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Dilip Mullick is an experienced entrepreneur and owner, CEO, and co-founder of three industrial distribution and management companies.
Dilip Mullick has a strong background and proven track record in business management. He has taken his interests and turned them into successful companies that benefit manufacturers by allowing them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. His innovative thinking and strong entrepreneurial spirit have paid off as he has become the owner, CEO, and co-founder of three international companies. East West Industrial Engineering (EWIE) creates resources and product management models for industrial suppliers. Through their services, manufacturers are able to save money in production and shipping, becoming more profitable.
Another one of his companies is Production Services Management Inc. (PSMI), which combines maintenance, repair, and operations to improve manufacturers’ efficiency and productivity while cutting costs and helping them to become more profitable. SourcePro, his third company, also operates in material management, but focuses on consulting. Professionals at the company provide on-site management for a variety of different systems that all operate within the manufacturing business.
Dilip Mullick has leveraged his business skills to help these companies grow and prosper and provide valuable services to the manufacturing industry. He is continually looking for ways to improve business practices and meet the growing and changing demands of clients. His work has become an international affair and he coordinates with plants throughout the world. He is committed to providing high levels of personal service to each client that his companies work with to ensure that they are getting the most benefit out of their services. To assist others in their business ventures and support the manufacturing industry, he also serves on the board of directors for the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council.
Through the years Dilip Mullick has built himself a successful career in the manufacturing industry. In 1981 he founded his first of three companies, East West Industrial Engineering. For more than 25 years he has been the president and leader of the organization. He has grown it into an international company that serves customer plants in Mexico, Canada, Australia, Europe, India and the United States. It has been recognized as one of the top 50 largest industrial distributors, ranking number 32.
East West Industrial Engineering (EWIE)
Some of the biggest names in the manufacturing business get their supplies from Dilip Mullick’s company. They include the likes of Ford, Cummins, and GE. EWIE supplies cutting tools, abrasives, and chemical management systems. The mission statement of the company is “The right product, at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost,” and this is something that they live up to every single day. Effectively providing these services for clients is one thing that sets them apart from the competition and has helped the company to save $70 million in engineered cost savings.
At the core of the company is a team of highly skilled procurement specialists, analysts, engineers, and information technology professionals. Through their hard work and dedication, the company consistently provides high levels of service and meets the varied needs of its client base. Companies are always looking for ways to save money while still producing quality products and service. Through EWIE’s strategic planning and management, they come up with cost-saving solutions for businesses to streamline their processes and maximize efficiency.
Offering a Wealth of Services
EWIE offers a diverse selection of services to benefit manufacturers. Two areas of focus include commodity management and inventory management. Dilip Mullick and his team have a thorough understanding of the processes involved and how to maximize productivity while cutting costs. By implementing innovative problem-solving techniques they have created commodity management systems that address the overall needs of the business as far as procurement, shipping, and inventory go. Communication, transportation, paperwork, and inventory costs are all taken into consideration when developing strategies to streamline processes.
By gaining a deeper understanding of product demands and shipping, the company can help manufactures to better determine their inventory needs and ensure that they have the correct amount of goods in stock. This can help to reduce excess spending and cut down on unnecessary materials. By utilizing online ordering systems, they can also cut costs and increase efficiency.
Tool management is another area of service that Dilip Mullick has transformed. Experienced engineers work with manufacturers to determine their tool needs and how to best utilize resources and increase tool life. They coordinate with vendors who can improve the quality of the tools being used by restoring cutting tools, sharpening drill bits, and applying coatings to fix abrasions and oxidation. The company also offers chemical management services to address chemical management, waste water, commodity management, filtration system, metalworking fluid, lubricant, and coolant needs.
Because the company offers all of these services and more, they make supply chain management more effective for manufacturers. The client receives a single invoice from EWIE and does not have to worry about coordinating with multiple vendors and distributors. EWIE takes care of the coordination and management so that they can focus on their business.
Production Services Management Inc. (PSMI)
Following his success with EWIE and seeing the opportunity to meet additional industry needs, Dilip Mullick founded PSMI in 2005. The company focuses on operational effectiveness and provides maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) analytics as well as:
• Tool management
• Gage management
• Integrated supply
• Quality and measurement
• Management services
Managing more than 25 plants in the United States and additional locations in Mexico, India, and Canada, the company improves efficiency through analyzing the entire indirect supply chain and reduces the cost per unit, total inventory, and cycle times. Consulting with manufacturers on how to streamline their processes and cut costs increases productivity and profit. When the assembly lines are working at peak efficiency and the tools are able to stand up to the demands of the job, companies are more successful. The services that PSMI provides are valuable across a wide range of manufacturing companies and they work with clients in fields such as automotive, aerospace, defense, medicine, agriculture and more. Dilip Mullick has created a company that covers the comprehensive needs of manufacturers to optimize their business production and save them money.
SourcePro, an indirect material management consulting company, is also led by Mullick. The company provides on-site management for procurement and inventory programs, financial leverage, material management, and information systems. With more than 100 years of combined experience, the professionals at SourcePro help manufacturers to reduce total costs of item procurement, in turn increasing their revenue.
One valuable service they provide is a supplier portal where companies can track all of their ordering in one convenient location. The company has expanded its reach to clients and has offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; South Plainfield, New Jersey; and Hyderabad, India.
Focus on Philanthropy
Part of Dilip Mullick’s focus as a business owner is making sure that he gives back to the community. It is important for companies to show their support and build strong relations. To help raise money for leukemia research, EWIE sponsors an annual golf outing. The company is also committed to supporting youth and its Ann Arbor office offers various internships for youth in low-income families. This allows them to gain valuable experience and gives them encouragement for the future.
Giving back to the community shows commitment and dedication by companies to the greater good. Clients look for companies that not only have their own needs in mind, but also the needs of others. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Dilip Mullick is personally involved in the local Rotary Club and the charitable activities that it supports.
Dilip Mullick will continue to lead EWIE, PSMI, and SourcePro in their future endeavors. He is always looking for ways to improve the services that he can provide for clients and come up with innovative ideas and solutions. Analyzing business practices, effectiveness, and costs helps him to offer services and systems that meet the growing and changing needs of the manufacturing industry. As technology advances, he will continue to implement the latest developments into his services, providing systems that are up-to-date and working at peak proficiency.
He will also continue to ensure that his companies are giving back to the community. Striving to raise more money each year, the EWIE annual golf outing will continue raising necessary funds to support the advancement of research regarding leukemia. It is through their efforts that these types of organizations can continue making beneficial strides in saving lives. He will also continue to offer internships to low-income youth knowing that it a service that will benefit them not only professionally, but personally as well.
Manufacturing is an industry that creates a wealth of products for the public and continues to grow. By continuing to help these companies ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible and making the most out of every dollar spent, he is supporting the industry’s success as a whole. Providing high quality services allows companies to produce better products which benefits not only the company but the consumer as well. Dilip Mullick is dedicated to providing essential services and products that meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers worldwide.

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