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Greg Daviscourt

United States
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Greg Daviscourt is a construction worker and general contractor with 26 years of experience under his tool belt.

Greg Daviscourt is the Chief Executive Officer and general contractor for the Denver, CO based construction company Rocky Mountain Construction. Here, Greg oversees project contracts between the company and their clients, providing a level of exceptional customer services that has made the Rocky Mountain Construction Company one of the most trusted and respected companies of its kind in the Greater Denver Area.

Greg’s longtime work in the construction business has honed and polished his skill sets as both a construction worker and a general contractor. He is an endorsed expert of construction management, contract management and negotiation, project estimation and bidding, and managerial finances, among other things.

Greg Daviscourt also donates both his time and his money to a variety of worthy charitable organizations. One such organization is United States Air Force Academy’s Association of Graduates and the USAFA Endowment, which Greg does regular work for as well as making donations. He is also a vital source of funding for the Restoring Hope International Foundation, which supports a Peruvian children’s orphanage.

When he’s not working, Greg enjoys spending quality time with his family. He also enjoys both hunting and playing golf. However, he has done very little of either since discovering his new favorite pastime: flying sailplanes and gliders. Since his first flight, Greg has gone out flying an average of once every week. He is also now a member of Colorado’s Mile High Soaring Club. Greg claims that flying these aircraft is not only a relaxing and peaceful experience, but that it also helps him improve on his hand-eye coordination and keeps his mind sharp, fast, and fresh.

Greg Daviscourt has almost three decades of experience in the construction and renovation field to his professional name. He began his career in construction in 1984 when he first went to work for the Bridgeway Construction Company, a business based out of Seattle, WA that his own family owned and operated. Greg worked here for more than 16 years, during which time he became the company’s President of Alaska Operations. This decade and a half-long career gained him much of his current skill and knowledge in both construction processes and in managing a successful construction business.

Then, in the year 2001, the Bridgeway Construction Company sold to another company. As one of Bridgeway’s leading executives, Greg Daviscourt spent much of his time during this year overseeing the sale and transition of the family business. Then in 2002, once the deal had finished going through, Greg went right back to work in the construction business. This time, however, Greg became his own boss.

Working with the Rocky Mountain Construction Company

Since December of 2002, Greg Daviscourt has been an integral part of one of the Denver area’s most reputable and lauded construction companies: the Rocky Mountain Construction Company. As the general contractor and Chief Executive Officer, Greg has led Rocky Mountain Construction on its mission to provide only the best customer services to every client and every project.

Rocky Mountain Construction takes great pride in the personal level of service that it shows to each and every one of its clients. They are dedicated to excellent client communications, anticipating and assessing the needs of each client individually before springing into action with speed and efficiency. Rocky Mountain Construction crews understand the complex and complicated issues of every type of construction job, and they realize how important quick completion of a project is for both businesses and residential clients. This has often led to them finishing their projects ahead of the promised deadlines.

Greg Daviscourt has always believed that the best quality of a good contractor is the ability to listen effectively to the needs of his or her client. He has also always held that actions speak louder than words, which is why he addresses his client’s needs through prompt and decisive action. Greg has always made sure that, with Rocky Mountain Construction, the clients’ issues are never passed off from person to person down a chain of command within the company. Instead, he and his crew have made sure to treat every client as if they are the company’s only client.

The Rocky Mountain Construction Company’s Expert Qualifications

Since Greg Daviscourt began leading them, and for about four decades before that, the Rocky Mountain Construction Company has been closely involved in the construction and restoration industry. They can prevent unfortunate surprises from occurring by anticipating the needs of their clients before every project because they fully understand all of the requirements involved in the restoration and construction processes. They can also mitigate the damages of an area in need of restoration before beginning the project, thus reducing the overall costs for both the company and their client.

