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Serigne Gueye Ndiaye owns SGN Dermatology, a skin care center in San Francisco, California, where he treats skin concerns using the latest in technology and medical practice techniques.
A board-certified dermatologist, Serigne Gueye Ndiaye treats skin conditions from acne to skin cancer. He also believes in empowering his clients by giving them the knowledge they need to protect their skin and keep it looking beautiful. Serigne Gueye Ndiaye regularly offers seminars in which patients can learn about such dermatological topics as treating psoriasis or diagnosing the different types of skin cancer. The causes and treatments for eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin diseases are often misunderstood by the general public and Dr. Ndiaye works to educate his patients about these misperceptions.

Dr. Ndiaye prides himself on creating a caring environment for his patients and he hires assistants who carefully listen to patients’ concerns. He is a board-certified dermatologist and his San Francisco practice uses the best equipment available to provide patients with the most effective results. Anti-aging treatments such as Botox and Juvederm are also available.

SGN Dermatology was established in 2004 and ever since then its patients have been regularly provided with the information they need to keep their skin healthy. Even casual visitors to Dr. Ndiaye’s website can find free information on acne scars, the dangers of tanning, and the proper care necessary for sensitive skin.

Visitors to his clinic find that Dr. Ndiaye takes the time to get to know each of his patients. Instead of rushing them through their visits, he carefully talks to them about their lifestyle and concerns and he considers what his patients’ needs are and how the patients can best implement proper skin care into their daily routines.
Serigne Gueye Ndiaye attended medical school at Georgetown University. This prestigious school only admits applicants who have excelled in academic achievements and who have demonstrated maturity and strength of character in their interviews. It is one of the most selective medical schools in the United States and has a strong reputation. Located in Washington, D.C., Georgetown University School of Medicine provides a comprehensive medical education and is the oldest Jesuit medical school in the country. While attending school here, Dr. Ndiaye decided to devote his medical career to helping people with skin problems.

After finishing medical school, Serigne Gueye Ndiaye completed his residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation provides a complete dermatological education and features full-time Mohs and cosmetic surgeons demonstrating all kinds of procedures, from lasers to Botox to sclerotherapy. The Department of Dermatology offers a four-year program approved by the American Board of Dermatology and residents can specialize in contact dermatitis, phototherapy and hair disease among others. They may also rotate in the specialties of immunology and vascular medicine. Patients are often referred from other doctors who have had trouble diagnosing conditions or have been unsuccessful in finding therapies that work. Graduates of the residency program have thus had years of experience diagnosing patients and implementing therapies that work for difficult conditions.

The Cleveland Clinic is known for providing forward-thinking medical care and boasts one of the largest private research facilities in the country. The institute is also known for its promotion of patient education, and it has been very influential for Serigne Gueye Ndiaye and his skin care practice. Patients who have questions about treatments like Botox or Restylane, or who have questions about drug side effects on their skin, or whether cosmetic surgery is an option for them, can easily find the answers they need from the Cleveland Clinic public information programs or in consultation with their many medical professionals.

As part of Dr. Ndjaye’s continued dedication to learning and commitment to his field, Serigne Gueye Ndjaye holds memberships in the American Academy of Dermatology, The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, and the American Society for Laser Medicine.

The stated mission of the American Academy of Dermatology is “promoting leadership in dermatology and excellence in patient care through education, research and advocacy.” The AAD values professionalism, learning and social responsibility, values that are embodied in the work and practice of Serigne Gueye Ndiaye. The American Academy of Dermatology has a membership of over 17,000 dermatologists, primarily in the United States and Canada. All U.S. members must be certified by the American Board of Dermatology or the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology and must have three years of experience. The American Academy of Dermatology has a commitment to philanthropy and is well known for helping children with severe skin disorders through the AAD Camp Discovery program.

Camp Discovery is a summer camp for children with skin disease and gives them an opportunity to spend time enjoying activities like swimming and arts and crafts without fear of stares and teasing from children without skin conditions. Dermatologists volunteer to help the children at these camps, and the costs of the camp program are covered by the AAD Camp Discovery Endowment.

The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery has more than 5,700 members and provides many leadership opportunities and educational programs for its members. As a member, Serigne Gueye Ndiaye is recognized as a leader in the field of skin surgery. In addition to being known for treatments in revitalizing skin, dermatologic surgeons are also experts in skin cancer care, treatment and prevention. With the rise of skin cancer diagnoses, the ASDS is committed to fighting this sometimes deadly disease.

ASDS members like Serigne Gueye Ndiaye are leading authorities on skin aging and skin disease treatments and are committed to maintaining expertise in skin care and to providing quality, safe care for their patients. The ASDS community pursues continuous education, research and collaboration within their field.

A member of the American Society for Laser Medicine, Serigne Gueye Ndiaye has access to the latest information on new laser procedures and treatments. The ASLMS advances the use of lasers and similar technologies in patient care and membership includes surgeons from over 50 medical specialties and has more than 4,300 members. The ASLMS has established safety standards for physician using lasers and promotes the exchange of information on laser discoveries and uses.

All of these professional associations are leaders in promoting compassionate patient care. Serigne Gueye Ndiaye has devoted his own practice to providing exemplary care to his patients. His educational background and continued professional associations make him uniquely qualified to provide his patients with confidence in the treatment, advice and recommendations that he gives. In order to provide his patients with the services they want for anti-aging treatments, Dr. Ndiaye is certified to administer many of these including the use of Botox and Restylane.

By establishing his practice in San Francisco, Serigne Gueye Ndiaye competes with a wide range of dermatological practices in the beautiful California city. His confidence in his ability to provide quality service in a warm and welcoming place has been supported by his successful business. He has distinguished himself by his commitment to devoting time and attention to each individual patient. Serigne Gueye Ndiaye follows his professional associations’ dedication to patient care and expands on it with his seminars and teaching, giving his patients the knowledge they need to give their treatments the best chance of success.
Looking forward, Serigne Gueye Ndiaye plans to continue providing the San Francisco area with premium, quality skin care. Patients who want to put their best faces forward know that SGN Dermatology can help them look their best. Dr. Ndiaye enjoys treating a variety of patients in his practice and wants to continue providing his patients with the best care and education about their skin conditions as possible.

One of the primary focuses in his practice is teaching people how to care for sensitive skin and to deal with psoriasis, a condition that causes rough, scaly patches to develop on the skin. Sensitive skin can result in skin rashes, flushing and dry skin, and can lessen people’s comfort and confidence. Patients who need help with sensitive skin will learn how to protect it from further damage by avoiding certain products and by following a daily regimen to keep their skin clear and comfortable. Psoriasis patients learn about stress and diet and how this can affect their skin’s health.

Dr. Ndiaye has also helped enough skin cancer patients to know firsthand the dangers of tanning. He is making it his mission to inform the public about the dangers of tanning, especially indoor tanning. The possibility of developing a fatal skin cancer, such as melanoma, is too great not too offer information that the public needs to stay healthy.

Skin care is often about beauty and looking your best. From acne to dealing with age spots and wrinkles, Dr. Ndiaye has the tips and treatments to help his patients and is looking forward to continue assisting his patients in meeting their beauty goals. He does not offer only one-time treatments, but a system of follow-up treatments and instructions for the patient to follow at home. He understands that consistency and time offer the best solutions and he will show his patients how to stay looking their best from their teens through their retirement years.

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