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Stephen MacMillan, the current CEO of sBioMed, LLC, has a wealth of experience in corporate leadership.
In October of 2012, Steve MacMillan became the chief executive officer of sBioMed, LLC. This innovative company is an emerging leader in infection control. With the invention of its latest disinfectant product Steriplex SD, a unique combination of safety and efficacy the company is setting new benchmarks for the control of healthcare-associated infections.

Demonstrating remarkable leadership potential

Stephen MacMillan is regarded by his employees and his peers as an outstanding leader. One of the reasons that he is so successful is because he firmly believes in investing in his team. In many ways, he tries to “coach” his team just as one might in the world of sports. Steve also believes that offering constructive advice in a positive way is the most effective method for helping employees to grow and eventually reach their true potential.

Serving as a devoted advocate for women

Throughout his entire career, Stephen MacMillan has served as a tireless advocate for women in the workplace. When he first went to work for the Stryker Corporation, he noticed a surprising lack of female executives in the top four layers of the company. Determined to rectify this obvious inequality, Steve personally championed developing and placing more women into upper-level management. By the time he left Stryker, three division presidents at the company were female.

Investing in promising talent within the Hispanic Community

In addition to remaining an advocate for women in the workplace, Stephen MacMillan has also supported the Hispanic community. He has mentored many Hispanic workers who are currently leaders in their fields. In fact, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently endorsed STERIPLEX as a breakthrough product for infection control.
Stephen MacMillan has had a long and fruitful career serving in a variety of leadership positions at some of America’s top Fortune 500 companies. Stephen’s business acumen and his unique management style have helped him to drive sales and to lead his teams to success for many years.

When Stephen MacMillan was only a young man, he knew that if he wanted to succeed in the competitive world of business, he would have to work hard and apply himself to his studies. After making excellent grades in high school, he enrolled at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. After graduating from this fine academic institution with a bachelor of science degree in economics, MacMillan was thoroughly prepared to achieve remarkable success in business. He eventually continued his education at Harvard Business School, where he completed the institution’s esteemed program in advanced management.

Davidson College

Davidson College is a private liberal arts college that is located in the state of North Carolina. For the last ten years in a row, Davidson has been ranked by US News and World Report as one of the best liberal arts institutions in the country. Davidson College has many accomplished alumni, including 23 Rhodes scholars. Among its most famous graduates are numerous politicians and bestselling author Patricia Cornwell.

Making history at Procter and Gamble

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina, Stephen MacMillan was able to land a prestigious job at Procter and Gamble. In fact, he was hired for a position that was typically intended for candidates with at least a master’s degree in business administration. Impressively enough, Steve MacMillan was actually the first person from Davidson to get this prestigious position immediately out of college. As it turns out, this remarkable occurrence would set a precedent for his future success in the corporate world.

Continuing his success at Johnson and Johnson

After accomplishing many great things at Procter and Gamble, Stephen decided to switch companies. Wanting to continue his work in the same field, he quickly joined the industry giant Johnson and Johnson, where he instantly impressed the higher-level management at the corporation. MacMillan was eventually appointed to the position of managing director of Johnson and Johnson-Merck in the United Kingdom when he was only 32-years-old. Few other business men had accomplished as much as MacMillan in such a short time.

Becoming president at Johnson and Johnson-Merck

After making a name for himself at Johnson and Johnson and leading marketing for such household brands as Tylenol & Motrin, Stephen MacMillan eventually earned the position as president of the Joint venture with Merck .

Joining the Pharmacia Corporation

After leading the joint venture of Johnson and Johnson and Merck, Mr. MacMillan went to work for the Pharmacia Corporation. During his employment at this company, he was being groomed to become Fred Hassan’s successor. To this day, Mr. MacMillan considers the mentorship that he received from Fred Hassan at Pharmacia as one of the most formative experiences of his illustrious career.

