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Heather Uboh is a professional in the Nigerian oil and energy sector.
A rapidly growing nation, Nigeria is critically important in the global battle for clean, alternative energy. This makes the work being done by Heather Uboh epochal. Uboh is the managing director of a major Nigerian oil and gas company—and she also happens to be passionate about the topic of renewable energy.

Uboh is a devoted wife and mother, too—but beyond that, her true passion is for the work she does in the energy sector. This includes her corporate job, but also her advocacy—on the side—for clean, renewable energy technology. As for the company that she works for, it is currently investigating some potentially groundbreaking new clean energy developments, and hopes to expand into this space in the near future.

Even beyond her advocacy for clean energy, Heather Uboh is someone who strives to make a difference—a positive impact—on the world around her. She does much for a local NGO, which seeks to help those who have been discriminated against in some form or fashion. This non-profit seeks to give a voice to those who do not otherwise have a voice in Nigerian society. This includes advocacy work on behalf of homosexuals and those who are HIV positive. More than anything else, this organization seeks to bring justice to those who would otherwise go without it—and to help in the spread of democracy across Nigeria.

In all of these different capacities, Uboh is working toward a better Nigeria—and a better world, at that!
Heather Uboh is a woman who wears many different hats. She is a lead player in the oil and energy sector in Nigeria, and in fact serves as the managing director for a main energy company. She is a wife and mother, and she is nothing if not devoted to her family. She is passionate about renewable energy and about humanitarian causes, and she is heavily involved with an NGO that does much work to advance democracy in Nigeria and surrounding areas.

Heather attended a university in New York City, and while there she received extensive training in petroleum and energy—training that served as the foundation for her ultimate success in Nigeria’s oil and energy sector. On top of that, her background encompasses experience in energy trading and in municipal waste management.

Her work in the United States served to enhance her abilities and to provide her with executive leadership skills. All of that has come in handy, but not just in terms of her own success. Her true desire is to lead Nigeria forward, something she has been able to do largely on the basis of her American training, mixed with her deep passion for her mother country.

The time that Heather Uboh spent in America was not just for college. She actually grew up in the United States, and it was here that her character and values were formed. Because she grew up abroad, she knows that renewable energy and environmental issues are important for the global community—not just for her native land. At the same time, she learned in the U.S. that a society should not exclude or oppress whole groups of people, a conviction that she carries with her in the non-profit work she does throughout Nigeria.

“When I was first exposed to Americans speaking about global warming and climate change, I was shocked,” Heather Uboh says now. “I was shocked because I saw how little international oil companies and energy monopolies seemed to care about these important issues, and I vowed to do my part to fight back.”

Obviously, she is passionate about environmental issues, which informs much of the work that she does within the Nigerian oil and energy sector. However, she is also passionate about issues of freedom, democracy, and human progress—and she works hard on behalf of these causes via a local NGO.

This group works to give a voice to those who have been marginalized by Nigerian society. This includes advocacy on behalf of the severely disabled, on behalf of homosexuals, on behalf of HIV+ individuals, and on behalf of the exceedingly poor.

“These are entire people groups that have been all by ignored by the government in Nigeria,” she comments. “It is our mission to see them better recognized and respected by the rest of the nation’s population.”

Heather Uboh is progressive and forward-thinking, and as such, it comes as no surprise that she has a number of concrete goals for the future. One of them is that she would like to see her company invest more into clean coal. Coal is an abundant resource in Nigeria, and she hopes to see many companies—including hers—make better, more prudent use of it.

Another professional goal is to make a huge impact on the power sector. Heather wishes to lead Nigeria toward higher standards of sustainability; Nigeria is the largest population in Africa, so a move toward sustainability could have widespread ramifications.

Finally, Uboh wishes to see her children grow up to love and care for humanity, and to prioritize human progress. It is obvious that these are important values for her, so it comes as no surprise that she wishes to pass them along to her offspring!

In fact, if there is one thing that can be said about Uboh, it is simply that she cares very much about leaving the world better than she found it; thus far, Heather Uboh is making immense progress toward meeting that goal.
What does the future hold for Heather Uboh? It is impossible for any of us to predict this with any certainty, of course, but it is especially challenging for someone like Uboh. She works in an industry that is changing rapidly, and she lives in a nation that is constantly shifting and evolving. It is tough to say what tomorrow holds, much less next month or next year!

With that said, there are some goals that Heather has for the future. Many of these, as you might imagine, are strictly professional goals. The oil and energy company, at which she serves as a key executive, is looking to branch into clean, renewable energy—and in the future, hopes to begin using municipal waste as a primary source of energy.

Additionally, Uboh wishes to see her oil and energy company explore clean coal. She intends to steer the company in this direction, and there has already been some promising progress made. The government has already talked about facilitating Nigerian companies to make better use of national resources—and that means clean coal!

Uboh is also a mother, and in that capacity she has a number of more personal goals. She wishes to help her children grow up to care about others, and to earnestly seek to help humanity progress. This is more important to her than anything else.

Additionally, Heather Uboh hopes that she is able to play some small part in helping to educate Nigeria on the importance of renewable energy.

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