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Cameron Frost is a fitness, fashion and celebrity photographer who shoots for a variety of publications including DNA, Elle and People.
To Cameron Frost, a photograph is worth much more than a thousands words. It is a symbol of his already stellar career, and a predictor of an even brighter future. His objective as a photographer, as with most photographers, is to capture the personality of his subject so they become more than just a clothes hanger for a fashion advertisement or well-lit landscape for an editorial spread. A photograph should have the power to connect with the viewer on a deeper, more emotional level. His photographs have a unique style, combining graphic backgrounds and edgy lighting with varied subjects.

Frost’s broad work experience performing various photography-related job functions has allowed him to make countless professional connections and develop his portfolio. He has a diverse skill set; he possesses the ability to operate different camera systems, and he is proficient in numerous software programs, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, and Final Cut Pro.

Cameron Frost currently works as the art director and principle photographer for Excelsior Media. The young company was founded in 2004, and has since become a leader in the photography and media production industry. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company has a presence throughout the country, setting market standards for quality, creativity, and innovation. In addition to working as an art director, he continues his freelance work and consistently posts his photographs on social networking sites, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Cameron Frost’s photography career began a decade ago. As a self-taught, 19-year-old photographer living in Los Angeles, the competition seemed steep. However, his passion and tenacity for photography soon had him globetrotting among the United States, Costa Rica, England, and Denmark in order to photograph models, celebrities, and actors.

A representative in the PR department at MTV first discovered his unique abilities behind the lens. It was then that he went on to work for singer Jesse McCartney, an opportunity that helped launch his career. Because of Frost’s positive attitude and superior work ethic, he was able to transform his modest clientele over the years to include such subjects as Paris Hilton, Joe Brooks, Michael Trevino, Disney, Warner Brothers, MTV, and Hollywood Records.

Before his current position with Excelsior Media, he worked as an advertising executive and staff photographer for Instinct Magazine. The monthly publication is geared toward gay men. It features news articles and information on travel, fashion, entertainment, health and fitness, as well as advice on dating and relationships. Started in 1997, the popular magazine utilizes a distinct voice and humor at the cornerstone of its editorial content.

In colleges and universities nationwide, more students are seeing the creative and competitive benefits of getting a degree in the photography industry. Programs combine the traditional darkroom method and fine art photography with commercial digital photography. The programs also offer photographic business practices and self-marketing and personal branding courses. For Cameron Frost, however, photography began as a hobby. He was self-taught, therefore beyond his talents, he was without credentials. Fortunately, the photography industry relies more heavily on passion and personal connections than traditional education. Additionally, because of the advanced capabilities of mobile phone cameras, he was able to easily share his work with his several thousand Instagram followers.

He has worked in different capacities on photography shoots, a practice that has also helped shape him into a well-rounded professional who is knowledgeable about the industry from a number of perspectives. As with many new photographers, he did a significant amount of assisting. This allowed him to observe the practices and procedures of a typical photo shoot. Assistants serve various functions during a shoot, depending on the size and the specific needs of the clients. The assistant might act as a liaison between the photographer and model or the photographer and client. Most importantly, assistants act as a second set of eyes for the photographer.

Cameron has also worked in front of the lens as a model. Acting as model can be especially beneficial for photographers, as they learn what poses photograph especially well. It also allows photographers to empathize with their subjects if they have been in that position themselves. If a photographer has modeled before, they are more considerate of things like frequent breaks, and they know how to give effective verbal instructions. Additionally, modeling gives photographers the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in the industry. Frost has been fortunate enough to work with other artists such as Greg Gorman, Bradford Rogne, Richard Reinsdorf, and Kai Feng.

He draws his influence from world-renowned photographers such as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, and David LaChappelle. Richard Avedon’s iconic fashion and portrait photography helped define America’s idea of beauty, style and culture. Much like Cameron, he was also self-taught. Avedon got his start working for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Furthermore, Avedon is most known for his American West series, a body of work whose photographs represent the magnitude of emotions Frost aims for in his own work.

In terms of print media, Cameron has been met with early success. He has already published four books, three calendars, and his work has appeared in renowned publications such as Elle, Instinct, Popstar, and People. With changing technology and more and more print media going online, he and other photographers are expanding their work into the more cost-effective and easily accessible virtual market. It has been good experience in building up his videography portfolio.

Videography and motion graphics are becoming increasingly popular in advertisements and within the photography industry overall. Modern digital cameras now have the capability to capture both high quality stills and video. Segments of television programs such as the introduction sequence and the digital shorts on Saturday Night Live were both shot on digital single lens reflex (DSLRs) cameras, not on dedicated video cameras. DSLRs are not only more portable than traditional video equipment, they are far less expensive and produce content comparable in quality. Cameron Frost learned how to use video editing software to broaden his repertoire even further.

He also enjoys combining his love for photography with various charities and organizations. The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is a non-profit international organization that was created by photographers for photographers. It is designed to help photographers profitably manage their business. A majority of being a professional photographer is not actually taking pictures.

The PPA educates photographers on business and technical skills to become more successful. It is also an excellent resource for photographers to connect with one another, and it offers online classes, consultations, and forums. It gives photographers the opportunity to discuss what is current in the industry and create strong support networks. The organization also offers benefits for members that protect their livelihood, such as copyright advocacy, equipment insurance, and malpractice insurance.

He has also donated prints and shoots to the Trevor Project, GLASS and Human Rights Campaign in the form of charitable gifts. The Trevor Project started in 1998 and provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people. Cameron Frost sees LGBT equality as the civil rights movement of his generation. He is also an animal rights activist and has helped to raise money for PetSmart Charities through a birthday fundraiser where he received donations in lieu of gifts.
Cameron Frost plans on continuing his work with Excelsior Media as well as his freelance photography and videography. His work with other professional photographers has allowed him to gain insight on the direction the photography industry is headed. Advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment is allowing photography professionals to produce some of the strongest work the industry has ever seen. There is a thinning line between journalism and fine art photography. Unlike photojournalists who are committed to remaining as objective as possible in their work, editorial and commercial shooters are allowed to take a side and appeal more to consumer emotions. Photographers will continue to take more of an active role within the image, rather than be an observant bystander.

Photographers like Cameron represent a growing wave of new talent in the industry. While traditional, film photography is no longer relevant commercially, yet it continues to symbolize an important niche within the industry. Additionally, digital cameras are becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of more functions. Frost is looking forward to the possibilities these advanced technologies will create.

While some remain skeptical about the validity and value placed on professional photography because of the “everyone has a camera now” theory, photographers like Cameron Frost remain steadfast. The difference between a professional photographer and everyone else is that they take their work very seriously. Photography does not just require cameras. Photographers who have the creative ingenuity to capture a fleeting moment came along long before. The future of photographers and the photography industry depends on what events and images make an impression. In this fast-moving world, people still crave and cling to images. Each time there is a great, terrible, and even mundane moment, people remember photographs, and Cameron Frost hopes his will make a positive difference.

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