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Jason Silleman is an amateur videographer with a passion for special effects.
Jason Silleman is an amateur videographer and special effects artist. Creating videos and uploading them to the internet, he has practiced and refined his work over the years. By using high-end video editing software, Silleman puts together short films of the same caliber of giant blockbusters. Of all his projects, Silleman prefers those with a gritty look and plenty of action.
Handling every stage of production, from script-writing to editing, Silleman is dedicated to producing high quality short films. Though his projects are shorts, he puts the same level of dedication and time into every production as professional filmmakers. Putting a personal stake in many of his features, Silleman is the example of a passionate producer.
When not writing scripts or shooting footage, Jason Silleman can be found honing his physical fitness. A talented athlete, he works his stress away through his favorite sports, such as basketball, hockey, and football. Playing in community leagues, Silleman often finds himself in a leadership position. His natural instincts to take charge and lead the way make him an ideal athlete and director.
To relax, Silleman buries his head in books and comics. Fascinated by inspiring authors, he strives to become the Hemmingway of film. A budding interest in philosophy helps mold his passion for directing. Having a strong skill in storytelling paired with the atypical thought process of a philosopher, Silleman puts a unique twist on the art of video storytelling. Constantly pushing his own creative limitations, Silleman enjoys taking the same story and characters, but portraying them from completely different points of view.
Like most with a passion in film, Jason Silleman began his trade very early in life. A natural storyteller, he began writing scripts and stories soon after learning to read and write. Gathering up his siblings and the family video camera, Silleman would have his friends and family play out all his visions. Encouraged by his parents, Silleman would rarely be found without his notebook filled with story ideas close by.
As a young boy, Jason Silleman joined his local youth sporting club. Taking a particular interest in basketball and football, he learned very swiftly what it takes to lead a team to victory. Regularly elected to position of captain, his leadership qualities were easily recognizable. Looking to extend his sportsmanship beyond basketball and football, it didn't take long for him to strap skates to his feet and pick up a stick.
Hockey was not a common sport in his home town, but through a bit of convincing and promises, Silleman put together enough people for a regular game. There isn't much ice in Arizona though, so Silleman and his crew would stick to the streets. Putting their own spin on the game, Silleman and his rag-tag group of players turned the simple sport into an exciting pastime.
Always looking to improve, Jason Silleman eventually began recording their games for later review. Already adept with a camera at this point, he began looking for ways to spice up the footage. A single viewpoint, constantly panning back and forth does not make for easy viewing. Becoming bored with the typical shooting, Silleman eventually took himself out of the game completely to focus on getting the best shots.
Lugging around his family’s oversized camera was no easy task. Thankfully, Silleman’s activity in sports allowed him to run from location to location with relative ease. Experimenting with high and low shots on his own, he concluded that his true position in life was behind the camera. Soon after, Silleman began researching video shooting and production methods.
Finding new techniques in books and online, Silleman began implementing them in his home movies and review footage. With plenty of practice, he began to see the entire world differently. He also began critiquing his previous work and looking for ways to improve upon it. Unfortunately, many of his actors had since grown up, so options were limited.
Not to be deterred, Jason Silleman began editing old footage to give it a new look. He even began cutting together different stories and scenes to create whole new endings to his older films. Through simple editing procedures like cutting or pasting and reorganizing scenes, he saw his own style begin to develop. He took note of his flaws and set out to repair them. During this time of growth, he stopped writing stories and simply recorded the world around him.
By relieving himself of certain controlling powers, he saw the natural flow of the world. He set out to document this flow from unique perspectives, such as from the rooftop of his own home. Continuing to record his street hockey games with friends, his footage became just as entertaining as it was useful for later review. Sharing his work with friends, he began inviting people over for regular showings.
Hockey and other sports played by his small group can only entertain for so long though, so he decided to get back into writing. Recovering his old notebook filled with ideas and scripts, Silleman reinvigorated his old concepts with new and improved notions. Tweaking old scripts was just the beginning, though. His passion burning brighter than ever, Jason Silleman put together script after script of original stories and ideas.
The son of a military man, Silleman had access to plenty of war paraphernalia. Recognizing the importance of quality props, Silleman began using these artifacts in his stories. With his supplies limited, he focused mostly on war stories. Going as far as painting toy guns to outfit his would-be actors, Jason Silleman turned his hobby into an obsession.
Once his actual footage began to take shape as quality work, he saw the need to add special effects to the editing process. The war scenes were gripping, but there was a noticeable lack of certain features. Beginning with sound effects, he started adding music to the mix. Music allows viewers to have a better sense of the pace of action.
After the music came the special sounds, like gunfire and bombs dropping. Unable to find good clips anywhere, Silleman took it upon himself to create the sounds. Testing out different combinations, he found that by making the sound effects himself, he could give them a more natural feel. As a videographer, nothing is more important than making stories and film feel as natural as possible.
To further test himself, Jason Silleman then began creating entirely new versions of his work by taking a different point of view. Capturing a short story is one thing, but to tell that same story with a completely different perspective was an exciting challenge. His regular viewings went from home shows to online postings that continue to grow in popularity.
Silleman saw this as a bit of a game. Throwing hints in comments and descriptions, he wanted to see how many people would notice, if any, that the story was exactly the same as a previous work. It was around this time that he began studying philosophy and critical thinking. Putting the new mindset to action was simple for him, as he had already developed a custom sense of the world.
His personal growth was obvious in his writing, growing from funny one-liners to subtle phrases that defined an entire character. Reading short stories, such as those by Hemmingway, he learned how to give a character depth in a relatively short period of time. As his friends and family had been working with him his whole life, they had grown into capable actors on their own.
By understanding their unique personality traits, Silleman forged his roles around their quirks. The natural actions and movements, paired with subtly descriptive dialogue, gave life to his personas. Now, Jason Silleman is growing his presence in online communities and festivals, hoping to one day direct a full-length Hollywood feature.
A dedicated filmmaker, Jason Silleman looks forward to a long and prosperous career in movies. His work shows continual growth, and he hopes to continue that well into his future. The perpetual student, Silleman is always looking for ways to improve his work and add that special something to his characters to give them a true spark of life.
As years go by, he has seen the astonishing advancement of technology in cameras and editing software. Excited by this, he eagerly anticipates every new model lens and software update. Unaware of what the future truly holds, this aspect of the unknown keeps Silleman on his toes. Though he doesn’t know the exact specifics of what is to come, the current trends give him hope that more people will be able to pick up a camera and tell their own stories.
By using cameras and equipment that are smaller and easier to use, Silleman encourages all those with an interest in storytelling to try a visual approach. He feels that many overlooked the outlet in the past due to the cumbersome nature of film equipment. With new features and gear though, anyone can make decent footage with little to no training.
To aid in this dream, Jason Silleman plans on opening his small studio to those wishing to learn. He hopes to take on an apprentice within the next few years and grow into an instructor from there. Silleman hopes that one day he can get the true Hollywood experience and pass his knowledge down to his students.

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