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Junaid Sheikh

United States, Arizona, Tusayan
Age: N/A | Profile views: 1K
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2019-11-12 22:08:58

Junaid did not understand the processes that results in helping employees to understand and execute their performance expectations. Never did Junaid provide any type of company strategic planning processes that defines overall direction and objectives or any type of viable communication strategy that tells every employee where their job and needed outcomes fit within the bigger company strategy. Additionally, Junaid failed to provide adequate processes for management in goal setting, evaluation, feedback, and accountability that lets employees know how they are doing. This process Junaid structured did not provide opportunities for continuing employee professional and personal development.
Overall, Junaid Sheikh was terrible at organizational support for the importance of clear performance expectations communicated through cultural expectations, offered NO executive planning and communication, gossiped about managerial responsibility and accountability and shirked responsibility, offered NO rewards and recognition, and sought only to sustain himself on company stories (folklore) about heroic accomplishments that define the workplace which really did not exist.

His work hours are from 10am until about 2pm. You will often find him playing games on his phone during working hours. Don't expect him to participate in management support. He is an untrustworthy, devious individual who will not meet your expectations. Do not trust him in any way, shape or form.

He is a terrible director, and a terrible person.

2019-11-12 22:42:14

Narcissist. Me. Me. Me.
Suck Up.
Poor Communicator. Not giving clear instructions is a prominent trait among bad bosses. They frequently guard information and treat it as power. In addition, they often contradict themselves or give conflicting instructions. Their direct reports spend an inordinate amount of time trying to decode or interpret what limited communication is offered.
Terrible Listener.
Never Praise or Encourage. Quick to criticize and slow to praise: Too many employees of bad bosses report that their managers have not thanked them in years. Given that recognition is the most effective driver of engagement, this is one of the most egregious traits of a bad boss.
Blamer. Lacking any personal accountability, these bosses blame everyone else when something goes wrong.
Unrealistic and Demanding. Bad bosses set goals that are both unrealistic and unattainable, often doing so because of trait 5 (suck up). When these goals are not met, they blame their employees for not achieving them, labeling the employees weak, lazy, or poor performers.
Tolerant of Mediocrity and Relishes the Suck Ups.
Vindictive. Heaven forbid you should ever cross, disagree with, or publicly debate an issue with the bad boss. Questioning this type of boss makes her feel threatened, and likely to go after you to make you feel the same way. Even if your motive for questioning your boss was well intentioned, when you’re dealing with a vindictive leader, it is sometimes best (or at least easier) to bite your tongue to protect yourself and your job.
Inconsiderate and Shaming.
Take Credit for Other People’s Hard Work.


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  • N/A to N/A
    : Best Western Premeir Squire Inn
    : Food and Beverage Director
    : United States
    : Arizona
    : Tusayan
    : Food and Beverage Director
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