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Dr. Mark Karides is a nationally recognized oncologist and hematologist based in Chicago, Illinois.
As an oncologist and hematologist, Dr. Mark Karides is committed to providing cancer patients with high-quality, comprehensive care. As a partner at Progressive Care S.C., based in Chicago, Illinois, he does just that. Recognizing that cancer is a complex disease, he guides patients along every step of the way, ensuring that they are supported and informed. He focuses on personalized care and attention, making each patient a top priority.
Board certified in internal medicine, hematology, and medical oncology, Dr. Karides possesses extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to cancer treatment. As a specialist, he is dedicated to learning everything he can about the conditions that he treats and the treatment options available. This allows him to provide the most current services and information to patients and become a trusted resource and medical provider.
In addition, Dr. Mark Karides conducts clinical research to assist in advancing the field and furthering existing knowledge. He uses state-of-the-art research findings to support use of the most innovative and effective treatment protocols. Patients can rest assured that they are in skilled hands when under his care.
Mark also supports the industry as a whole in other ways. As chairman of the Cancer Committee for the American Cancer Society, he is able to make a positive impact on the cancer system and help drive improvement. He has used this work to support Progressive Care S.C. in becoming a more comprehensive cancer center. This is just one of the ways that he has played an active role in driving progress forward in all aspects of the battle against cancer.
Dr. Mark Karides has committed himself to becoming a leading professional in the oncology and hematology industry. He is passionate about working with those battling cancer and offering his support and medical expertise. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis affects not only the patient but their family as well. Dr. Karides works closely with everyone involved to build trusting, lasting relationships and provide guidance throughout their journey.
Educational Background
Mark began his path to becoming a medical professional at Ross University School of Medicine. Here he built a strong academic foundation that set the basis for his future medical training. He graduated with his doctor of medicine degree in 1988. From here he continued on to complete his residency at Rush University Medical Center.
During his residency Mark gained hands-on experience working in a variety of different areas. He soon realized that he had a natural ability to interact with cancer patients. Not everyone is cut out for this type of work, but to him, it came very easily. It was at this point that he decided to specialize in oncology. He focused his work in this area and continued to build his knowledge and skills, determined to help some of the sickest patients.
Upon completing his residency, Dr. Mark Karides went on to do a fellowship at MacNeal Hospital. Here he continued to learn from experienced professionals in the field and work with a diverse range of patients. Each experience helped him to grow and refine his skills.
After completing his education and training he went on to earn board certifications in internal medicine, hematology, and medical oncology. This is a notable achievement as these designations require passing rigorous oral and written examinations in which a physician must prove their knowledge, skill, and competency.
Going into Private Practice
Following his desire to work with cancer patients, Mark joined Progressive Care S.C., as one of three physician specialists. Established in 1992, this private practice is located on the ground floor of Resurrection Medical Center, allowing patients to have convenient access to a wealth of medical resources. Should they need additional services outside of Progressive Care, they are already at the hospital.
Focusing on adult cancer care, Dr. Karides works directly with patients every day, carefully explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. He guides them through all aspects of their care, helping them to feel more relaxed and confident.
Advancing Cancer Care
Dr. Karides is very involved in the medical community. He frequently attends medical conferences and seminars to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. This allows him to connect with other professionals and discuss their work. He also regularly reads a variety of medical journals. All of these opportunities allow him to learn more about cutting-edge and innovative approaches to cancer care.
As chairman of the Cancer Committee for the American Cancer Society, Dr. Mark Karides is able to contribute his knowledge and experience to making beneficial decisions regarding the cancer system. He strives to implement more effective treatment and care to continue advancing services. These decisions not only impact the medical community as a whole, but they also the work that Dr. Karides does at Progressive Care S.C.
Recognizing that the field of cancer treatment is constantly changing, Dr. Mark Karides will continue to strive to stay on top of these advancements. One of the more recent changes is occurring in the area of chemotherapy.
With one third of all new chemotherapy drugs shifting toward oral administration, Dr. Karides plans to create a program geared toward enhancing this service for patients. At Progressive Care S.C. patients would have the ability to come for their labs and appointments and also receive their medication to take home. The program would also provide patient assistance. This would allow for more comprehensive patient education and monitoring and also increase convenience and accessibility.
This program is just one of Dr. Karides’ plans to continue growing the outreach of Progressive Care S.C. The practice will continue to focus on providing the most current therapies in the most effective setting. As always, patients will receive personalized care and attention that addresses their individual needs and concerns. The staff takes the time to ensure full understanding and answer all questions.
Dr. Karides plans to continue serving as chairman of the Cancer Committee for the American Cancer Society, but also has his eye on other opportunities. Mark would like to join the oncology board of Resurrection Medical Center as a leading oncologist to have an even greater impact. This would allow him to share his knowledge and experience and support the development of more effective strategies and proposals.
As cancer continues to become more treatable and as patients experience improved quality of life and an elongated lifespan, Dr. Mark Karides plans to be there along every step of the way.

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  • Ross University School of Medicine , United States , North Brunswick, New Jersey

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    - 01/1988
  • Rush Medical School , United States , Chicago, Illinois

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    to 12/2099
  • , Pittsburgh ,

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