Furthermore, all Rocky Mountain Construction crew members are trained in a wide variety of programs specialized specifically to improve the quality of their performance on every project type to its highest possible levels, as well as complete their work as quickly and efficiently as possible while providing unparalleled customer services. These training programs include the following areas:

• Working with fire, water, and other disaster damage restoration
• Working with construction defects and the required procedures involved therein
• Working in spaces that are still currently occupied by either operating commercial businesses or the residents of the location
• Working within industry-mandated safety procedures to reduce the risk of injury or damage to both employees and the structure itself

The Rocky Mountain Construction Company’s Excellent Portfolio

With Rocky Mountain Construction, Greg Daviscourt has built up quite the collection of expertly finished projects and immensely satisfied customers. From standalone residences to whole shopping districts, the Rocky Mountain Construction Company has repaired and renovated damages from all of the elements, from wind and hail damage to severe flooding to massive and destructive fires. Some of their biggest success stories include the following:

• A crumbling residence that was deemed unsafe even for trained firefighters fully restored after the fire that caused it
• A residential home completely restored after being completely flooded
• A local church’s roof restored after significant damage in a wind storm
• The roofs of an entire shopping district restored after taking widespread hail damage
• A discount family supermarket after restored after a huge fire

This wide array of successful project completion has naturally led to many glowing reviews of both the Rocky Mountain Construction Company and Greg Daviscourt in particular for their fast, high quality work and excellent customer service attitude during it. Many of Rocky Mountain Construction’s past clients have written personal letters informing both Greg’s company and many others that they, the clients, were completely satisfied with both the quality of the work provided and how quickly it was accomplished. Every letter that the company has received so far has expressed how the client will be sure to recommend Rocky Mountain Construction to anybody else in need of restorative construction work.

One of the most grateful of these clients, and one of Rocky Mountain Construction’s biggest success stories, was a woman who worked out of her home and whose house burned partially down in June of 2012. Faced with losing both her residence and her job in one unfortunate accident, she needed a company that she could trust implicitly to do the restoration work and do it quickly, as she was currently going through one of the most vulnerable times of her life.

Luckily, her initial adjuster recommended the Rocky Mountain Construction Company for the repair work, and Greg himself came to her home to do the project appraisal. The homeowner reported that they treated her as if she were their one and only customer, promising her a quick turnaround date on her restoration and then completing the project even sooner than initially promised. Thanks to Rocky Mountain Construction and Greg Daviscourt, she returned to her work and her life faster than she ever thought possible.

Greg Daviscourt has led the Rocky Mountain Construction Company to success for more than a decade now and sees no reason to slow down or stop. Rocky Mountain Construction continues working in all manner of restorative construction projects for both commercial businesses and individual residents. No matter the source of the damage, the Rocky Mountain Construction Company will address the problem quickly and begin work immediately, helping businesses stay in business and residents get back to normal life as soon as possible.

The Rocky Mountain Construction Company’s official list of services for both commercial and residential projects includes the following:

• Fire Damage Restoration – Rocky Mountain Construction knows that families and businesses are left reeling after fires occur, so they will work tirelessly to repair all fire damage as quickly as possible. They can quickly turn a burnt wreck of a project into the gleaming location that it once was.

• Water Damage Restoration – Rocky Mountain Construction can handle any degree of water damage from leaky pipes to full-on floods. No matter the severity, they will get right to work mitigating the damage and making all necessary repairs. Sometimes they can even get the job done before effects of the damage become evident.

• Historical Restoration – When a historical construction needs restoration, maintaining its atmosphere is just as important as repairing its damage. Rocky Mountain Construction knows this, which is why it takes great pains to accurately recreate all aspects of a historical project on top of fixing its structure.

With Greg Daviscourt behind them, Rocky Mountain Construction crews are ready to repair anything that their clients need of them.


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  • 04/2002 to 12/2099
    : Chief Executive Officer, General Contractor
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Denver, CO
  • 01/1984 to 01/2000
    : President of Alaska Operations
    : United States
    : Seattle, WA
  • N/A to N/A
    : U.S. Navy Reserve
    : electronics repairer
    : Jonesboro
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