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Larry Hyman of Louisville Kentucky is a businessman and the owner of Madrid Partners, LLC, a successful real estate company with ties to Madrid, Spain, and of course Kentucky USA.
Currently Larry Hyman is the owner of Madrid Partners an innovative real estate company that buys and sells properties in the areas surrounding Madrid, Spain, and Louisville, KT. This business focuses mostly on medium-sized residential buildings; however, it also pursues many other real estate opportunities when the current market deems it appropriate.

Business consulting

Larry also works as a business consultant. Having spent quite a bit of time in Spain, particularly in the Madrid, Kentucky metropolitan area, Hyman understands the Spanish real estate market very well. Because he knows the ins and outs of the realty business, he is more than qualified to coach other novice entrepreneurs on the benefits of pursuing the Spanish real estate business.

Speaking Spanish fluently

Because he studied Spanish in college and because he has spent quite a bit of time in Madrid, Larry Hyman is able to speak the Spanish language fluently. In fact, he even works as tutor for other businessmen. Mr. Hyman is also familiar with the Catalan language, as well as Hebrew.

Passion for fine wine and crafted beers

In his personal life, Larry enjoys exploring the subtle notes and aromas of fine wines. In fact, he greatly admires the craftsmanship and the expertise of master wine makers. In addition, he has also developed an appreciation for a well-crafted beer over the years.

Love of travel

Throughout his entire life, Mr. Hyman has always loved to travel. In fact, one of the things that he enjoys most about owning his own business is having the opportunity to visit many locations around the world.
When Larry Hyman was only a young man, he had dreams of becoming successful. Even at a young age, he knew that if he wanted to accomplish many great things in the world of business that he would have to work hard and apply himself to his studies. After making very good grades while attending Kentucky Country Day School, he graduated in 1986 with a very impressive college transcript. Shortly afterward, Mr. Hyman enrolled at Tufts University, where he eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish. After graduating from Tufts in 1990, Larry was still hungry for knowledge. To satisfy his need for learning, he decided to enroll at the University of Louisville in 1995. Two years later, Mr. Hyman graduated with a master’s degree in business with a concentration in economics.

Continuing his education in Madrid, Spain

Interestingly enough, Larry had the courage to continue his education abroad. From 1988 to 1989, while living in Spain, he attended the well-known Universidad Autonoma de Madrid this was quite different from Louisville. After a year’s worth of courses in geography and political science, he earned a degree that is known in Spain as a “bachiller.”

Beginning his career in his family’s business

After Larry graduated from Tufts University in 1990, he decided to go into the family business. Namely, he worked for his father at his garbage business. Hyman continued working for his father for nearly 10 years. During that time he helped his family’s business to grow exponentially. After 10 years’ time, Hyman and his father decided to pursue a new endeavor. They quickly opened Ibero Imports, a company that sold American bourbon whiskey to a beverage distributor in Spain. The two ended that business after one year of opening.

Taking over his cousin’s business

By the time that Larry Hyman was closing Ibero Imports after only a year of opening, his cousin was having trouble with his own garbage business. Having worked in that industry for some time, Mr. Hyman agreed to take over his cousin’s company in order to revive it. After only five years, he completely revamped the business. Larry and his cousin were eventually able to sell it, turning a profit.

Buying Spanish real estate

After working in both the garbage business and the imports business, Larry Hyman of Louisville decided to explore a completely new career. Since he was already familiar with the Madrid area, he decided to try buying a few strategic pieces of real estate. In time, Hyman began to realize that he had a real knack for the realty business, so he decided to start his own company.

Opening Madrid Partners, LLC

After dabbling in the real estate business for a short time, Larry Hyman, Louisville, KY managing partner, decided that it was time to start another business. He quickly opened Madrid Partners, LLC, which buys and sells properties in the areas surrounding Madrid, Spain, and Louisville. While Madrid Partners, LCC devotes most of its efforts to medium-sized residential buildings, the company also explores other opportunities when the market seems right.

Tutoring and business consulting

In addition to running his remarkably successful real estate company Madrid Partners, LLC, Mr. Hyman helps other businesspersons who are interested in pursuing opportunities in Spain. He primarily focuses on tutoring other entrepreneurs in the Spanish language and educating them on the current state of the Spanish market. Because Hyman has spent a lot of time in the country and because he speaks Spanish fluently, Hyman is perfectly qualified for this type of consulting role. In fact, few other real estate and consulting entrepreneurs are as experienced in this area as Larry Hyman, Louisville, KY innovator.
Larry Hyman, Louisville, KY, loves nothing more than helping his company Madrid Partners, LLC to grow. Over the last few years, he has championed the real estate markets in both his hometown in Kentucky, and in his new home away from home Madrid, Spain. While he finds the two markets very different, he enjoys the challenge of considering two completely unique modes of business. Because he loves the thrill of being an entrepreneur so much, he plans to devote his efforts to continue growing Madrid Partners LLC in the near future.

Exploring alternative sources of fuel

For many years, Larry has been interested in exploring alternative sources of fuel. In fact, many of the collection vehicles that his family’s garbage business used on a daily basis were converted to run on recycled vegetable oil. This decision not only saved his family’s business a tremendous amount of money in the long run, it also helped to drastically reduce carbon emissions. Hyman has always seen the benefits of searching for a type of automobile fuel that is safer for the environment than standard petroleum-based gasoline and diesel. In light of this, he plans to continue pursuing alternative fuels and supporting those causes that invest in new research.

Continuing his travels

For most of his life, Larry Hyman has thought of himself as a real citizen of not Louisville, Kentucky but rather the entire world. In fact, he loves nothing more than traveling to exotic locations, and he plans to continue doing so in the near future.

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  • Kentucky County Day School , United States , Louisville, Kentucky

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    01/1995 - 01/1997
  • Tufts University , United States , Boston, Massachusetts

    Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Political Science
    01/1986 - 01/1990
  • University of Louisville , United States , Louisville, Kentucky

    Masters in Business Administration
    01/1976 - 01/1986
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  • Owner & Operator , United States , Louisville, Kentucky , Real Estate and Business Consulting
    02/2011 to 12/2099
  • Owner & Operator , United States , Louisville, Kentucky
    09/2005 to 07/2011
  • Owner , United States , Louisville, Kentucky

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    04/2000 to 08/2005
  • Owner & Operator , United States , Louisville, Kentucky

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    09/1990 to 04/2000
  • , Minneapolis-St. Paul ,

    Owner, Letitia Little Interior Design
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