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Lidia Aviles is a young actress who is also an author, artist, and entrepreneur.
Lidia Aviles is a multi-talented young woman with expertise in several areas of the arts. Currently, she participates primarily in the acting industry. She is the CEO and Founder of a Central American talent agency called Sparkles Global. The company promotes movies, concerts, and fashion shows across the world.

Along with Sparkles Global, she is also an avid actress. She is currently filming several projects set to release in the near future.

Hot Girl: An action drama TV series about an assassin who wants to give up her criminal ways. However, she is forced to return to gain vengeance on those who wronged her.

The Unreal Root: Ms. Aviles is starring in and directing this drama film with Sparkles Production, her own production company. This movie will analyze violations of human rights around the world.

Parallel Path: An adaptation of a romance-drama book that Ms. Aviles wrote. The plot focuses on family values and the concept of loss.

Ms. Aviles has authored several books, mainly poetry collections. She is working on three more projects to release within the next year.

When the Roses are Black: A romance-drama novel that will hit bookstores in September 2013.

As Far as it Gets: A dramatic poetry collection due in November 2013.

Parallel Path II: A sequel to her previous allegorical romance about environmental issues. She is still finishing the writing process but she hopes it will appear on shelves in February 2014.

When she is not writing or acting, Lidia Aviles enjoys ice-skating and painting. She lives with her husband and collaborator, composer Vincent Santamaria, in Belgium.
Lidia Aviles was born in El Salvador in 1987 to two Protestant missionaries. Her father Reverend Adalberto Ulises Aviles and her mother was entrepreneur Dalia Ayala. The Aviles family moved to Nicaragua when Lidia was only four years old and remained there until she was 15, when her parents separated and she moved with her mother to the United States. She moved to Massachusetts and attended Clinton High School in the city of Clinton.

At the age of 18, Lidia Aviles attended UNICIT University in Nicaragua. Her major was International Affairs with a specialization in Diplomat Defense. Before her graduation, she interned with the ambassador of the Government of the Panama Embassy, Miquel Lecaro. Ms. Aviles claims that Mr. and Mrs. Lecaro acted as her mentors during her adolescence.


Lidia Aviles began writing when she was 11 years old and published her first book when she was 19. Since then, she has published four three books. Although she mainly focuses on poetry, she has released a novel and hopes to write more in the future.

Lloros Del Alma (Tears of the Soul) – The first collection of poems that Ms. Aviles released.

Juste A Temps (Just in Time) – Ms. Aviles wrote and published this collection of poems in French. The common theme throughout the writings is that love is not forced, it happens “just in time.”

Desilusión: Facetas del Desamor (Disappointments: Facets of Indifference) – The poems in this collection feature many emotions including hate, anger, and love. While each story has a bleak and disappointing outlook, there is an uplifting morale and lesson that is taught. Ms. Aviles demonstrates how everything happens under God’s guidance.

Camino Paralelo: El Sol se Oculta al Anochecer (Parallel Path: The Sun Sets in the Evening) – A romantic allegory set in Russia, Lidia Aviles is currently producing the film adaptation of this novel.


In 2007, Ms. Aviles founded Sparkles Global, a talent agency in Central America. Within three years, the company was promoting large-scale performances around the world. Ms. Aviles also developed Sparkles Productions, a spin-off company that produces movies.

In 2012, Lidia Aviles appeared in three different roles to kick-start her acting career. She first appeared in “My Way,” a French biopic about pop star Claude Francois. Ms. Aviles only appeared briefly as a girl in a crowd. Later in the year, she acted in the movie, “Erased,” starring Aaron Eckhart. Ms. Aviles played a girl in a hotel room.

Lidia Aviles had her largest role in her final appearance of 2012. She played the part of a thief prostitute on an episode of “Metal Hurlant Chronicles.” This television series was a based on a comic anthology of various science-fiction scenarios.