Having the courage to accept new challenges

One of Stephen MacMillan’s most defining characteristics is his willingness to accept a challenge. Throughout his entire life, he has always believed that the key to succeeding in business is having the courage to develop acumen within an unfamiliar industry. Although he had no previous experience in the medical device industry, he joined Stryker Corporation in 2003 as its President and Chief Operating Officer and was named CEO in January 2005, at the age of only 41. He also served on the board of directors of the Advanced Medical Technology Association, the board of Texas Instruments and the Greater Kalamazoo United Way.

The Advanced Medical Technology Association

The Advanced Medical Technology Association, or AdvaMed, as it is sometimes called, is comprised of companies that specialize in medical technology. In an effort to save as many lives as possible, the Advanced Medical Technology Association is focused on making sure that all patients worldwide have access to the latest, lifesaving medical technology.

Texas Instruments, Inc.

Texas Instruments, Inc., which is also known as TI, is one of America’s leading manufacturers of semiconductors. Based in Dallas, Texas, this innovative corporation sells its top-notch components to some of the world’s most established electronics companies. Texas Instruments also manufactures calculators, as well as highly sophisticated equipment used by the United States Department of Defense.

The Greater Kalamazoo United Way

Stephen MacMillan considered it a great privilege to serve on the board of directors of the Greater Kalamazoo United Way. Ever since 1918, this incredible charity has remained committed to helping local needy people in a variety of ways. Although the goals for each chapter of the United Way will vary according to location, the group as a whole is typically concerned with issues such as helping children succeed, offering support to families, providing underprivileged individuals with healthcare, and encouraging financial stability. MacMillan has taken great pride in his work for this important charitable organization.

For over 10 years, Stephen MacMillan was dedicated to coaching children’s sports. His two favorite sports to help with were soccer and baseball. Whenever he is coaching, Steve always finds himself filled with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. He looks forward to helping young people learn the rules of sportsmanship and how to work as a team. He also realizes that playing sports teaches children the value of discipline and hard work. In truth, there are many useful skills that children can learn by participating in team sports and he is proud to serve as a role model.

Incorporating the coaching metaphor into his work

In many ways, Mr. MacMillan tries to serve as a coach for his employees rather than simply a boss. Through his experience in coaching youth soccer and baseball, Steve has learned that the secret to leading any team to success is consistently offering support, compassion, and constructive feedback.
As the current CEO of sBioMed, LLC, Steve MacMillan is incredibly excited about the release of his company’s newest product, which is called Steriplex SD. This amazing disinfectant has proven incredibly effective at killing deadly infectious pathogens in the hospital environment.

The importance of Steriplex SD

Shockingly enough, more than 90,000 unnecessary deaths occur in the United States every year as a result of healthcare-related illnesses. Unfortunately, many individuals walk into hospitals in hopes of receiving lifesaving treatments only to contract deadly diseases from hospital equipment or exposure to other contagious individuals. The invention of Steriplex SD is expected to make hospitals much safer in the near future.

Steriplex is environmentally friendly

Although strong disinfectants are essential for keeping patients from contracting deadly infections in the hospital setting, many commercial sanitizing products are not very safe for the environment. Thankfully, Steriplex SD is incredibly eco-friendly. In addition, this amazing product is also much less toxic than ordinary disinfectants, making it ideal for use in close quarters.

The future of treating super bugs

Up until recently, all attempts to stop the development and spread of super bugs such as C. diff have proven very unsuccessful. Unfortunately, these types of viruses are incredibly contagious and resistant to many standard disinfectants. Amazingly, Steriplex SD may hold the key to preventing massive outbreaks of C. diff and other super bugs in the near future.

As the current CEO of sBioMed, LLC, Stephen is very excited about the recent release of the new disinfectant Steriplex SD, and he is sure to continue leading his company to great success. Additionally, he is helping to mentor other emerging device companies through Stephen MacMillan's participation as a board member at Domain Surgical LLC and EZ Lift LLC, as well as serving on the board of Alere, one of the world’s largest and leading diagnostics companies.

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