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Amy Bosecker is a distinguished veterinary professional whose career and personal life is guided by a true passion for animal care.
Amy Bosecker is the founder of MASH – Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital. To ensure the quality of all veterinary services provided by MASH, Bosecker calls on her education as well as 20 years of professional practice.
Bosecker has been in private practice for 13 years. She has particular specialization in the treatment, care, and health maintenance of small animals.
As Bosecker notes, modern pets require a variety of services. Pet owners work in conjunction with a veterinary professional to bring their pets the highest level of health and happiness.
Bosecker explains that every pet is unique, but many have specific health and nurturing needs in common. All pets require access to food and fresh water, while their eating habits can range from devouring portions twice a day to occasionally picking at seeds and veggies. At her MASH practice, Bosecker offers pet-specific recommendations to maintain a nutritious diet and a healthful care regimen.
Bosecker assists pet owners in keeping their beloved companions safe and healthy. Identification tags and collars are ideal for dogs and outdoor cats to ensure that these pets return home safely. Microchips can be placed under the skin to identify lost pets and access owner contact information. She recommends spaying or neutering services to her MASH clients in order for them to avoid aggressive contact and dangerous levels of pet overpopulation.
Bosecker offers routine wellness visits for pets, as well as a vast range of emergency medical services for family members.
Her true passion for animal care and her pride in her work singles Amy Bosecker out among veterinary professionals.
Amy Bosecker knew that a successful career as a veterinarian would begin with a superb education. She pursued a degree at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The university is one of only 28 universities in the national spectrum that offers a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, creating a competitive admissions process and a highly ranked veterinary program.
Amy Bosecker studied for four years, pursuing a rigorous course of veterinary studies. The Applications and Integrations stage offered small group work, case studies, and the building of communication and problem-solving skills. Bosecker began intensive study in the areas of animal behaviors, husbandry, and veterinary diagnostics.
In her third year, Bosecker opted for a multi-species curriculum by pursuing her DVM degree through the mixed animal track. The multi-species focus guided her clinical rotations and future specialization.
In 1990, Amy Bosecker graduated from the university’s College of veterinary medicine with her DVM degree. She took a position at Affordable PetCare Hospital, located in Naples, Florida.
Affordable PetCare Hospital is a full-service veterinary center. The wide range of services offered by Bosecker and staff included surgery, vaccinations, diagnostics, senior animal wellness, and dentistry. Bosecker knew that engaging in a variety of veterinary tasks would allow her to fine-tune her expertise while developing specific areas of specialization.
After her time at Affordable PetCare, Bosecker began work at Hubbell Animal Hospital, located in Des Moines, Iowa. Hubbell is a veterinary clinic, specializing in a wide range of medical, surgical, behavioral, and preventative pet care services. Bosecker and staff were responsible for animal dentistry and grooming, microchip insertion, pain management, and senior animal care. Staff offered checkups and wellness visits for puppies, kittens, and adult pets. Ultrasound administration and X-ray services called for specialized equipment and skills. Hubbell offered a full-range pet pharmacy, hospice care, euthanasia services, parasite prevention, and vaccinations.
After a short career with Hubbell, Bosecker opted to return to Florida, working as a relief veterinarian to fill the needs of local practices.
While in Florida, Amy Bosecker tended to the medical needs of the greyhounds at Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track. In this popular sport, athletic animals chase an electronic lure around a track. Greyhounds are naturally called to run and pursue, making them spirited and energetic athletes. Bosecker checked each greyhound individually, relying on her veterinary skills to ensure health and athletic fitness.
In 2005, a fire erupted in the kennel area of the greyhound track. The greyhounds suffered from severe smoke inhalation and numerous life-threatening medical complications. With patience and determination, Amy Bosecker committed to nursing the animal athletes back to health. Bosecker took several of the greyhounds into her own home to allow for full treatment and recovery.
Bosecker took a position at Three Oaks Animal Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida. She assisted staff members in offering superior pet care in a caring and personal environment.
She soon realized that her veterinary calling would involve opening her own practice. In 2000, Bosecker founded Dr. Amy’s Animal Hospital. By 2008, the hospital had been re-badged MASH, or Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital. Bosecker knew that this venture would be the culmination of her veterinary education and professional training.
