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Bob Rothman is a respected career gambler who offers valuable insights to multiple clients.
In the world of professional gambling, Bob Rothman has outshone many of his competitors to gain high regard in multiple industries. When it comes to UK horse racing, Rothman has spent many years forming critical contacts and studying complex strategies to make valuable betting decisions. His commitment to his craft and his proven system allows him to offer quality tips to a wide range of trusted clients.

Rothman currently runs his own UK-based horserace betting service, Rothman Racing. Rothman helps clients feel more secure in their gambling decisions by offering a free trial that allows the members to control their accounts. The clients can cancel their account at any time and can rest assured that they only pay for the tip AFTER it has won. Rothman Racing offers extensive professional tips for both new and veteran clients. Rothman offers exceptional insights that can only come from years of experience. His passion for horseracing helps to keep him focused as he meticulously analyses, and cross checks relevant information in order to advise his clients.

While there are many professional tipster services, Rothman Racing is unique because its founder brings over 20 years of experience to the industry and spends copious amounts of time researching his tips. Bob Rothman’s long and varied career as a professional gambler has provided him with trusted contacts that help him to gather pertinent race information. With just a quick phone call, Rothman can score information from gallop watchers and other professional punters, enabling his clients to benefit from unique insights and tips.
Many clients are curious about Bob Rothman’s professional history and what led him to become a professional gambler. It can be easy for the average person to walk into a casino and place a bet. A professional gambler, however, has taken the time to educate him or herself on the art of gambling. Professional gamblers differ from everyday gamblers because they exhibit a much more substantial commitment to the gambling community.

Like many other professional gamblers, Bob Rothman had to start his career by building up his private contacts. Through newspaper advertisements, joint venture horse ownership, trusted introductions by word of mouth connections and the acquisition of an impressive level of respect in the gambling community, Rothman was able to establish a solid list of proven contacts during his early professional gambling days.

Rothman found his early success by using honest and reliable contacts in the horseracing industry. His commitment to the gambling community and his expertise in horseracing allowed him to create important relationships with others who had a background in racing. While he was establishing himself in the gambling industry, Rothman met a colleague who had sharp skills as an odds- compiler and private handicapper. This colleague’s insight, combined with Rothman’s own experience and commitment, would help to ensure that Rothman Racing could provide valuable insight to its clients.

As his business grew, Bob Rothman used strict money management practices to help him expand over time. Rothman’s success and experience allowed him to connect with similar top-quality professional gamblers. As his client list grew, his successful tips began to speak for themselves. In a short amount of time, clients and professionals alike were commenting on his solid tips and satisfied customers.

Bob Rothman notes that there are many different components that factor into success in the professional gambling world. While Rothman quickly mastered the art of forming informed contacts, he also had to become proficient in understanding money management and speed and performance figures. Bob Rothman spends many hours every day studying complex racing information to help him form solid betting tips for his clients. While the process may take hours or days to complete, his dedication to informed tipping helps his clients feel at ease. His gambling methods have been so successful, in fact, that many bookies began to spy on his practices to better understand his technique.

Over time, bookies came to understand that Rothman’s system was too complex and solid to be infiltrated. In a single-year period, 25 different bookies decided to ban him from placing bets with them. It’s important to note that bookies are in the betting business to make money. If a bookie or multiple bookies determine that they don’t want to take bets from someone in particular, that decision comes from a belief that the person has superior betting skills, allowing him or her to profit consistently. Once the bookies banned Rothman, he knew that his skills were superior and that he could replicate the same success for other people.

Gamblers agree that a discerning eye is critical in making sound gambling decisions. While professional tipsters often have to earn trust from their clients, tipsters like Rothman have long lists of positive reviews that help clients feel more comfortable. Gary, a Rothman Racing client, decided to become one of Rothman Racing’s founding members after comprehending how many hours Rothman invested into his tipping decisions. While Bob Rothman achieves financial success through his professional gambling abilities, he takes pride in being able to replicate that success for his clients.

As a former accountant, Rothman’s business and communication skills are unmatched. In just seven years, he was able to win over £3 million. By age 39, Bob Rothman was able to enjoy all of the trappings of success. He drove a Rolls-Royce and boasts high-tech computers in every corner of his home. He employs six secretaries who help him to run Rothman Racing with precision. His name is so highly recognized in the gambling community that bookies will often offer him the starting price on the horses that he chooses to back. Over the years, Rothman Racing has offered extensive professional tips to their clients who have come to trust in Rothman’s expertise.

It’s important to note that Rothman Racing is one of the only professional tipster services that is owned and operated by a professional gambler. Clients find solace in managing associated risks when they learn that Rothman often places his own bets on the selections that he offers his clients. After spending over 20 years gambling and experiencing different horse races, his opinion is highly valued and respected in the gambling community.

Although Rothman has spent a fair amount of time at the racecourse in the past most of his current operations take place at his office. The bets are made by the Internet or by phone while his staff allows him to spend time researching the information from his contacts. While the world of gambling can be new and exciting, there are specific rules that are put in place to ensure that the tipster service works in everyone’s favor.

Perspective clients should understand that clients are expected to respect the rules of Rothman Racing. Members are given exclusive tip information that has been thoroughly researched by Rothman himself. The clients are not allowed to release these tips to another party under any circumstances. Once Rothman Racing learns that a client has used this trusted information in an inappropriate way, the member will face immediate expulsion. These rules are in place to ensure that all members can enjoy the exclusive tips that Bob Rothman provides.
Bob Rothman has proved his talent and expertise through his 20 years of experience in the horse racing community. His satisfied clients plan to remain members of the Rothman Racing community in order to gain valuable racing tips.

In the future, Rothman plans to continue his successful business, inviting new clients to join his exclusive program. Although the membership rules will remain in place, Rothman feels confident that his established members will keep expressing their satisfaction with his services. Throughout his personal and professional gambling career, Rothman has remained a prized and respected figure in the industry.
While years of experience have helped Rothman to create a solid network of trusted contacts, he acknowledges that he frequently uses his communication skills to sharpen these relationships.

Rothman plans to continue these beneficial relationships with horse racing contacts. He hopes that their information, combined with his own industry expertise, will help to catapult his client’s profits. While Rothman’s talent and experience have helped him to become a professional gambler, he aims to consistently sharpen his business skills. He plans to continue growing his empire by studying complex racing information and data to keep his members happy with the tips that they receive.

By taking extensive time to assess racing information and data from his contacts, Bob Rothman ensures that his clients enjoy clear and informed insights to help them make sound betting decisions.

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