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Ryan VanWagenenCitigroup

United States
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Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup associate, is a talented professional in the Investment Banking sector currently focused on bettering society both through his financial advisory efforts in the work place and through philanthropy and betterment of the community. Ryan grew up in Pasadena, California.

Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup, has held his current position with this leading financial services and banking institution for nearly four years. Currently, he remains focused on continuing his pursuits as a talented and experienced professional in the finance sector.

Today, Van Wagenen has achieved notable recognition for his continued success as an investment banker and his in-depth knowledge of the complex financial market. Although he is experienced in many aspects of financial services—particularly investment banking advisory—he is also highly interested in macroeconomics and the role this particular subject plays in global and domestic commercial development.

Apart from his professional pursuits, Van Wagenen is active in philanthropy, believing that it is essential for those in the business sector—or any walk of life—to contribute to important causes. As far as his active charity involvement, he enthusiastically fundraises and raises awareness for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

In his effort to progress important social values and encourage others to appreciate acts of charity, Ryan is a strong supporter of the work of the Boy Scouts of America. As an Eagle Scout, he has formed a strong appreciation of the collective efforts this organization and its members continue to put forth.

Having been an Eagle Scout and involved with the support of the organization, he is also an avid outdoorsman. As a proponent of health—as well as connecting with the vast natural landscape of the United States—he continues to enjoy traveling throughout the country.

Today, Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup, remains highly recognized for his continued achievements in Investment Banking. However, his success as a banker is highly credited to his past achievements in academics, business, and community involvement.

As an Eagle Scout, he spent a significant portion of his youth learning and growing through the Boy Scouts of America. According to Van Wagenen, his experiences with this noted organization gave him the tools to truly appreciate the values of helping others, protecting the environment, and his commitment to education. In addition, this experience has taught him how to be a critical thinker, be confident, and be comfortable with taking risk.

Committed to Progress through Service
Having experienced such positive benefits of participating in the Boy Scouts of America, Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup, highly encourages American youth to consider what joining this organization can do for them. In addition, he urges current Boy Scouts to continue their efforts to do good works and develop as community leaders by completing Eagle Scout training.

While gaining a strong respect for the natural environment as an Eagle Scout, he also spent much time contributing to his community—a value he continues to hold as a professional today. For instance, he has continued to support charitable efforts as an advocate of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Inspired by the acts of charity, Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup, is noted for extensive volunteer service in the mid-2000s, providing more than 70 hours of assistance a week as a full time service representative. He is also credited for serving as the National Issues Commissioner for the YMCA Youth and Government while in High School.

Both of these experiences were critical to his development, as he not only learned to work with as a volunteer to achieve personal progress, but also delegated responsibilities among his peers. Volunteering also gave him a strong introduction to the responsibilities of management and training.

In 2012—at the 100th anniversary mark of the Eagle Scout Award—the Boy Scouts of America reports having inducted 57,976 young men to the Eagle Scout ranking. Considering that this number surpassed the amount of Eagle Scouts introduced in any previous year, Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup, remains highly inspired by the possibilities this organization can bring to reality.

Advancing Contributions through Education
While serving as an Eagle Scout presented him with many opportunities to learn, he was committed to advancing his academic achievements through higher education. After graduating high school, he was accepted into the University of Utah located in Salt Lake City.

During his time at the University of Utah, he held a strong commitment to staying involved with his community and extracurricular activities. For example, as an undergraduate Van Wagenen was an active member of the American Market Association and was the Vice President and Treasurer of the University Division of this organization. His commitment to this Association allowed him to be one of seven members sent to New Orleans to participate in the Kodak National Case Competition.

As a student of the University of Utah, he was recognized on the Dean’s List every semester and was actively involved with Omicron Delta Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma and Mortar Board honor societies. Clearly committed to making the most out of his college experience, Van Wagenen’s hard work paid off as he graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA. In 2010, he proudly left the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Economics—with Honors—as well as Minor in Psychology.

In addition to serving his community and making the most out of higher education, he found that his time at the University of Utah also presented several other benefits that allowed him to grow as the professional he is today. For instance, Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup, thrived under mentorships from his professors and was able to develop a professional network early on that continues to help him in his career today.

Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup, is committed to developing himself as a financial professional. Already adept in investment banking strategy, he looks forward to achieving new accomplishments throughout his career and contributing his services as needed.

Apart from his individual professional goals, he is also intent on raising awareness for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Having been impacted by prostate cancer in his family in the past, Van Wagenen believes this serious—and prevalent—disease is one that needs to be better understood by others in America.

Having raised money with a support group by participating in past Movember events, he will continue to encourage others to donate time, money and effort to this very important cause.
While the Prostate Cancer Foundation is one of Van Wagenen’s charities of choice, he is a strong supporter of philanthropy in general. In fact, he is an advocate of developing business—especially in the financial sector—to better serve philanthropic purposes. He believes that as businesses evolve to adopt more sustainable models and practices, there will be more room for executives and other leaders to help give to those in need.

In addition to supporting philanthropic causes, he remains focused on encouraging younger professionals to pursue careers in finance. While business and economics education programs can be difficult, he notes that it is up to future generations to deliver effective financial solutions to help keep America on a forward-moving path. As such, Ryan Van Wagenen, Citigroup, is a strong supporter of mentorships and academic encouragement among students working in finance and economic subjects.

  • 09/2006 to 05/2010
    : University of Utah
    : Bachelor of Science Degree, Economics, and Minor in Psychology
    : United States
    : Salt Lake City, Utah
Career History
  • 06/2009 to 07/2010
    : Investment Banking Associate
    : United States
    : New York, New York
  • 04/2008 to 08/2008
    : Spring and Summer Intern
    : United States
    : Arcadia, California
  • N/A to N/A
    : Business Manager / Sales Controller
Core Competencies
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Compentencies Dealing with Business
  • Building Collaborative Relationships
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Technical Expertise
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Decisiveness
  • Stress Management
  • Flexibility
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