While she has cultivated specialized skills in small animal care, Amy Bosecker has also had experience with a vast assortment of pets and exotic animals. Bosecker has worked with tigers and mountain lions, and is the proud caretaker of a camel.
Exotic animal care involves extensive training and specialized veterinary knowledge. Many exotic species are far less understood than domestic pets from a veterinary perspective. Even routine examinations of these creatures must be carefully tailored to suit each exotic animal’s unique physiology.
Exotic pet care has enhanced Bosecker’s understanding of animal safety. Many exotic animals are resistant to domestication. Veterinary precautions and quick thinking is essential when working with these animals. Bosecker became comfortable administering temporary tranquilizers to ensure the safe handling of zoo animals and exotic species.
Bosecker has developed hobbies that enhance her professional career. Horseback riding has emerged as a true passion in her life.
Western riding originated with the cowboy era. Riders worked from dawn until sundown, maneuvering their horses with one hand as they wrangled and labored. The heavy western saddle remains comfortable to a rider even as a horse canters over rough terrain. Modern western riders still rely on a single hand to control the reins, while leg and seat movement allows for tight maneuvering and an increase in speeds.
Through her interest in Western Pleasure Riding, Bosecker has engaged in stimulating and challenging competitions, managing stress while maintaining careful animal control. In Western Pleasure events, riders are judged by their ability to perform in sync with a group of other riders. Riders control the gait of their horses as the animals walk and jog along a rail. Judges are at hand to rate the movement of the animals and the overall presentation produced by the horses and riders.
The handling of horses in Western Pleasure Riding competitions has challenged Bosecker to interact with animals on a new level. She has learned how to communicate with and control her horse to produce a smooth gait and a natural appearance. Her horse must appear to enjoy the experience, exhibiting relaxation rather than nerves, rigidity, or defiance.
Bosecker learned to collaborate with riders in the pack while distinguishing her own efforts from the rest. This subtle combination is a balance that lends Bosecker her ability to collaborate with other professionals while maintaining personal expectations of competence and excellence.
During the course of her career, Amy Bosecker has taken numerous opportunities to use her skills for charitable ends. Her devotion to animal care led to her careful treatment of injured greyhounds in Florida. She has donated pet fire masks to the fire departments of San Carlos Park and Estero, combatting the high numbers of annual pet deaths due to smoke inhalation.
Bosecker reached out to the community by teaching a local Girl Scout troop the importance of animal care, pet health, and safety. Her multiple presentations to the local chapter allowed her to ensure that pet care would remain an important concern for future pet owners and animal care professionals. Amy Bosecker has used her passion as a tool to teach the next generation.
Amy Bosecker will never stop caring for animals with all of her professional and personal abilities.
Her education established the foundations that would allow her to understand the demands of the veterinarian profession and her own unique abilities in the field.
Her professional career, from veterinary hospital work to greyhound rehabilitation, has developed Bosecker into a dedicated pet care specialist with an impressive range of competencies.
Bosecker will continue to expand her veterinary skills in the future. She is committed to maintaining the safety and health of pets at MASH, from puppy and kitten care, to emergency treatments and senior pet assistance. As she continues to enhance her understanding of pet needs and behaviors, Bosecker will call on her skills in animal surgery, nutrition, dentistry, senior pet health, and exotic animal care.
At MASH, Bosecker will continue to hold herself to the highest standards. She intends to continue offering superior, affordable pet care to local residents, including a range of emergency and surgical options to bring comfort and relief to pets while reassuring their caretakers.
Bosecker’s personal life will remain an asset to her professional endeavors. Her love of horseback riding, and particularly her passion for Western Pleasure Riding, enables her to develop her collaborative skills, her animal expertise, and her ability to remain calm, professional, and productive under immense pressure.
Bosecker’s gifts in veterinary medicine will continue to enhance her community. Amy Bosecker is committed to upholding animal care standards that can be successfully taught to others, creating a hopeful and healthy future for the nation’s animals and domestic pets alike.

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