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Lex Kogan

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Lex Kogan offers effective therapy for those who suffer with drug and alcohol addictions.

Lex Kogan offers a therapy known as Ibogaine therapy. Known as the solution for individuals who have failed other types and methods of treatments, this strong, natural compound has the possibility of curing your addition. Addiction can wreak havoc on your life, ending friendships, relationships, and family ties. Many individuals battling addiction lose their jobs, cars, and homes as their lives revolve around their drug of choice.

The very first step of recovery is admitting that there is a problem. Following this step, some type of treatment method can be sought. While numerous people turn to rehabilitation centers or regular methods of detoxification, the withdrawal symptoms can be horrific. This causes many relapses, as people simply cannot overcome these symptoms. However, Lex Kogan and his Ibogaine therapy eases many symptoms of withdrawal. This enables the individual to have adequate time and conditions to work on their recovery. This unique treatment has lead countless individuals to their destination of recovery.

Kogan acknowledges that withdrawal symptoms are the hardest part of kicking a drug or alcohol addiction. Withdrawal symptoms differ depending on the drug. Some withdrawal symptoms are physical, while others are mental. Emotional withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, irritability, insomnia, trouble concentrating, anxiety and social isolation. Physical symptoms include sweating, pounding heart /palpitations, muscle tension, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and tightness in the chest. These physical symptoms can lead to even bigger withdrawal complications, such as heart attacks, seizures, strokes and hallucinations. It is important to take control of your addiction, Kogan emphasizes, so you can avoid these horrific and potentially damaging symptoms.

While addiction is no easy obstacle to overcome, Lex Kogan offers a modern solution that is sure to aid people suffering from different forms of addiction. This plant can help virtually any addiction, ranging from alcohol to cocaine. Drug rehabilitation centers can prove to be frustrating. Patients are going through the same continual process and cycles yet seeing virtually no improvement. Kogan offers key elements to people with addictions, as he believes these essentials on top of Ibogaine therapy will benefit these individuals.

Firstly, he explains you must overcome your cravings. No matter how long you have been addicted to drinking or drugs, your body will crave more, as it has become used to the presence of the drugs or alcohol. It has become dependent on whatever drug you have regularly consumed. Additionally, you may enjoy the way the drugs make you feel, making the process very difficult both mentally and physically. Many treatment facilities offer drugs that can provide relief of withdrawal symptoms but do not offer the same high as drugs. However, these new drugs can form other addictions, and aren’t treating the problem as much as they are covering it up. In fact, they can offer additional withdrawal symptoms of their own. Many people who seek recovery do not want to leave one drug behind and become dependent on another.

Lex Kogan also suggests a change of scenery and atmosphere. In the process of trying to get clean, friends that participate in drug or alcohol abuse will only weigh you down. Such friends may attempt to get the “old” you to come back. While separating yourself from the people you are most comfortable with is not the easiest choice, it is definitely the right one in terms of your treatment. It is likely that your friends will turn to you for help in their addictions later in life.

Finally, Kogan establishes the importance of discovering the motivation and reasoning behind your drug or alcohol abuse. Comparing the addiction to a ball and chain, Kogan expresses that researching and finding out why you feel the need to drink or get high will set you free. Facing your demons will allow you to confront the aspects of your addiction. You will become aware of what challenges you need to overcome.

As you go through the process of recovery, the withdrawal symptoms are enough to put your entire life on hold. It is close to impossible to maintain a job or firm relationships with individuals while going through the sickening withdrawal effects. Lex Kogan is honored to teach, expose, and urge people to begin ibogaine therapy. Consuming extractions from the iboga plant can help keep withdrawal symptoms under control for up to six months. Furthermore, there is no risk of addiction, so instead of replacing a drug with a drug, you are working towards a solution. Kogan points out that sometimes, further treatment is needed. However, for the most part, patients are happily surprised when one treatment can assist them until their cravings for drugs or alcohol fade away on their own.

Ibogaine therapy works by attaching with dopamine receptors located in the brain. This plant successfully convinces these receptors that they are in a “satisfied” state, similar to the state achieved by drugs or alcohol. As they are able to remain in the brain for long periods of time, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms are almost non-existent, as the brain has a feeling of contentment and fulfillment.

In fact, research has proven that patients addicted to drugs or alcohol can benefit from ibogaine therapy. The intense world of drug addiction can feel like a lonely and scary place. However, Lex Kogan is set on helping addicts by spreading the awareness and knowledge of this powerful plant. For each different type of drug, there are different ways and amounts of time that ibogaine therapy can help.

Heroin, a drug that is capable of blocking the body from pain, can make and individual feel nothing but an overwhelming state of utter happiness. Considered to be one of the most addictive drugs on the market, heroin addicts risk death, as withdrawal symptoms can kill a patient when they are not satisfied. Often treated with drugs such as methadone, these prescription drugs can cause further addictions. However, Lex Kogan’s ibogaine therapy and treatment programs have shown success in even the worst cases of heroin addiction.

Cocaine is consumed in many different ways this drug can be consumed, including snorting, injected with a needle, smoked, or simply swallowed. Any trace of cocaine exits the body within a few days after usage. However, the craving and appetite holds on significantly longer. The ibogaine treatment has been known to help individuals addicted to this drug within 3 days.

Alcohol is often seen as a gateway into a bursting social life. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis can quickly turn into abuse, as many individuals refuse to admit they have a problem. Because alcohol is legal, many people believe they can consume alcohol as much and as often as they like. As with drugs, you completely lose control of your behavior when consuming alcohol, increasing the likelihood of injuries, accidents, and various other incidents to occur. Alcoholics who turn to ibogaine treatment and therapy have reported enormous success.

While drug or alcohol abuse may be new to you, Lex Kogan is knowledgeable and familiar enough with the area to help you overcome your addiction. As he watches people overcome their addictions, he becomes more inspired to further help additional and current patients. If you are seeking a life full of sobriety, stability, and health, ibogaine treatment may be the right choice for you, as it has changed the life of countless individuals.

As more and more people become addicted to drugs and alcohol, Lex Kogan is set on helping as many people as he can. Having watched the struggles and accomplishments of numerous patients, he knows the true benefits and effectiveness of ibogaine treatments. As it can help any addiction, ibogaine is successful in watering down withdrawal symptoms, which are one of the main reasons behind relapse. While some drug centers may offer counseling, it is easy to sail through these programs, as they are based off of words and not actions. Drug and alcohol addictions can ruin or even end your life. Therefore, it’s important to meet your addiction head-on and determine what type of therapy you believe would be most effective for your unique case.

Furthermore, Lex Kogan plans to continually raise awareness, understanding, and knowledge of ibogaine therapy. The plant is not well known in terms of drug therapy, as many individuals are quick to turn to rehab centers. However, with success rates in traditional programs as low as 4%, ibogaine treatment may be the right choice for you, as it is a new and modern way to address and conquer your addiction. As Lex Kogan continues on his journey of healing as many addiction sufferers as he can, he will spread the word of ibogaine treatment, as he has witnessed the amazing healing powers of the plant himself. As more individuals become aware and exposed to this treatment, they will be offered a new type of method in terms of drug and alcohol treatment.


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