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Noah Leyva of St. Louis, Missouri is an independent senior Lawson business consultant who works exclusively with Infor/Lawson ERP software.
Noah Leyva is an independent senior business consultant who is focused on Infor/Lawson ERP software. He is an expert when it comes to human resources and helps his clients with their payroll, benefits, personnel administration, absence management, employee and manager self-service, conversions, interfaces, MS add-ins and more. He has proficient knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, which works to the advantage of his clients who are not as well versed in the technology. He is very accomplished when it comes to understanding HR Writer.
Noah knows how important a properly-functioning human resources department is and works hard for his clients until they have exactly what they want in place. He is result-driven and appreciates maintaining healthy relationships with his clients, which is one of the reasons why he will work tirelessly to ensure their satisfaction with his services.
Noah Leyva currently lives in St. Louis, MO. One of his favorite activities around town is watching the St. Louis Cardinals, a Major League Baseball team. This season has been especially fun for Cardinals fans because, despite losing Albert Pujols, a legendary slugger, in free agency, St. Louis is still battling the Pittsburgh Pirates for the top spot in the National League Central division. His passion for baseball is one he shares with his family, including his 8-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.
He is also an avid traveler and is the person his friends and family come to whenever they have any questions about traveling or are looking for tips to make their experiences easier.
Prior to his switch to an independent role as a business consultant, Noah Leyva was a senior business consultant for 12 years with Lawson Software. Infor, formerly known as Lawson Software, benefited greatly from the time that Noah spent with the company. He was responsible for meeting specific business targets, delivering consulting services and finding the best applications, technologies and tools to optimize functioning.
As a senior business consultant, Noah Leyva of Mehlville Oakville created positive relationships between the executive management team of his clients, the end users and the third parties he dealt with on a regular basis. He would talk to his clients about the best practices that would benefit their companies and was responsible for overseeing those developments as they took hold.
His company also relied on him to help with the company’s own business development as well as its product sales. He mainly helped with human resources integration and worked directly with the project teams to ensure only the best software was being worked on for clients.
His consulting and human resources implementation services have greatly improved the way that many businesses and services operate over the years. He served as the payroll consultant for a not-for-profit health system in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The operation had 727 beds and more than 6,000 employees and he was able to help improve the way payroll was managed. Payroll can be a frustrating art, especially with that many workers, so his upgrades were critical in helping the company run better and shift its focus to other pressing areas.
For a multi-location health care organization in Denver, Co. with more than 70,000 workers, he implemented a human resources suite that included absence management. This organization, which was the second-largest Catholic health care system in the United States, also benefitted from his system parallel testing and payroll implementations. Noah was responsible for reconciling the old payroll files to the penny on payrolls that includes millions and millions of dollars. There is no question that all of the companies he has helped have been vastly improved by his consulting skills and by the systems that he has implemented.
Prior to his work as a senior business consultant, Leyva worked for Ceridian as a human resources and public relations implementation consultant. In this role, his project management and technical skills helped him as he worked to improve the payroll, human resources, tax filling and benefits of the companies he assisted. He would develop and manage the implementation plan as well as the strategy and always guaranteed that the system would be implemented by a certain time. Noah Leyva was always the primary contact throughout the implementation period because he enjoyed being hands-on and felt that he was best equipped to answer any questions and concerns from clients.
Before Noah Leyva became a well-respected business consultant, he earned his degree in business administration from Missouri State University. Located in Springfield, the university is now the second largest university in the state with just under 23,000 students enrolled. The university boasts a staff of nearly 4,000 members, and nine out of every 10 professors on campus hold the most advanced degree possible in their field. Since the graduating class of 2013, there are more than 85,000 alumni from Missouri State University using the education that they learned there to make improvements throughout the world.
The university has more than 25 fraternities and sororities on campus. Noah Leyva helped charter the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity Beta Psi chapter back in 1992 and is still active in the chapter. He held the position of pledge educator while enrolled. The fraternity is nearly 100 years old. Founded in 1914 and is focused on five cornerstones: leadership, scholarship, self-support, loyalty and Judeo-Christian principles. As someone who has been a part of Greek life, Leyva of Mehlville Oakville from the beginning has said that there is no room for hazing in fraternities or sororities and always did his best to fight back against any violent or emotionally damaging hazing techniques.
Of course, not everything is hard work and number-crunching for Noah Leyva. He has had to find a way to mix his work with relaxing periods as well. He enjoys the outdoors and prefers to spend time in the wilderness instead of being stuck inside a house or office. He took up fishing and hiking years ago to help encourage lifelong health and quality time spent in nature.
Noah Leyva knows that his education from Missouri State University had a lot to do with his success in the business world, but he has also preached that his dedication to balancing his work life with his family life has been a major contributor. Leyva has said he believes there is no other way to live life well, because both deserve full and equal attention. A professional life is what allows someone to enjoy their personal life monetarily, while the personal life is what a hard-working professional looks forward to getting back to after a long day in the office. The two have to work together in order for a person to be completely happy with their life.
Leyva’s personal life has revolved around his young children. He has focused on playing sports with his son. He says his son has showed a preference to soccer and baseball over the years.
Noah is a passionate traveler and prefers island settings. This has allowed him to combine his vacation with one of his favorite activities: fishing. One of his favorite areas is the Philippines, a fantastic destination for combining a tropical vacation with some Indo-Asian culture. One of the reasons that he said he continues to go back is because of the vast culture surrounding the arts. The food is a reason to visit in itself, offering a combination of Asian and Spanish influences so there is plenty of seafood, meat and rice to go around. It is clear that Noah Leyva intends to make the Philippines one of his main vacation areas when he retires.
Noah Leyva looks forward to continuing his successful career as a business consultant. He believes that the knowledge and experience he brings his clients is what will keep him employed until he decides to retire and spend more time with his family as they travel to their favorite tropical locations. In the meantime, he hopes to become more proficient at talent management.
Talent management is using strategic human resources techniques to improve the value of a business and help clients achieve their goals. This is done by retaining the best workers in a company while recruiting hard working individuals who can bring something to the table from outside of the company. Once the right pieces are in place, training, promotions and rewards all go toward keeping the company rolling toward its major goals. Noah believes his experience in the technical side of human resources is a great starting point for a push toward talent management.
He appreciates the time he spends with his kids and he hopes that now, as an independent senior business consultant, he can spend even more quality time with them as they grow up. He looks forward to his son’s participation in youth sports and cannot wait to find out what kind of activities his daughter is interested in as she grows.
Of course, his passion for baseball will never die, which is why he is hoping for another World Series sometime soon for the St. Louis Cardinals. They most recently won in 2011 and have a lot of the same pieces from that season powering their 2013 team, so he is hoping that Noah Leyva and other devoted Mehlville Oakville residents will not have to wait much longer to see another victory.

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