator for the original collagen wrinkle-improving fillers while simultaneously leading her thriving dermatology clinic. This position gave her in-depth experience with the cosmetic side of dermatology, which influenced Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants throughout her career. From the very beginning, Dr. Bussell’s focus has been on stellar patient care. Since opening, the staff has been trained to provide each patient with high quality care and a comfortable, relaxed experience. Dr. Bussell believed that a visit to the dermatologist did not need to be distressing, but enjoyable. To stride toward her goal of patient care excellence, Dr. Bussell developed several patented dermatological treatments to make both diagnosis and treatment simpler. Most notably, she created the Two-Stitch Mini Face Lift™ and the Bussell Button Lift™. These maneuvers wield the same results as traditional surgeries but make recovery much easier and quicker for patients. By easing the recovery period, she has effectively made cosmetic surgery more pleasant.

The Two-Stitch Mini Face Lift™ is a minimally invasive form of a facelift. The entire surgery takes only one hour and is performed under local anesthesia and visible scarring is almost nonexistent. Dr. Bussell created this technique when considering those suffering from sagging faces but hoping for a more youthful look. The recovery time is surprisingly fast, with barely any swelling or bruising. It is a better alternative to the traditional facelift. For innovations such as this one, Dr. Bussell has been considered a pioneer by others in her field.

Over the years, Letantia Bussell has built up both her business and reputation as a dermatologist. In the 1980s, Dr. Bussell even helped spread awareness for HIV/AIDS. Before AIDS was widely discussed, she was able to diagnose the famous actor Rock Hudson. Because of this diagnosis, Dr. Bussell ended up having a hand in bringing attention to this cause. She has also received membership into some highly noted medical organizations such as the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Medical Association and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Her dedication to both the medical community and superior client care are testaments to Dr. Bussell’s intense passion for her work.

Throughout the last 30 years, she has added state-of-the-art treatments to the practice to better serve patients. On top of necessary medical procedures, she offers top-notch and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, as well. Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants has always used only the latest filler and wrinkle-reducing techniques during cosmetic procedures, stemming from her days as chief clinical investigator with collagen. Because she has stayed dedicated to learning the newest strategies and procedures, Dr. Bussell’s patients never seem to age. She has always received compliments from patients regarding the quality of her work and their quick recovery. These compliments have meant the most to Dr. Letantia Bussell, as she dedicates herself to bettering the patient experience.

Throughout her career, Letantia Bussell gained experience treating just about every skin type. This has been an asset to Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants, as treatment for the various skin tones and types varies. While one patient may respond to a certain treatment positively, that same treatment may need to be tweaked to benefit someone of a different ethnicity. Too, complications of dry or oily skin types challenge dermatologists when diagnosing and treating issues like acne or rosacea. Patients have appreciated having a dermatologist with so much specific knowledge because it has made individual treatment more focused.

For Letantia Bussell, the ability to make someone feel better about his or herself has always been the driving force behind her profession. Since her college days, Dr. Bussell felt that her life’s calling is to bring better health and self-esteem to others. The confidence that stems from good self-esteem causes individuals to be better equipped at making lasting relationships, getting jobs or even just feeling comfortable in their own skin. Dr. Bussell felt that everyone deserves a chance to look and feel good. She thought that if she could accomplish this goal through acne treatment, tattoo removal or a Botox injection, she would be using her talents to do good for others. Knowing that she has the ability to assist patients in various facets of life has been great motivation to continue improving on patient care.

Additionally, her medical dermatology procedures have included treating skin cancer. Not only has she been able to diagnose the deadly disease in many patients, but she’s also removed cancerous moles and tumors. The opportunity to help people has made Dr. Letantia Bussell the happiest of all. She’s always enjoyed knowing that her work will make someone’s day just a little brighter.

Overall, Dr. Bussell’s body of work has been an indication of the type of dermatologist she is. Dedicated to achieving excellence in patient care, Letantia Bussell has successfully combined her medical knowledge with a passion for helping others.
Dr. Letantia Bussell hopes to continue expanding on her services to others in years to come. As always, she and her staff at Beverly Hills Dermatology Consultants will remain up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in dermatologic procedures. Dedicated to providing the best patient experience possible, she will constantly advance her standards of medical care. She also hopes to find new, innovative ways to make surgeries more bearable for future patients. Given her creative past, she just may develop some treatment-changing techniques that will make procedures less intimidating.

Additionally, Letantia Bussell would like to expand her clientele. She wants to be able to bring her passion to a broader range of patients. Dr. Bussell feels that no person should ever feel less than confident when interacting with others. That being said, Dr. Bussell hopes to provide a boost in self-confidence to as many patients as possible. Her dream has been to end low self-esteem in the Los Angeles community, and she will work toward that goal every day. She feels motivated by seeing a positive change in patients after treatment.

Lastly, Dr. Bussell hopes to inspire other men and women to achieve their dreams. Because she has been able to be successful and passionate in her life’s work, she would enjoy seeing others do the same. She feels that when a person thoroughly appreciates their career path, they will always be happy. If she could inspire others to help their community with a job they adore, she will have made a lasting impression on the world.

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