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Yasmin Malhotra is a writer and scholar with a passion for global issues, international travel and charitable service.
Yasmin Malhotra examines a variety of subjects with insight, eloquence, and understanding and writes about them. She holds herself to high literary standards by upholding several tenants of effective communication.
Yasmin affirms the importance of diligent proofreading and editing prior to the formal submission of a work. Even in the case of a simple email, all content should be carefully screened for errors and miscommunications. She notes that every piece of writing is a reflection of the author. Written content must be polished and proofread in order to ensure that a piece represents the author accurately.
She relies on several tenants of grammar and syntax and avoids repetition in her works, noting that even professional writers may fail to access the wide range of effective English synonyms. She also notes the important of being concise and accurate, a process which includes diligently removing unnecessary and misleading word choices. Extraneous words confound the reader and damage precision.
She notes that grammar may not be taught effectively in all education facilities. She affirms the importance of referring to grammatical books to fine-tune scholarly (and personal) correspondences. She avoids using commas when a sentence can be easily and effectively understood without them. She places trust in her readers, but nevertheless avoids fragments to enable complete understanding. She avoids apostrophe errors and the misusage of common words.
Yasmin Malhotra recognizes that emails, blogs, text messages, and social media posts are flooding modern society with new avenues of written communication. She upholds standards of superb communication to lend clarity and precision to her examinations of pressing global issues.
Over the course of her career as a writer and scholar, Yasmin Malhotra has devoted her time and interest to several meaningful issues.
As part of her scholarly investigations, she has researched HIV and the effect of AIDS on the international community. She has highlighted the importance of AIDS research and funding in the light of this devastating international illness.
As her research indicated, AIDS has created a mass crisis for the economic stability of African nations. Yasmin Malhotra found that AIDS impacts individuals in their capacity to be workers as well as consumers. AIDS contributes to shortages of labor and depressed market growth as both consumption and purchase rate grows stagnant. Sick workers are frequently absent, and face higher healthcare costs to manage their lifelong illness.
As economies deteriorate, governments become unable to develop their nation’s natural resources and citizen support networks. These governments then face a reduced ability to effectively secure trade, investment, and communication with other nations.
As a scholar and author as well as a concerned citizen, Yasmin has examined several UNAIDS statistics concerning the effects of AIDS on Sub-Saharan Africa. According to the organization, almost 40 million individuals worldwide were infected with the HIV virus. Two thirds of those sufferers were located in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Malhotra recognized that most AIDS-fighting initiatives have gone towards keeping sufferers alive and healthy. AIDS diagnoses can damage an individual’s quality of life and severely impact the capability of a sufferer to support his or her family and children.
As an author, Yasmin Malhotra found it intriguing and meaningful to examine the effect of HIV/AIDS on communities and individuals. She looks at these issues from an economic, social, personal, and psychological standpoint.
Another controversial issue that has repeatedly compelled her is the vigorous national dialogue concerning immigration. Both politicians and private citizens have taken aggressive stances on the topic.
Yasmin Malhotra has noted that while services and items are freely transferred on a global level, the world’s citizens are not always granted the same freedom of movement. She called on the works of journalist and economist Philippe Legrain, who has repeatedly claimed that the freedom of (international) movement is a basic human right. She recognized that rigid US borders limit the movement of the poor while enabling global travel and emigration for the wealthy.
Her research as an author and scholar has highlighted the vehement opinions on both sides of the immigration debate. As she recognized, some citizens feel that they cannot be safe unless borders are fully protected and immigrants are prevented from entering and settling illegally.
Malhotra’s immigration research included scholarly investigation on the opinions of communitarians. Members of this school of thought feel that a community itself is threatened when a nation’s borders are closed to immigrants. She noted that the US has traditionally celebrated multiculturalism as well as racial equality.
Some argue that immigrants are inherently valuable to American commerce. Americans train their immigrant counterparts, and those individuals contribute their own skills and understandings to economic development and industry. Almost 40 percent of technology workers in California are immigrants, while 38 percent of New Jersey firms have founders born outside of the US.
