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Eric Dalius is an expert marketing professional and an entrepreneur with a history of successful ventures.
As both a network marketing professional and an independent entrepreneur, Eric Dalius has proven himself to be skilled, experienced, and successful. He currently works as the founder and owner of the multi-level marketing firm Making MLM Millions in New York, NY. He is also the founder of the MLM Apprentice, which is a firm that specializes in expert consulting, training, management, and marketing in the fields of network marketing and multi-level marketing.

In addition to developing network organizations in various different companies across the world, Eric s also always on the lookout for new opportunities. Over the past 22 years, he has generated more than $20 million in startup multi-level marketing opportunities. Through his independent marketing and representation work with a variety of companies throughout many different industries, he has proven himself to be an accomplished professional and entrepreneur in the field of network marketing.

Eric has experience in working with companies in fields such as telecommunications, real estate, gold prices, gas prices, travel, nutrition, and health and wellness. Through this varied work, Eric has shown that he is incredibly versatile, adaptive, and willing to explore new areas and opportunities to find success. Throughout his career history, he has developed an impressive set of professional skills, including many different marketing techniques such as social media marketing, online marketing, mobile marketing, and affiliate marketing, among others.

In addition, Eric dabbles in philanthropy through his support of Penn State University as a member of their alumni organization. He also makes regular donations to both the United Way and the Boy Scouts of America. He currently lives in New York with his wife and children.
To reach the level of professional success that he enjoys today, Eric Dalius first had to make many stops along the way. During each of his many positions throughout his career, Dalius made it a point to take away key lessons about how to grow as a professional and how best to approach each subsequent business venture.

Education and Early Career

Eric Dalius got his professional start by enrolling in Dickinson College in 1988. Here he played NCAA college football, which earned him the award of Scholar Athlete of the Year for 1988. During this time, Dalius became very active as an entrepreneur, enrolling in, subscribing to, and testing out just about every opportunity for a home-based business that he could find.

In 1989, Eric transferred from Dickinson College to Penn State University at Lehigh Valley, formerly known as Penn State Allentown. He finished up his education here, graduating in 1992 with a place on the dean’s list and a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

During his time at Penn State, Eric also worked as a distributor for the nutritional company Nutrition Express Corporation. Here he first utilized the power of network marketing, remaining an active professional in the field until his graduation in 1992.

Once out of college, Eric joined with MCI Telecommunications, a public information technology company and a Fortune 50 company at the time. Here Dalius rose to the position of the number one sales representative in his category out of 35,000 total employees. In 1994, however, after almost two years working in corporate America, Dalius resigned from this position in order to pursue his entrepreneurial drive on a full-time basis. He has not looked back ever since.


After leaving MCI, Eric Dalius has spent the following years of his career so far as a self-employed marketer and representative for various companies and business endeavors. In 1994, after having just worked for a telecommunications company, he realized that the telecom industry was on fire. This led him to join the network marketing company American Communications Network as an independent representative. ACN had been featured on the hit NBC show “Celebrity Apprentice,” and Eric saw an excellent opportunity with the company to capitalize on the success of the calling card promotion “penny per minute.”

Three months later, Dalius utilized this promotion to become a top promoter for the company Telecom Solutions Inc. He experienced a dramatically fast start within his first 90 days, generating more than $500,000 in revenue with almost 5,000 customers signing up.

Throughout the remainder of the 1990s and into the early 2000s, Eric Dalius continued working as an independent marketer for various marketing companies, working with different kinds of products and services. During this time, he generated more than $2 million in combined revenues with both established and startup companies, fine tuning his skills as an entrepreneur in the network marketing field.

With over a decade of “on the job” experience, he then joined Gas Up USA to promote their streamlined online membership. Here he and his team of independent representatives helped generate nearly 75,000 new customers in less than six months, bringing in almost $10 million in revenue.

Then, in 2004, he entered the real estate market by touring the country with the Learning Annex Real Estate & Wealth Expos. Here Eric began the CORE program, demonstrating how to turn $30,000 into $2 million worth of real estate in less than two years. With this concept, he attracted investors from across the country.

Throughout the following years, Eric continued to try his hand, and succeed, at more and more businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities. These companies included My Travel Club USA, U.S. Gas Rebates, Mozeena, Isagenix, and more. During his time with each of these companies, Eric made sure to take away a new and useful lesson on how to improve as a network marketer and entrepreneur. This vast experience is part of what has made Eric Dalius such a success today.
For Eric Dalius, his professional future is just getting started. He has no specific future plans except to continue doing what he does best, which is identifying new opportunities in network marketing and driving them to be as successful as possible. He plans to utilize the skills that he has developed so far to see to it that each of these new future business ventures excels to the same degree as all of his previous ones have so far.

Eric is particularly excited about his newest venture, Making MLM Millions. With this network marketing firm, he plans to spread his talents to businesses and business ventures everywhere, putting his expertise to use in a variety of multi-level marketing avenues. These avenues include expert training, marketing, consulting, and management services. With his vast and impressive set of skills, he knows that he can help maximize the potential of any business opportunity that comes his way.

In addition, Eric Dalius plans to continue to show his support for the variety of charitable organizations and causes for which he is already a frequent supporter. This includes continuing his support of his alma mater, Penn State University in Lehigh Valley, through regular donations to the school. As a proud member of the Penn State Alumni Association, he is happy to support the university which helped to launch him on his own journey of professional success. Eric Dalius also plans to continue his support of both the Boy Scouts of America and of the United Way.

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  • Penn State University , United States , Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

    Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
    08/1989 - 05/1992
Career History
  • Founder , United States , New York, New York City

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    09/2012 to 12/2099
  • Founder , United States

    not defined
    01/2010 to 09/2012
  • Independent Marketer , United States , Eric Dalius began working with different types of businesses and services. A few of these companies include Gas Up USA, The Learning Annex, My Travel Club USA, U.S. Gas Rebates, Mozeena, and Isagenix.

    not defined
    04/1995 to 06/2002
  • Marketer , United States , Los Angeles, California

    not defined
    06/1994 to
  • Sales Representative , United States , New York City, New York , Eric Dalius joined the MCI team out of college and they were a Fortune 50 company at the time. He resigned after 2 years to pursue entrepreneurship.
    12/1992 to 05/1994
  • Marketer , United States , Washington D.C.
    to 03/1995
  • Foland, Wickens, Eisfelder, , Kansas City ,

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