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Jeff Haire is a background and interviewing consultant with a professional background in law enforcement and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University.
Jeff Haire currently serves clients as a law enforcement consultant and writer. Haire has gained recognition as an expert in job interviewing for integrity. Haire is a retired police officer with over 25 years in local and state law enforcement. Jeff Haire was a pioneer in community-based policing for the south bay communities of Los Angeles.

Understanding the importance of community-based policing and ethical, humane practices, Haire has found that many of the principles that impact law enforcement management and effectiveness can apply to the traditional workplace. As such, he has focused his consulting efforts on helping employers assess applicants’ character and backgrounds to improve company integrity and safety. Jeff Haire is a proud member of both the San Diego State Alumni Association and the Pepperdine University alumni associations. Haire is an avid sportsman and light-tackle fisherman who has practiced his hobby worldwide. He is a recent advocate of the traditional Japanese fly-fishing method called “Tenkara,” which emphasizes simplicity.

He resides in Los Angeles, Ca.

Jeff Haire is a proud alumnus of San Diego State University where he earned his BS degree in Criminal Justice Administration. He worked for 5 years for the San Diego State University Department of Public Safety and gained critical experience for his subsequent law enforcement career in Los Angeles, Ca. It was his SDSU academic and practical experience that has allowed him to excel in the fields of law enforcement and consulting. Jeff Haire earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, a unique private college located in the picturesque region of Malibu, California.

Law Enforcement

Jeff Haire is a retired law enforcement professional who proudly spent the majority of his 20-year career in uniform patrol for the City of Torrance, Ca. Throughout his career in law enforcement, Haire concentrated on expanding community-based policing and ethical policing efforts, noting that these approaches are highly effective in creating safe environments. As a police officer during three decades in Southern California, Haire met many challenges, including the peaks in gang violence and robbery in the 1990’s and the spikes in homeless and mentally ill populations in Los Angeles during the same period.. Haire was an advocate for ethical treatment of the mentally ill and homeless whom he contacted on a daily basis in his patrol beat.

Jeff Haire is noted for serving as a career Field training Officer (FTO) and Community Lead Officer (ClO) for the City of Torrance. As a Community Lead Officer, Haire and his associates implemented creative strategies to promote greater safety in the community and reduce crime. Not only did his efforts help establish new solutions for long-term crime reduction, but they also helped decrease the community’s fear of crime itself.

As part of his Community Lead Officer responsibilities, Jeff Haire is highly regarded for developing and introducing an “Adopt-a-Cop” program in local elementary schools. This innovative program allowed active police officers to pair with students and serve as solid, reputable mentors—mentors that could help steer children in the right direction. In the program, police officers met with children at a participating school.

Haire was not only instrumental in establishing this community-strengthening program, but he was also an active participant who visited the schools weekly and inspired many youths to consider law enforcement as a career. A Spanish-speaking police officer, Haire spent time with Mrs. Egan's Spanish-speaking second grade class weekly to show them that law enforcement was an ally rather than an adversary, to the Latino communities.

By taking this proactive approach to Student mentoring, Haire helped establish a unified Torrance community and helped develop a positive image of law enforcement to Torrance students. Haire is credited for implementing a “Student Valet Parking Program” at both Carr Elementary School, and Yukon Elementary School in North Torrance that has gained national recognition. With help from the National Parent Teacher Association, Haire created a drop-off program In front of the two schools. This program allowed parents to safely drop their children off in designated zones. As a result of this effort, students entered school in a safe and orderly fashion and many school districts throughout the country have since adopted similar programs.

In 1994 Haire collaborated with the California Department of Transportation to establish an “Adopt-a-Highway” chapter within a local high school’s Key Club. Through this effort, students were asked to monitor a segment of the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and make a commitment to keep the area clean. Part of this dedication involved the cleaning of graffiti, a major problem in many areas across the country. Students learned about the importance of keeping their environment free of graffiti and debris, which ultimately reduces the fear of crime and the sense of apathy in the community.

Another important effort that Jeff Haire made as an officer was reducing the gang violence found within Columbia park in South Los Angeles. With the help of his fellow officers, Haire was able to launch a foot patrol team that covered the area of the park and discouraged gang members from loitering and participating in other illegal activities in the community space. Jeff changed the physical design, lighting, and sprinkler schedule of the park to promote visibility of police and visitors, and discourage loitering by delinquents and vagrants. As a result of the efforts of Jeff Haire, members of the community were once again able to enjoy this outdoor space without fear of enduring a negative encounter with l gang members or transients.
Jeff Haire remains dedicated to promoting ethical law enforcement and integrity in hiring as a consultant and writer. He advises clients on screening applicants for character and integrity. Haire believes that hiring the right candidate promotes a safer, more productive work environment.

According to Jeff Haire, the business owners should pay attention to hiring procedures, as new guidelines established by the EEOC have heightened requirements for companies that perform background checks.

Jeff Haire also notes that many businesses are facing challenges in employee recruitment, as resumes have become more complex and modern technology has drastically reshaped the hiring landscape. As more businesses continue to build virtual offices and enter the global market, Haire notes that it is imperative for employers to consider ways that they can streamline the hiring process, while still preserving the importance of “hiring for integrity.”

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  • Pepperdine University , United States , Los Angeles, CA

    Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology
    08/2000 - 05/2004
  • San Diego State University , United States , San Diego, CA

    B.S. Criminal Justice
    08/1979 - 05/1983
Career History
  • Consultant and Writer , United States , Los Angeles, CA

    not defined
    02/2008 to 12/2099
  • Revenue Officer , United States , Revenue Officer assigned to investigating fraudulent tax accounts and delinquent taxpayers.
    05/2006 to 06/2007
  • Therapist Intern , United States , Los Angeles, Ca, , Therapist Intern responsible for psychological assessment, counseling, and treatment plans for low-income clients of community mental health clinic. Internship for Pepperdine University Master's Program, with additional adolescent counseling at Westchester High School

    not defined
    02/2005 to 02/2006
  • Peace Officer/ Investigator , United States , Career officer with 16 of 20 years assigned to uniform Patrol duties. Numerous commendations for excellence in patrol, and performance under critical conditions. Pioneer of "Community-based Policing" in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Six years as a Field Training Officer (FTO) teaching new officers in the field. Three years as the first Community Lead Officer (CLO) for the City of Torrance, CA. Veteran of the Beach Enforcement Detail. Background Investigator.

    not defined
    03/1986 to 12/2005
  • Parking Enforcement Officer , United States , San Diego State University, CA , Parking Enforcement Officer for the SDSU Police Department for five years. Student intern for one year to study the management of the department in relation to public policy. Handled student and staff escorts and security -related duties in addition to parking enforcement duties.

    not defined
    03/1981 to 05/1986
  • Oakland University , Troy ,

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