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Harry Aurora

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2020-11-02 14:52:54

Highly Recommend to Stay Away
If you are a person who is professional, honest, hardworking, motivated, and passionate, I urge you to stay away. Through the looking glass, joining iTutor seems like a great opportunity to be a part of a growing tech company. In a time when the company should be exploding in growth due to the rise of remote learning, the company is constantly letting staff go and scrambling for direction. I have been with the company for over a year and can honestly tell you it has been a complete waste of time as a professional from the very beginning. The root of all problems stem mainly from the company?s CEO. Upon being hired here, he will tell you everything that you want to hear in order to win you over, even if it means stretching the truth. He will pitch you worthless stock options and sell you on enormous earning potential as a salesperson. Once you begin working here you will quickly realize that you were completely bamboozled. The company is totally unorganized, dysfunctional, and employees work with no direction. Management is non-transparent and will avoid having any serious conversations with you about raises or what you need in order to succeed. They will do everything to hide the truth from you and ignore your requests to hold a meeting. Turnover is very high, people are constantly quitting or being fired and management tries to sweep it under the rug like it never happened. Half the time employees are standing around laughing about how unreasonable & clueless the CEO is. The CEO has no leadership or management skill and is unfit to run the company. He is egotistical, narcissistic, and only cares about being the face of iTutor. Months will go by without receiving any guidance from him. He micromanages his employees by staring out his window at everyone watching them come and go. When he does want to speak with you, you will get called into pointless meetings at the end of your workday, to go over things with him that have no value or you already went over many times before. His philosophies are old school and he refuses to evolve with the times. He is unwilling to listen to any of his valuable employee?s suggestions or expertise and would rather do the same things his way that are useless. It is a complete circus act. On the sales side of it, there is no sales culture at iTutor. There is no quality training program; you are just thrown into a position without a plan for success. It is a complete free for all where everyone just does whatever they want. The Chief Sales Officer of the company will offer you no support, openly use foul language on employees, and will ridicule you at weekly sales meetings in front of others. He will also unfairly split up territory and leads. You will receive no inbound leads through marketing efforts as well which is frustrating. The product itself is almost never working correctly and you will constantly be apologizing to customers. On top of it all, salaries are non-competitive in comparison to other tech companies in New York State. The commission structure is extremely minuscule and you will have to pull teeth in order to receive a few hundred dollars from management. iTutor has no company culture and hardly ever any team building events. Using your vacation days is frowned upon, you get around 10 a year which is including sick days. You rarely get any holidays off. The benefits are terrible and very expensive. In addition, there is no 401k and no direct deposit. If you are someone who works remotely, expect delays on pay.


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