Stephane Gringer

United States, New York, New York City
0 years old
4.3 4 Reviews
Excelling as a generalist with deep knowledge and expertise, Stephane's experience has allowed him to apply his right brain roots to solve left brain challenges.
He operates at the intersection of design and data leveraging psychographics as the driver of my success in crafting growth strategies.
Starting off on the creative side, his shift to marketing was based on his need to quantify the work he was doing.
Always busy offering up ideas, solutions and consultation as a trusted advisor to companies, clients and friends. He is excited to meet new connections and share ideas.

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04/29/2019 @ 05:07 pm

While I'm sure that Stephane is talented, it always felt like he had a chip on his shoulder when he worked for Atlantic Coast Media Group. That type of attitude in my opinion is not a great way to build long-term in business and I just left working with Stephane feeling that the guy was kind of a jerk. I'm sure that isn't the case in real life but he should be aware of this...he characterizes himself as a "chameleon" on linkedin, hmm.

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05/08/2019 @ 01:20 pm

Very experienced digital marketer that has worked on a number of high volume campaigns. More of an employee than entrepreneur, but nevertheless talented.

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07/19/2019 @ 08:03 pm

Stephane is, what most "digital marketers" make believe they are by blogging about things they cant even execute on. He is the real deal. If you waste his time, yes he can be abrasive, but at that level of talent, you should be listening more instead of trying to talk while he is.

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10/16/2020 @ 11:44 am

I worked with Stephane at Atlantic Coast Media. On a different team so I saw the craziness he was handed in terms of an insubordinate team the company had inherited from a prior acquisition. He wasn’t able to let anyone go since they blackmailed systems data only they knew and wouldn’t divulge. They took complete advantage of him and disrespected him daily, came in late if at all, harassed other workers (me included) and his boss Steve was a pushover and didn’t do anything. I complained to HR about the harassment and they swept it under the rug. Stephane did what he could while being stuck there with no maneuverability. He had to do everything on his own.

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  • Chameleon Collective , United States
    Partner, Growth Strategy | Management Consultant
  • Chameleon Collective , United States , New York City , Partner

    New York
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  • Growth Marketing
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  • Management Consulting
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