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Brian Gogek

United States
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Brian Gogek is a skilled real estate professional with over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of financial sectors.

Brian Gogek works as a leading Canadian real estate professional with Right At Home Realty Inc., Canada’s largest independent real estate brokerage firm. Gogek has over 25 years of experience in both commercial and residential real estate, development and management.

Gogek regularly works on the sale and purchase of properties, and the leasing and management of them as well.

Gogek’s innovative approach to real estate sale and purchase stresses the client-realtor relationship. His work centers on individualization, communication, and negotiation. Gogek proposes that these qualities are vital to the process of housing purchase and sale, especially for first-time buyers. This dedicated professional especially champions trustworthiness. He points out that a real estate representative should have enough experience to inspire absolute confidence from clients.

A widely educated professional himself, Gogek is a strong proponent of higher education. He stresses the importance of working in a broad expanse of educational and professional environments.

Brian Gogek works as a Sales Consultant for both professional and private clientele. Well-respected in the brokerage and financial communities, he seamlessly navigates negotiations for everything from small residential housing to multi-million-dollar corporate properties.

An active part of the community, Gogek offers advice in brokerage for both new clients and old hands. Some real estate professionals, Gogek warns, may deal exclusively in residential or commercial, limiting the selection for hopeful property investors. If clients wish to avoid less varied property selection, they should seek a real estate professional with multi-field experience as wide as Gogek’s.

Brian Gogek’s expansive dealings in real estate began over a quarter of a century ago. The brokerage professional began his journey at the highly acclaimed University of Toronto, where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce. Gogek’s university experience instilled in him a deep respect for higher education, and he quickly became a proponent of professionals who choose to earn a degree to ensure varied and high-quality competence in their chosen fields.

Gogek, seeking further education and experience, strengthened his capabilities with a Fellowship at the noted Institute of Chartered Bankers in Toronto, Ontario. The fellowship strengthened Gogek’s capabilities, making him a leader in the banking sector. By the time he entered the workforce, Gogek was equipped with hands-on knowledge of multiple financial fields, and confident in his preparation to assist customers with varied concerns.

The capable graduate was quickly snapped up by TD Bank, where he worked as both Internal Auditor and Account Manager in Commercial Lending. The professions not only gave him real workforce experience, but also trained him in numerous financial capacities.

Gogek soon graduated to Commercial Sales and Leasing Consultant with CBRE. Happy in his work, he continued his professional line as a Sales Consultant with Colliers International.

As Brian Gogek began to develop his workplace experience, he chose to focus on commercial properties. He soon rose to Managing Director at Qualicorp Developments in Ontario. In this prestigious role, he acquired, developed, and managed commercial plaza properties—the net values of which reached beyond $24M in value.

Gogek’s notable education and significant workplace experience bolstering his ascent to recognition, he rapidly gained valuable knowledge in both commerce and finances. With growing confidence and accolades, he broadened his work into consultation and development, often serving clients in critical multi-national brands.

Finally, as his commercial business peaked, Gogek used his experience to expand his work to encompass residential properties. He soon earned acclaim in the residential sector, encouraging such qualities as understanding the deeply individual needs of each client and communicating openly in every step of the buying/selling process.

His success as a residential property professional followed Gogek to a seven-year career with RE/Max, where he worked as a Sales Consultant in complex brokerage endeavors.

Expansive dealings in brokerage and his extensive multi-field know-how combined in Gogek to form a trusted real estate professional. Before long, he gained authority and respect in both real estate and broader financial communities.

Brian Gogek’s proficiency in his field caught the attention of Right At Home Realty Inc., Canada’s single largest independent real estate brokerage firm. With his now-expanded set of skills, Gogek began working through Right At Home Realty Inc. as a Sales Consultant in 2006.

With years of experience already under his belt, Gogek began reaching out to the community, using his knowledge to help others in such categories as choosing a real estate agent in Canada, deciding on a first housing purchase, and selling a family home.