To develop her acting abilities, Ms. Aviles had attended many classes and workshops to hone her skill. She has self educated studied under with the teachings of respected actors like Kevin Spacey and Michael Caine. Accomplished acting coach and casting director Nancy Bishop instructed her in her Master Classes Workshop.

About Nancy Bishop’s Master Classes Workshop

Nancy Bishop is an acting coach who is responsible for the casting in over 60 major films and television projects. She is based out of Prague, however, she works internationally to inspire young actors, such as Lidia Aviles, and lead them in the right direction. She has also authored “The Secrets from the Casting Couch,” a casting director’s point-of-view on auditioning and camera techniques.

Nancy Bishop has received acclaim for her work in casting and coaching. Credit is given to her very detailed curriculum. The Master Classes Workshop that Ms. Aviles attended was comprised of several different areas of study to perfect the acting student’s skill. Some of Nancy’s courses in the Master Classes Workshop include:

- Screen Technique for Auditions and Films: This class focuses on developing camera work like inner monologues, reaction shots, and cold readings. Nancy will coach each student one-on-one so that they can complete their final assignment, which consists of the students acting out a scene from an actual movie.

- Two Day Film Audition Technique: During the first part of this class, the students watch professional actors audition for actual movie roles. There is special focus on the actors’ camera work. After class, the actors will need to prepare two scenes to “audition” for. The second half of the class will have the students audition in front of Nancy and then receive a critique.

- Casting for Directors and Producers Seminars: A two hour seminar that gives the actors insight on the producers and directors’ casting objectives. One component the students learn is what differentiates the casting of lead roles versus supporting actors.

- Actor Marketing Seminar: This class focuses on finding work. Nancy discusses marketing for actors so that they can find opportunities. Students learn how to organize their resume, choose a headshot, set up a website, record an audition, and utilize search engines. Nancy also offers to critique any current materials the students may have.

- Five Day Intensive Film Acting and Audition Technique: This class utilizes all of the aforementioned classes, ultimately preparing the actor for show business. It is broken down into a five day process.

Day 1: The first day focuses on marketing techniques. The students are given a presentation on how to prepare their resume and headshots.
Day 2: Screen Acting Technique: Actors will learn how to work the camera and will prepare two scenes to perform the next day.
Day 3: Students use what they have learned the previous day to perform a mock audition for Nancy.
Day 4: Skill Development: Students further develop their camera work and audition skills. They will choose a more advanced scene to perform on the final day.
Day 5: A professional cameraman will film each actor perform their scene and provide them with a copy of their audition. They will receive instruction on how to edit the tape into a show reel and send it to agents and casting directors. There is also a celebratory party at the end of the day.

Lidia Aviles attributes her success of breaking into the acting industry to Nancy Bishop and her extensive classes.
Lidia Aviles hopes to maintain her many endeavors and expand on them. Her commitment and energy will allow her to continue her passions and develop her talents. The future holds many opportunities in her fields of interest.

To support her acting career, Ms. Aviles will appear in a science-fiction thriller in the fall of 2014 called Expressiveless. The plot will discuss how an impulse can become destructive.

Her passion for writing is just as important to her. She has several more poetry collections and a novel that she hopes to release within the next year. Her writing will expand into her film work, where she has stated that she would like to write more films.

Ms. Aviles is also preparing her next art exhibition, which she will reveal in May 2014. She claims that this hobby allows her to take a break from the pandemonium of the film industry so she would like to always make room for it.

Continuing her entrepreneurial work, she will launch a website for a new clothing brand. The line is called, “AvilesCastle,” after Ms. Aviles and her co-founder, Amelia Castillo. The clothing line’s objective is to provide comfortable yet stylish clothes to the working class woman.

Lidia Aviles finds enjoyment in the many activities she participates in. Her involvement with organizations like Sparkles Global deepens her passion of the acting industry. It also lets her help others who wish to emerge into show business. She wants to provide guidance to these prospective performers so that they will become as successful as she has.

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