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Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi resident, is a senior UEM engineer who works as part of the country’s national defense programs.
Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi, Texas, resident, works as a senior UEM engineer for the United States national defense industry. As an employee at NAS Corpus Christi, he is in charge of a unit that maintains industrial and operational facilities and utilities infrastructures. These infrastructures require maintenance in order to support all operations handled by the Navy’s primary flight training facilities. Ray also lends his talents to the world’s largest rotary wing aircraft repair and maintenance depot, which is the Corpus Christi Army Depot.

Ray sports a wide variety of skills and expertise in the industry. He is known for delivering technical leadership with regards to the implementation of the Utilities and Energy Management Program for the United States Navy. He has also performed mission essential and complex engineering duties that were too intricate for his subordinates to handle.

During his duties as a senior engineer, Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi resident, has acted as the contract officer’s representative for architectural and engineering contracts and assisted with the development and overseas implementation of projects that dealt with renewable energy, energy conservation, and utilities conservation in accordance with requirements and guidelines set by the FERC, NERC, and NAVFAC.

Other duties that Ray upholds in his line of work include providing detailed scopes of work, engineering designs and analyses, technical specifications, operational and life-safety requirements, construction, repair, installation, and demolition projects for various facilities around the country. Along with that, he is also in charge of delivering scopes of equipment layouts for design, material requirement, and cost estimates.
Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi, has succeeded in his industry due to his extensive knowledge and background in engineering. He has utilized his training and experience in the fields of fire-protection; life-safety; mechanical, structural, and petroleum engineering; and project management to execute full-scale projects that revolutionized the industry. His projects consisted of the design, fabrication, installation, modification, and operation of natural gas and plumbing utilities, multi-stage inter-cooled gas turbines used for co-generation, bulk fuel storage/distribution plants, pipelines, cooling towers, heat pumps, and numerous other structures.

Working as a senior UEM engineer, Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi, is not limited to a small amount of responsibilities and tasks. He is in charge of reviewing and approving architectural and engineering design packages to ensure that they meet the nationally recognized and federally enforced standards of technical adequacy, completeness, and compliance.

Ray has spent many years building up his resume with experience. Although most of his work has delved into the United States military, he has acquired a vast wealth of knowledge that allows him to perform numerous duties with ease. Some of his past work experience includes:
-United States Navy, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station
-United States Army Aviation and Missile Command and War Fighting Centers
-United States Department of Energy

As an engineer, he holds multiple certifications and licenses that have helped him complete his work:
-United States Department of Health and Human Services Life Safety Code Engineering Certification
-Federal Acquisition Institute Contracting Officer’s Representative Certification
-National Registry of Environmental Professionals Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Surveyors Certification Number CNS-107.
-Association of Energy Engineers Energy Manager Certification
-State of Texas Registered Professional Engineer Certification
-State of Alabama Engineer in Training Certification
-National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Examination Certification
- United States Environmental Protection Agency Institute Designing Asbestos Abatement Projects Certification
- National Registry of Environmental Professionals Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Surveyors Certification

Along with these certifications, Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi, has also joined several organizations revolving around his professional work. These memberships have allowed him to network with other people involved in the same industry and has thus expanded his knowledge so that he can succeed in his career.
-American Society of Materials – International
-Association of Energy Engineers
-American Society of Mechanical Engineers
-American Institute of Steel Construction
-American Concrete Institute
-American Petroleum Institute
-Society of American Military Engineers
-National Registry of Environmental Professionals

These are not the only affiliations that he holds. Outside of work, he regularly takes part in his own personal activities such as mixed martial arts and deep-sea diving and thus holds memberships with the following associations:
-The International Mixed Martial Arts Association
-The Professional Association of Diving Instructors
-The International Diving Institute

Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi, is an avid philanthropist. He believes in giving back to the community and is always looking for new charities to support. Over the years, he has regularly participated in charitable events that delve into various sectors like delivering food to the poor, sharing gifts with the underprivileged, and cleaning up after natural disasters. Below are just a few of his philanthropic efforts that he has been a part of for the past couple of years.
-American Cancer Society – Annual gift-giver since 1980
-Catholic Charities – Annual gift-giver since 1980
-Habitat for Humanity – Monthly gift-giver and regular volunteer since 1986
-Food for the Hungry – Annual gift-giver since 1985
-Salvation Army – Annual gift-giver since 1986

Other charitable efforts of Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi, include:
-Delivering food to the homeless shelters from 1987 to 2012
-Donating architectural/engineering plans and specifications to help build missionary churches in Brazil from 2003 to 2005
-Assisting in local cleanup efforts after Hurricane Opal struck in 1989

As an engineer, he has his hands full of responsibilities between philanthropy, work, and personal activities, but he is determined to make the most out of these opportunities and always gives 100 percent in everything that he does.
Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi resident, has high hopes for his future and believes that he will continue making great strides in both his professional and personal life. He plans to continue offering his skills in proven premier design and analytical engineering, project development and management, and programmatic management and execution. By utilizing his growing expertise in the engineering field, Ray intends to take advantage of any promotional opportunities within the Department of Energy or the Defense Department.

As far as his industry goes, Ray thinks that challenging times are ahead, but his work ethic will help him prosper just like he has over the past several years. The federal and defense budgets are currently compressing the direction that all federal employees are facing, so it is up to these workers to channel their experience, knowledge, and creative thinking into personal initiatives. Overall, employees in these sectors will have to “do more with less” if they hope to succeed in the uncertain future.

Ray Schroeder, Corpus Christi, has other plans for his future outside of his life at work. He has a bucket list of activities he would like to complete by the time he reaches 60. Although these goals are very ambitious, he believes that he has the drive to complete at least two of them within the next few years.

-Partake in a trip to Kodiak Island in Alaska to go bear hunting and salmon fishing
-Take a three-week hunting trip to Africa
-Go climbing and hiking across the Southern Alps
-Volunteer at least six months of his time to building homes with Habitat for Humanity
-Visit the Great Barrier Reef
-See and climb the Himalayas

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  • Auburn University , United States , Auburn, Alabama

    B.S.M.E., Mechanical Engineering
    - 05/1985
Career History
  • Senior UEM Engineer , United States , Corpus Christi, Texas

    12/2009 to 12/2099
  • Senior Operations Materials Engineer , United States , Southeastern New Mexico

    07/1992 to 08/2003
  • Senior Project and Program Manager , United States , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    07/1980 to 07/1992
  • General/Mechanical Engineer , United States , Corpus Christi Army Depot, Texas

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  • Mechanics
  • Diving
  • Project Management
  • U.S. Navy
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