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Joe Trinh is an established retail sales expert with a passion for cars, drag-racing, business management and marketing.
Joe Trinh is a results-driven and passionate salesman who also enjoys the finer things in life. With over eight years of experience in a fast-paced retail sales atmosphere, and a solid background in business management and marketing, he possesses all of the necessary skills to create a respectable magnate.

A proven track record of increasing sales and making consistent contributions to bottom-line profits, service, processes, and efficiency boosts Joe's resume, further enhancing his personal brand in his industry. He possesses strong leadership abilities with excellent communication and interpersonal skills that are a rarity in the workforce nowadays, making him stand out as an effective, capable employee.

The key to his success is in his ability to rise to meet challenges head-on, unlike most who back down due to intimidation. In sales and marketing, it is vital to fearlessly tackle challenges as they come in order to devise the most efficient solution.

Joe brings many skills to the table in the realm of business management and marketing, including:

- Strategic sales
- Marketing planning
- Account relations
- Customer service satisfaction
- Sales trends and forecasting
- Market identification
- Emerging markets
- Business development
- Proposal, pricing, and negotiations
- Aggressive profit-growth strategies
- Marketing and sales promotion

All of these attributes combined have made Joe Trinh the successful businessman that he is today. It is important to note that his life does not solely revolve around his professional endeavors. When he is not busy delving into business matters, he enjoys working on cars and watching drag-racing. He is an avid car enthusiast and hobbyist, with a special preference for Porsche vehicles.
Joe Trinh's success did not happen overnight. It required years of hard work and dedication for him to achieve his current status. One of his first professional ventures was as a sales representative for 7-Up and Royal Crown from 1995 to 1996. His job required him to create strong partnerships and relationships with various retailers and suppliers, which resulted in a massive increase of distribution and sales. He was also tasked with setting up displays, ensuring product enhancement, organizing price promotions, and maintaining proper inventory to boost productivity.

While he was working as a sales representative, Joe focused part of his energy on acquiring a formal education. In 1996, he completed his associate degree at Cerro Coso Community College in Ridgecrest, California. Shortly after, he began working as a sales representative for Frito Lay, Inc., where he remained until 1998.

From 1998 to 2004, Joe Trinh worked as a chain sales representative for Crest Beverage Company. Some of his responsibilities using planning and organization to reach preset goals for weekly distributions. He successfully sold new and existing products to regularly achieve his monthly and quarterly volume objectives for off-premise accounts. Along with these duties, he established and maintained partnerships by building rapport with retailers and preferred suppliers, which resulted in increased quality and service, and generated overall higher sales.

As a chain sales representative, Joe was tasked with independently identifying and analyzing further growth opportunities to boost volume sales and market share. He negotiated and promoted pricing to enhance sales and bottom-line profits, and worked with area managers to coordinate strategic marketing goals. Finally, he was recognized for effectively developing daily plans for scheduled stops, maintaining inventory levels, and conducting highly detailed pricing surveys.

In 2004, Joe Trinh was promoted to Barton brand manager for Crest Beverage Company, where he was in charge of developing Barton Beer brands by using displays, shelf placements, and distribution to enhance sales and volume gains. He established and maintained partnerships by building rapport with retailers and suppliers, and generating higher overall sales. Some of his managerial duties involved supervising and training five sales representatives on Barton Beer standards, and the "10 steps of sales calls." He also monitored, tracked, and compiled weekly reports of team sales numbers to help improve efforts and understand strategies to reach sales goals.

Joe Trinh was promoted again in 2004 to the position of area manager. In this role, he continued with most of his previous responsibilities, including servicing assigned accounts by selling full lines of products, identifying and analyzing growth opportunities, and resolving any issues or concerns regarding drivers and merchandisers.

He was awarded another promotion in 2005 when he was named key account manager. He was involved with account development duties, such as managing and executing sales, promoting product knowledge and distribution, and overseeing inventory control and price promotion. In addition, he was tasked with territory management and held responsible for account base, account classification, call frequency, and setting up and executing goals.

As key account manager, other duties that Joe upheld revolved around forecasting weekly and monthly sales based on agreements with suppliers, to reach specific marketing, incentive, distribution, and sales goals. Joe Trinh was responsible for working with and adhering to budgets that were assigned to specific brands, and ensuring that there were no costly overages that could severely impact brand performance.

One of Joe Trinh's most recent business ventures was at Mossy Nissan in 2006. It was during this time that he became more involved with cars and further developed his passion. In his consultant position at Mossy, he maintained the top-three rank out of 24 product consultants every single month. He was trained in the Mossy Way to Buy, which was an elaborate course that taught students how to present valuable information, pricing, and a variety of selection to clientele.

Joe addressed questions and concerns from prospective buyers, ensured trust and confidence in all of his clients, and successfully established rapport with customers by building solid relationships that resulted in increased referrals.
Joe Trinh hopes to continue in his current business endeavors and to never stop expanding his knowledge on the world of marketing, sales, and management. He wants to keep speaking at conferences and conveying his knowledge to other business magnates who could learn from the example he has set.

As a homeowner, he wishes to do some upgrades to his property, including expanding his outdoor exposure. A project that he plans to start soon involves designing and constructing an outdoor living room, along with a more ornate landscape to increase the overall beauty and equity of his home.

Other plans for Joe's future include delving into the world of investments. Although he is not an expert trader, he sees this industry as a fun and exciting challenge. As mentioned previously, he enjoys rising to the challenge and putting his mind and body to the test. Once he retires, he believes he will have the time to dedicate to the investment practice.

The one core component of Joe Trinh's future is the concept of challenge. He wants his professional and personal future to contain more challenges that require him to expand his knowledge and perspective. According to Joe, the only way he can grow as a professional and a person is by constantly seeking out challenges, and working to overcome them. Without challenges, he feels that he will plateau at his current status. Although he is comfortable with where he currently stands, he believes that there are more opportunities awaiting him.

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  • Cerro Coso Community College , United States , Ridgecrest, California

    Associates Degree
    08/1994 - 05/1996
Career History
  • Consultant , United States , San Diego, California
    04/2006 to 09/2006
  • Key Account Manager , United States , San Diego, California
    06/2005 to 03/2006
  • Area Manager , United States , San Diego, California
    05/2004 to 05/2005
  • Barton Brand Manager , United States , San Diego, California
    04/2004 to 04/2004
  • Chain Sales Representative , United States , San Diego, California
    06/1998 to 01/2004
  • Sales Representative , United States , Bakersfield, California

    not defined
    01/1995 to 03/1996
  • Automobile Hobbyist , United States , San Diego, California

    not defined
    to 12/2099
  • Comfor Care South Home ,

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  • Sales
  • Marketing Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Business Development
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Proposals
  • Profit Strategies
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