Malhotra’s immigration research highlighted the importance of writers in addressing the pressing cultural, political, and economic concerns of American society. She recognized the potential for scholars and writers like herself to have a significant impact on national and international dialogue concerning major global issues.
While exploring international issues, Yasmin Malhotra also delved into American history and culture from a scholarly perspective. She recognized that modern society is built in a large part on the free market system, encouraging mass consumption and plentiful earning. She observed that the “glorification of plenty” disregards the “Puritan and Protestant ethic” while creating “a contradiction within the social structure” of American society.
Malhotra examined counter-cultures of the 1960s, noting that the cultural changes created an opportunity for numerous brands and businesses to re-badge and re-market themselves. She examined the struggle between brands and the “creative dullness” that prohibited their success in the face of counter-cultural movements. Firms began to promote their unique attributes and their specialties within a field. This separation from competition sparked a new movement towards consumerism in society as a whole.
Studying the 1960s illuminated several misunderstood components of popular American culture. She noted that musicians including Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin have frequently been grouped with the hippie and free love movements of the decade. As Yasmin Malhotra found in her scholarly research, Hendrix did little to emphasize his association with counter-culture. Rather, he created unique musical offerings that could be enjoyed regardless of race or social identification.
Joplin was a progressive figure in rock music, but did not associate herself with any activist positions or direct counter-cultural goals. She rebelled against male dominance by creating a confident rock persona that did not rely on physical beauty or feminine docility to gain popularity. While not directly associated with the feminist movement, Joplin broke through gender barriers and opened the musical profession to talented female artists.
As Yasmin studied the business response to counter-culture, she uncovered insights related to both American commerce and social commentary. Dispelling social myths about 1960s musical icons proved to her that authors and scholars held the unique opportunity to re-examine and re-define long-held cultural assumptions.
Supplementing her scholarly pursuits, Yasmin Malhotra began an extensive course of international travel. Visits to Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, and Turkey have illuminated the international community and have allowed her to hone adaptability, communication, and cultural understanding.
Travels to Spain prompted her to recognize the importance of planning ahead, adapting to challenging circumstances, and immersing herself in new and stimulating cultures. In Costa Rica, she celebrated natural beauty and surfed at world-renowned beaches. Visits to Mexico taught Malhotra the importance of learning local practices and cultural norms in order to engage with a foreign culture with respect and competence.
The career of Yasmin Malhotra as a writer and scholar has involved extensive research, unique examinations of major facets of American society, and illuminating personal experiences with other cultures.
In addition to her scholarly pursuits and her career as a writer, Yasmin Malhotra is dedicated to community service and charitable endeavors. She will continue to proudly engage in these efforts to serve the local and national community
Yasmin will continue to dedicate her time and energy to the needs of elderly community members. She recognizes that elderly individuals residing in nursing homes or assisted living residences may experience isolation and infrequent social visits.
As she notes, elderly citizens may struggle to engage in the activities that they once enjoyed. They may find that impaired vision interrupts their ability to enjoy books, newspapers, and magazines. Malhotra joins with other volunteers to read to seniors, restoring a love of the written word to aging Americans.
She will continue to provide companionship, information, and entertainment to elderly citizens. She recognizes the potential for one compassionate visitor to make a difference in the life of a struggling elder.
Yasmin and other volunteers will actively advocate for youth education. She recognizes the devastating effects of poverty on children and on families, including the inability to afford quality education or sufficient healthcare.
As an avid global traveler, she will continue to support and encourage international volunteering. As she notes, individuals with a passion for agriculture and the outdoors can participate in Willing Workers on Organic Farms, or WWOOFing. She will continue her support for WWOOFing and other international volunteering endeavors, including HelpX and Ladli childcare.
As an author with a unique literary voice and perspective, Yasmin Malhotra will continue to bring attention to pressing national and international issues with her diverse endeavors.

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