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Rustin Kluge

United States
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Rustin Kluge is a video game and electronic media journalist in San Francisco, California.

Rustin Kluge is a journalist at a small electronic media magazine. His job entails writing reviews, opinion columns and feature articles. Most of Kluge’s articles focus on the gaming industry. He writes about whatever aspect of the video game industry intrigues him at that time. Kluge contributes these articles to his regular column in the magazine. He has worked diligently to obtain this responsibility and is also one of only five writers trusted to write reviews. He has actually developed quite a fan base with readers. The magazine frequently receives letters from readers eager to comment on Kluge’s pieces. For this reason, he is a valued member of the writing staff.

A big gamer himself, Rustin Kluge’s experience is what makes him such a likeable writer. One could argue that he has become a type of expert in this field. Not only does he play video games in his spare time, but he takes notes on what changes could be made to make the gaming experience better. His regular contact with games keeps his columns updated and informed. Gamers trust his opinions because they know that it is more than a job for him. His gaming hobby allows him to thoroughly enjoy his chosen career.

Additionally, Kluge enjoys the investigative side of writing. He stays on top of scandals and news breaks in the gaming industry. When a new game or device comes out, somehow Kluge knows everything about it. Throughout his research, he has made various contacts that occasionally give him unreleased information.

As a child, Rustin Kluge was a video game enthusiast. Although he did enjoy sports and being active, his favorite way to relax was to sit back and play a game. He liked being able to enter another world, where he could be a hero—or anything else he chose. This type of getaway inspired Kluge to use his imagination whenever possible. Throughout his teen years, he searched for another outlet for his creativity. He had a lot to say, but wasn’t sure how to get his thoughts heard. Halfway through high school, he decided to give writing a try.

Kluge joined the school newspaper and immediately fell in love with journalism. He enjoyed investigating leads and providing his peers with stories he found interesting. Although he knew that not many students were interested in reading the paper, he still put a lot of effort into each article. He devoted time both in and out of class to perfecting his writing. Perhaps the part he enjoyed the most was being able to convey messages in his own words and style. Journalism was just the type of outlet he needed to express himself.

After graduating, Rustin Kluge decided to pursue journalism in college. He learned a lot about proper formatting and style in his journalism classes. He also liked being surrounded by other passionate writers. He planned on searching for a job at a well known newspaper after graduation. However, soon another passion began calling him. After seeing friends experience some computer and graphic design classes, Kluge decided to take a few, and they actually influenced his career plan. Eventually, he decided to add a second major to his studies. Rather than working in local news, Kluge decided to focus on an area he enjoyed. He planned to become a media journalism specialist. It took him an extra year, but he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Electronic Media Studies in 2009.

After graduation, Rustin Kluge looked far and wide for media journalist jobs. As the field was expanding at the time, there were quite a few opportunities out there. However, Kluge knew he had found his dream job after reading an advertisement for a small publication in his hometown of San Francisco.

Though fairly new and of small size, the magazine was quickly gaining loyal readers. They covered electronic media such as movies, music and eBooks, but mainly focused on video games. He saw this as the perfect opportunity to utilize not only his education, but also his passions. Kluge was eager to become a contributor and after seeing some writing samples, the magazine was eager to have him. After receiving a job offer, Kluge was overjoyed to have found a career in a field that he found truly interesting.

Although he was a bit nervous about how his first few pieces would be received, readers were intrigued by Kluge’s honest approach to writing. Essentially, he wrote what everyone else was thinking but never said out loud. They also enjoyed reading about details they hadn’t initially noticed when playing certain games. When reading one of his pieces, it was obvious that he spent a lot of time perfecting each article. With such a warm reception from fans, the magazine thought it would be a good idea to bring Rustin Kluge on as a review writer. At this publication, this was equivalent to receiving a promotion. Out of the entire writing staff, only 5 contributors were able to call themselves review writers.

Apart from writing and playing video games, Rustin Kluge has committed himself to several other activities. He loves exercising and takes a 3 mile run every morning. Occasionally, he has signed up for marathons but they have typically only been to benefit certain charities. However, he finished the 2008 California International Marathon in around four hours. Kluge also became an avid hiker at an early age. In California, the views from these trails are always beautiful. He has always found it peaceful to escape from the city for a bit and walk around in nature.

Another hobby Rustin Kluge has enjoyed since childhood is paintballing. He has found it can be a great stress reliever to be able to shoot your friends with paint pellets. Also, the excitement of running, diving and hiding is always a big adrenaline rush. He has had many of the same friends since he was a child, so paintballing has become a tradition for them. Whenever they have not seen each other in a while, they will plan a group outing. This has been a great way to not only keep up their friendships, but also to allow the group a break from the work routine.

From his school days until his current position as a journalist, Rustin Kluge has always remained focused on his life goals. At an early age, he discovered what his passions were and dedicated himself to finding a way to incorporate the things he loved into his work. Although his endeavors delayed his graduation, he did not let anything hold him back from achieving his dream. Though his dream changed a bit during college, he became more focused on fine tuning his skills with a specific career path. For him, mixing work with play actually benefited his career.

The media journalism field has been good to Kluge. Shortly after graduating from college, he was able to dive into a fortuitous career. Although he may have only brought conversation to a local group of loyal fans over these past three years, Kluge has always felt gratified to know that someone is reading his writing. His job has awarded him wonderful opportunities, as well as an excuse to spend too much time playing video games. Due to the success he has met in the field, Rustin Kluge has been proud of his professional accomplishments so far.

Rustin Kluge is relatively new to the media journalism field, so he hopes to improve as a writer in the future. This is a goal he believes he can achieve by getting more practice with the magazine. However, he would not mind taking a few classes to fine tune his writing style. As he has done in the past, Kluge is dedicated to perfecting his writing for readers. He loves his current fan base, but hopes to one day reach more readers. As any writer would, he plans to make his name better known in the industry. He does not plan on leaving his current position any time soon, but would welcome more outlets for writing.

Kluge also hopes to refresh his electronic media skills. Currently, he focuses on video games but plans to commit more time to other areas of the field so he can stay relevant. Given his job title, Rustin Kluge would also like to play more video games to gain better experience. While this research will likely improve his writing, he cannot guarantee that all of his gaming will be for professional reasons.

To better his journalist skills, Kluge would like to gain more contacts in the industry. While he has managed to stay on top of breaking media news so far, he feels that there is always room for improvement. To accomplish this, he plans to attend future media conventions and film screenings. Although he has received much success and praise in his few years as a journalist, he reminds himself that things could change at any moment. Rustin Kluge hopes this knowledge will motivate him to become a better journalist.

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    : Bachelor’s Degree
    : Journalism and Electronic Media Studies
    : United States
Career History
  • 03/2011 to 12/2099
    : Video Game Journalist
    : not defined
    : United States
    : San Francisco, CA
  • N/A to N/A
    : Mercy Health
    : Psychiatrist
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