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Dr. Richard Arabitg is a skilled plastic surgeon who currently owns and operates his own practice, Plastic Surgery of Central Florida.
Dr. Richard Arabitg owns and operates Plastic Surgery of Central Florida, located in Orlando, Florida. One of the major draws to plastic surgery for Dr. Arabitg was the ability to make any individual feel happier and more confident with themselves, both physically and emotionally. He designed Plastic Surgery of Central Florida to be a patient-focused practice. No matter what procedure you’ve elected to get done, Dr. Arabitg and his team can do it. From big procedures to small tweaks, they guarantee your absolute satisfaction.

Dr. Arabitg meets individually to consult with each client multiple times before a procedure is done, to ensure that they both understand what the outcome of the procedure will be. After the procedure is over, he stays in touch with each client to ensure that they are content with the procedure and to ensure their continued heath. Dr. Arabitg recognizes that choosing to undergo an elective plastic surgery procedure is a life-changing decision, and can be difficult to make. He never pressures his clients into making a decision regarding what or when to get a procedure done. Instead, he explains how the procedure will work and what the outcome of it will be for the client’s body. He is dedicated to making sure that every client understands what the implications of getting the procedure done is, and is 100% sure it’s what they want before they undergo surgery. At the practice, Dr. Richard Arabitg offers a number of different unique procedures, including pec, calf and butt implants, and more traditional procedures, like those to the breasts, body, face and skin.
Dr. Richard Arabitg was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. When he decided to pursue a career in medicine, he knew he wanted to complete his medical education in his home state. He attended the University of Miami, School of Medicine, and graduated cum laude. After graduating from the University of Miami he went on to complete his general surgery residency at the University of Florida Health Science Center in Jacksonville, Florida. During this residency he gained interest in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

After completing his general surgery residency, Dr. Richard Arabitg was afforded the opportunity to complete a fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina. Although he was sad to leave his home state, the educational opportunity was too great to pass up, and he moved to South Carolina, where he continued his studies.

As Dr. Arabitg began his career as a plastic surgeon, he decided that becoming board certified would help set him apart from other surgeons in the field. While physicians are not required to become board certified, many do so. This shows their commitment to the field, as board certifications demonstrate that the physician has met a high level of standards and education.

As he moved through his career, Dr. Arabitg became certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of General Surgery. Additionally, he worked to become a member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. His affiliation with each association has allowed him to remain up-to-date on development and trends in the medical field through the years, and has helped him network with other physicians.

When he entered his career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Arabitg chose not to focus on one specific specialty, instead choosing to learn skills and procedures in all aspects of the field. Over the years, his extensive knowledge and training led him to perform a wide variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Surgeries that he has performed in the past range from body contouring procedures, such as breast augmentations, breast lifts, lip augmentations, buttocks augmentations, chin augmentations, facelifts and arm lifts, to facial procedures that reverse the signs of age and correct congenital or traumatic defects.

Dr. Richard Arabitg’s success in his field allowed him to establish his own practice. Early in his career Dr. Arabitg established Cosmabella, his former practice. Because his roots were in Orlando, Florida, and because his upbringing in the city influenced his dream to be surgeon, he knew he wanted to start the practice in his home city.

Dr. Arabitg started the practice with the goal of providing high-quality customer service in a comfortable, spacious and state-of-the-art facility. He designed the facility to provide the most advanced technology, including the FDA-approved Fraxel, Lyra Laserscope, the Palomar EsteLux Pulse Light system, Endermologie, and the Mirror Program, which uses specialized software to allow patients to see what the results of the procedure will be before they undergo the surgery.

At Cosmabella, his former practice, Dr. Richard Arabitg provided skin rejuvenation and aesthetic services. These services included breast, body, face and skin procedures. Additionally, he staffed three full paramedical estheticians to provide a number of medical spa treatments, including European spa facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and treatments of endermologie for cellulite reduction. He also made use of the Lyra Laserscope, the Palomar Pulse Light System and the FRAXEL laser treatment to treat deep wrinkles and acne scars.

When Dr. Arabitg decided he needed a change, he left to form a new practice, Plastic Surgery of Central Florida. When he founded the practice, he wanted to carry over a number of the values he had instilled in the staff at Cosmabella, including patient focus and high-quality patient care. Additionally, he wanted to offer individuals seeking plastic surgery a variety of different procedures.

Breast Surgery

Dr. Richard Arabitg understands that many women are self-conscious about a variety of aspects of their breasts, including their size and shape. Additionally, he recognizes that many events in a woman’s life, including growing older and getting pregnant, greatly affect a woman’s breasts. When he founded Plastic Surgery of Central Florida, he wanted to offer a number of procedures that would address these issues for women. He designed the practice to include several breast procedures, including breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast reductions and breast reconstruction.

Body Surgery

Dr. Arabitg knows that many people desire a certain look, but have trouble attaining it, often for reasons outside of their control. When he founded Plastic Surgery of Central Florida, he included several procedures to help people struggling with body images or other issues, including liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Brazilian butt lift, body lift and body contouring, endermologie, and facial and head trauma repair.

Facial Surgery

Dr. Richard Arabitg knows that many people suffer from low self-confidence for many different reasons. Because your face often makes your first impression, he recognizes that people who dislike their facial features can have a difficult time achieving a high level of self-confidence. When he founded the practice, he designed it to include several procedures for improving confidence, including face and neck lifts, nasal and sinus surgery, rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery), BOTOX® Cosmetic, CosmoDerm™ and CosmoPlast™, Sculptra®, Hylaform® Gel, Radiance (Bioform), eyelid surgery and ear surgery.

Skin Care Treatment

Many individuals suffer from skin issues for a variety of reasons, including sun damage, age and scars. When he founded Plastic Surgery of Central Florida, he included a number of different procedures to address these issues, including laser hair and vein removal, scar revision and mole removal, skin cancer reconstruction, chemical peels, enzyme peels, European facials, acne treatments, FRAXEL laser treatments, Microdermabrasion, Obagi “blue” peel and the intense pulse light treatment. Additionally, Dr. Richard Arabitg also works with several treatment procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvéderm®, and fat grafting.
Going forward, Dr. Richard Arabitg plans to continue providing top-quality patient care and state-of-the-art procedures. When he became a plastic surgeon, he envisioned helping individuals achieve their dream look. He understood that many individuals suffer from poor body image for a variety of different reasons, and wanted to be able to help them achieve self-confidence and happiness. With this in mind he founded his former practice, Cosmabella, and his current practice, Plastic Surgery of Central Florida. He designed both practices to be dedicated to meeting patient needs.

As he moves forward with his current practice, he plans to continue to work to meet each client’s specific needs and fulfill each client’s individual dream. His extensive educational background and experience has enabled him to perform a number of different procedures, including breast, body, face and skin procedures. He plans to continue tailoring these procedures to fit each client’s needs. Dr. Richard Arabitg understands that while many cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are elective, many of them are not, and are needed to help patients who have sustained damage from a traumatic accident or injury. Moving forward, he plans to continue performing pro bono care for patients who have endured physical harm from accidents, such as dog bites, car accidents and burns. Additionally, he plans to stay on top of the trends and developments within the medical world in order to best treat his patients.

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