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DaQuall Graham is a career educator who is committed to education and church work.
DaQuall Graham is a fine principal with many years of experience in education. He is not only committed to helping students learn, he is also dedicated to preventing acts of violence among young people and inspiring excellence among teachers. In addition, DaQuall is also a very active member of Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Massachusetts, and he holds a variety of leadership positions there.

Implementing a new curriculum in his district

While serving as a school principal in Boston, Massachusetts, DaQuall Graham was committed to excellence in education. One of his more noteworthy accomplishments was implementing a new curriculum in his school district that was designed to help students succeed. By encouraging every teacher in his district to work together towards a common goal, Mr. Graham took a very important step towards molding the youth of tomorrow.

Supporting the spiritual needs of young people

While DaQuall adamantly believes that education is important, he also understands that young people have needs that go beyond book learning. He also believes that students have spiritual needs and they do best when these requirements are met. For this reason, he remains involved in a variety of leadership positions at Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. By teaching Bible classes in churches and communities school, serving as an associate elder, and founder and former leader of the Christian Cadets, DaQuall hopes to lead as many people to Christ as possible.

Graham is a sought-after leader

Because of his amazing track record at other school districts, Mr. Graham is frequently approached by many schools that are in need of a strong leader.
DaQuall Graham is an extraordinary educator who hails from Clinton, North Carolina. After completing a Masters degree and Certification of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts, along with other advanced certifications in educational studies, he went to work as a teacher and principal for a school district in Massachusetts. Throughout his career, he has focused not only on academic excellence but also social-emotional well-being, ending school violence, increasing attendance, and helping teachers work together more efficiently.

Commitment to his education

From the time that DaQuall Graham was a mere boy, he has always taken his schooling very seriously. He knew that if he wanted to grow up to make a difference in the lives of many individuals, he would have to work hard and apply himself to his studies. After excelling academically while in high school, he enrolled at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he eventually earned a bachelor of science degree in education in 1999. After completing his coursework at American International, he decided to continue his education on the graduate level. He quickly enrolled at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts, earning his master of arts degree in education.

While most individuals would simply give up and vow to never return to school again after earning two college degrees, DaQuall Graham, on the other hand, could not get enough of academics. He decided to continue his education even further, completing a certificate in comprehensive leadership development from SUPES Academy in Hartford, Connecticut and a C.A.G.S. in educational leadership from Simmons College. DaQuall’s impressive preparatory curriculum would later prove a great help during his career as a school administrator.

A loving father and husband

While Mr. Graham has always taken his career very seriously, he is most proud of being a husband and a father. Over the years, he has come to understand the importance of family. Whenever he is not working, DaQuall loves nothing more than spending quality time with his wife and two children. In most cases, it does not take much to entertain the Grahams. As long as they are together, they are happy.

Ending violence at his school district

Although DaQuall was interested in accomplishing many great things during his reign as principal, he was especially set on ending school violence within his own district. In fact, while he served as head of his school, incidences of student outbursts of aggression were at an all-time low.

The importance of teaching anger management skills

As Mr. Graham explains, many young people turn to violence because they have simply never been taught how to deal with their negative feelings in an appropriate fashion. I t is often because of misplaced anger or sheer frustration that students lash out. With this in mind, it is very important for every adult to do their part to help young people deal with their aggression in a safe and healthy manner, as doing so can help to prevent a whole host of unnecessary tragedies.

Teaching Sunday school at his local church

For more than 15 years, he has taught adult and youth Sunday school classes at Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Somerville, Massachusetts. While Mr. Graham loves educating young people in general, he finds the experience of teaching Sunday school especially rewarding. He considers it a great privilege to have the opportunity to help lead people on the path to spiritual discovery. He is endlessly impressed by humanities enthusiasm for learning about the Bible and about how to live as Christians.

Leading the Christian Cadets

Although DaQuall Graham is very busy on Sundays teach at Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, he also enjoys leading the Christian Cadets group. As a school principal and a life-long educator, DaQuall understands the importance of providing impressionable youth with positive mentors. By serving as a member of the Christian Cadets he can go to sleep every night knowing that he is doing his part to help provide a fine example for young believers to aspire to.

Serving as an associate elder at Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Although DaQuall is exceptionally busy with his career in education and with teaching at Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, he somehow finds time to serve as an ordained associate elder for the church. he considers it a great honor to have the opportunity to serve his church and his congregation through this unique position.

DaQuall Graham is the former Director of the Men’s Department at Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ for over 9 years. He is currently an advisor to the Men's Department as well as the Young Adults for Christ. He also serves as a coordinator and a teacher of Christian Application Bible Study at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Every week, more than 30 people attend his meetings.

Throughout his career as a principal and a Sunday school teacher, DaQuall has held a very unique view of education. In many ways, it is his outlook that has helped him to achieve such remarkable success and inspire so many young people. Graham believes that the key to molding young people into becoming well-adjusted, productive citizens is nurturing them completely—mind, body, and soul.

When one takes into consideration Mr. Graham’s impressive career in education, his remarkable commitment to his church, and his dedication to remaining a loving father and a loyal husband, it becomes clear that he is truly an incredible gentleman. In fact, any individual would feel honored to have the opportunity to call DaQuall Graham a close, personal friend or even an acquaintance.
DaQuall Graham has always taken education very seriously. He believes that by helping young people to discover the joy and the sense of empowerment that comes with learning, it is possible to create a future generation of citizens that are well-adjusted, content, and productive members of society. It is for this reason that he remains committed to educating young people.

Though DaQuall Graham has been involved at Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ for many years, he has no plans of slowing down any time soon. He considers it a great privilege to have the opportunity to serve as an associate elder, a Sunday school teacher, and a leader of the Christian Cadets organization. Graham finds church work very rewarding, and he simply cannot imagine what his life would be like without it.

Preventing future acts of violence in schools

As a school principal, Mr. Graham has always been very concerned about preventing students from behaving violently. Although students often act out aggressively for a number of reasons, he believes that most tragedies can be prevented. As DaQuall has learned, the key to quelling aggressive urges in young people is teaching them how to deal with their negative feeling appropriately.

Identifying students who may become violent in the future

According to him, prevention is often the best medicine when it comes to ending school violence. With this in mind, DaQuall Graham feels it is very important for all community members to look for warning signs of aggression in young people and to react appropriately after discovering them.

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