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Marnie Zahn Resnick is a business woman who knows how to dominate the international market.
Marnie Zahn Resnick has more than 20 years in the baking and food supply business. Creativity and patience have not only brought her awards for her confections, but for her wide-reaching impact as part of the Annie’s Euro-American Bakery team. She regularly works with with big names like Neiman Marcus and world-famous cruise lines to distribute tasty confections to consumers. She has partnered with salespeople, production managers, marketing teams to provide the best services possible to the millions of people who eat Annie’s Euro –American Bakery worldwide.
Marnie Zahn Resnick’s hard work is the secret ingredient that’s catapulted her to unparalleled success in her field. Most local bakeries are lucky if they survive their first few years. Marnie and her mother grew their shop to an international brand within two decades of their opening. As a dedicated member of the David’s Cookies team, Marnie added her magic touch to both David’s products and the company’s bottom line as its SE Regional Manager. Her responsibilities are numerous and varied, including coordinating events, managing sales campaigns, overseeing distribution, and taking care of her local, loyal customers each day.
Resnick’s job, although busy and demanding, also provides opportunities for her to interact with passionate and dedicated individuals like herself regularly. The ever-changing baking and sales industries require the baker’s attentive touch that Marnie has always brought to her projects. Luckily, Resnick is willing to rise to the challenge. Her cakes, and her resume, show it.
Marnie Zahn Resnick knows how to take start-up businesses to national stardom. She and her mother started Annie Pies Bakery in 1991 as a local confectionary. Their dedication to quality and consideration of often-neglected groups like diabetics in their baking quickly earned them recognition and respect. This allowed them to expand the business on a national scale at an astounding rate. It only took the mom and daughter Resnick team two decades to grow their business to a big player on the world market. In 2000, the team changed their name in order to accommodate their ever expanding role in the international market, officially becoming Annie’s Euro-American Bakery. They team had come a long way from a single family shop in Florida. The Resnicks were officially on their way.

As the company blossomed under both mother and daughter’s direction, Marnie Zahn Resnick’s responsibilities grew. She managed whole teams of staff, including pastry chefs and production workers, making sure that they were happy and that they were able to work together to create great and memorable products. Marnie’s attention to detail allowed her to simultaneously manage difficult and complicated projects. She also did this while raising her two young children, something she considers to be her greatest joys to date.
Annie’s are internationally recognized for their quality. The company’s products were featured winners of awards from The Food Network (TFN), a very famous institution. While she was taking the organization to the heights of success, TFN named one of Annie’s Pies one of their “Top Five Pies” – placing third out of the entire bunch. Marnie Resnick and her mother, where featured on “Good Morning, America” two times to discuss her cakes – products that also won “Best of” ratings from The Food Network and even the city of Orlando. One of the company’s most famous cakes was called the “Peanut Butter Explosion Cake.” Another top performer was named “The Whopper Stopper Cake.”
Annie Pies is known for its variety of boutique cakes in addition to the ones that have been featured on the national stage. These include the Tuxedo Bombe, Taffy Apple, Banana Foster, Chocolate corruption, Princess Pineapple, Red Velvet, and S’mores cakes. They also craft exquisite-tasting cheesecakes, pies, and wedding cakes. One very unique cake the company made a mark on the industry with was called the Five Layer Jack Daniels Tower Cake.
Some of Annie Pies most dedicated fans include older citizens who have to watch their blood sugar and therefore have to give up desert. The company was among one of the first bakers to offer low sugar baked goods, allowing people on strict medical diets to still “indulge” in a way that was tasty and safe. With Annie’s No-Sugar-Added lines of cakes, residents in nursing homes and assisted living centers can enjoy their desserts without worrying about adverse impacts on their health or safety. To top it off, these cakes are some of the most delicious in the world. Talk about getting a great treat without the guilt!
Through the Bakery’s astounding growth, Resnick worked hard as its Executive Vice President to ensure that production distribution and design were all top-notch. Her dedication to bringing Annie’s products to new markets drove her to learn about every aspect of the business. She worked with photographers to take the best pictures of the company’s products possible. She oversaw hiring, inventory management, and financial planning. As the VP, Marnie juggled a great deal of responsibilities simultaneously and interacted with a diverse group of dedicated individuals. This fueled her interest and enjoyment in the industry even more.
The Annie Pies Values
Annie, Marnie Zahn Resnick’s mother and co-founder of the business, says that there is much more to their pies than just flour and icing. The women put care and pride, personalization, and a dedication to excellence into each of their creations, making sure to pick employees who do the same as well. “Desserts are my business, quality is my passion,” is a favorite saying of Annie Resnick. Her daughter feels the same way as well.
The two women began their business over 20 years ago with an unconventional idea – that cakes should be more than tasty, they should be exciting. Annie Pies creations are designed to be visually appealing and extremely delicious for this reason. The owners have earned respect from competitors and collaborators alike for their innovation in this area, and have helped to shape an industry in which cake decorators are celebrities with their own TV shows.
Marnie Zahn Resnick has networked extensively within the baking and confections community throughout her decades as a VP. She is a member of the Disney Culinary Team and affiliated with Whole Foods Markets and Fresh Markets. She grew her business by partnering with companies like Sysco, US Foods, Gordon Food Service & Cheney Brothers, and even the United States Military. She is a member of the American Culinary Federation in Florida, and appears regularly in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco Fancy Food Shows. Marnie has traveled the entire U.S. as a result of her position within the company. She’s used her experiences on these trips to fuel her passion and dedication even more.
Working Mother
As a working mom, Marnie Zahn Resnick knows what it takes to stay organized, achieve incredible business results, but still be there for the little moments with children that count. She enjoys doing fun activities when she’s not travelling the nation or running her famous company. One of their most favorite is karate, something they do together that builds strength, flexibility, and self-esteem. Resnick has also always prioritized education for both her daughter and son. Her son has autism and ADHD but has done very well in his school. Though Resnick has run huge corporations and mingled with some of the best business people in the world, she still considers being mom her most favorite job to date.
Marnie Zahn Resnick’s extensive training in the food supply business makes her a valuable player in the industry. Her expertise combined with her passion for quality ensures that her career will continue to develop in years to come. Two decades of specialization give her almost a sixth sense about what will work in the industry and what won’t. She is, without a doubt, one of the best people in the nation to be at the forefront of this market.
The market for cakes and desserts has gained in popularity since the production of shows like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss, and it is expected to grow in the future. Marnie Resnick, as a stand-out supplier and leader in the marketplace, will continue to respond to the increasing demand for more creative, more innovative desserts.
Marnie Zahn Resnick has brought quality and care to the marketplace through her confectionary creations and her business. Her personality and professionalism are needed in an industry that continues to change and be changed by social media, globalization, and technological advancement. With Resnick at the helm, Annie’s Euro-American Bakery can anticipate retaining its position as one of the top suppliers in the marketplace.

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