For both multi-million-dollar businesses and individual families, Gogek sought to make the sometimes intimidating realty process clear, simple, and easy to understand. His steadfast dedication to clarity and astounding success rate made him a popular choice in Right At Home Realty Inc.’s vast client base.

Over his career Brian Gogek’s satisfied clients include prominent brands from such corporate giants as Mercedes-Benz, Nestle, Suzuki, and Royal Bank.

Gogek’s positive influence was not limited to the real estate and brokerage world. As his influence grew, he contributed generously to several charitable causes. Chief among these were the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation—which works in cancer research—and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Gogek’s outreach efforts have also reached into education. Never forgetting his strong educational roots, Gogek also donated regularly to the Alumni of Trinity College at University of Toronto. The foundation helps students like Gogek, inspiring and encouraging young innovators who attend the university.

Gogek supported individuals contributing positively through personal education, appreciating his own academic background at the University of Toronto as a driving force in his professional life. He especially encourages students to set goals to raise awareness of modern-day issues, pointing out that students can work now to create a more encouraging and long-lasting future for all of mankind.

Brian Gogek is also a staunch supporter of the United Way Canada, a charitable organization whose adaptable capabilities and varied outreach mimic Gogek’s own. Although the United Way began in Colorado, its efforts reach overseas to help human efforts worldwide and strive for social progress.

Gogek encouraged charitable contributions, noting that although charities may only be able to contribute to small, individual projects, service groups as a whole can contribute enormously to worldwide development. Even small donations, Gogek reminded, push towards a brighter future. Those unable to make donations, he added, can still contribute their time and energy by volunteering or raising awareness.

Appreciating play as part of a healthy lifestyle, Gogek became an avid golfer as well as a real estate professional. He encouraged sport as a health-conscious way to unwind, and even went so far as to offer golf tips for the modern professional.

Brian Gogek recognized that golf, like many sports, can connect deeply to the working life. He encourages all of his non-playing clients to embrace the game, promoting the fact that the game’s benefits go well beyond the physical sport.

Gogek’s know-how in his field readily translated to know-how in new fields, making him quick to adapt to new challenges. His willingness to help hopeful buyers both in and out of his clientele led him to write a series of helpful guidelines, highlighting effective property listing, understanding local markets, and finding an effective sales representative.

Brian Gogek’s lengthy career has shown him to be not only a skilled real estate professional in both residential and commercial property brokerage, but also an active member of the community and strong supporter of philanthropic efforts.

Brian Gogek will continue to dedicate his life to professionalism and quality service in real estate.

As a brokerage professional, Gogek will continue to provide unprejudiced, quality service to both individual residential clients and big-name brands. He will cater equally to first-time buyers and to experienced property owners in need of guidance.

Balancing his work with philanthropy, Gogek will continue to donate to charitable efforts. He will support innovation and ingenuity in a variety of fields, both related and unrelated to his own.

Gogek will continue to be a strong supporter of education, appreciating his own formative time in university. He will continue to work towards a brighter future in higher education.

Gogek will also continue with his own philanthropic efforts, offering support and advice to home-buyers on a variety of topics. Gogek’s advice will apply to both new and seasoned buyers and sellers, and will provide vital knowledge in a range of interesting themes.

Gogek will also continue to expand his own knowledge, broadening his spread of information on such varied topics as buying, selling, leasing, contracting, and developing and listing properties. Gogek will use his expansive knowledge in commerce and finance to the advantage of his clients.

Above all, Brian Gogek will continue to stress the client-realtor relationship. He will champion honesty and clarity, making the process of buying or selling a property as simple and straightforward as possible.

Gogek will continue to uphold a high standard as a real estate professional, and provide the best possible service to his clients.

  • 08/1983 to 05/1987
    : University of Toronto
    : Commerce
    : United States
Career History
  • 07/2004 to 12/2099
    : Real Estate Agent
    : not defined
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : HR Generalist/Benefits Administrator
    : Grand Haven
  • N/A to N/A
    : Internal Auditor and Account Manager
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Sales Consultant
    : United States
  • N/A to N/A
    : Managing Director
    : not defined
    : Ontario, CA
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