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11/02/2020 @ 04:11 pm

My Sad Adventure in The Land That Time Forgot Oh god, where to begin... At first, I thought it was me. I couldn't understand why it was impossible for me to make it through a day without management throwing a tantrum at me worthy of a two-year-old. I couldn't understand why I was always there until 9:00 at night with no overtime pay, filing endless amounts of paperwork, counting and organizing hundreds of bottles of wine, and cleaning up food and wine stains from the day's tastings. I couldn't understand why things were constantly, invariably, perpetually being screwed up, and i couldn't understand why I was constantly being blamed for them when I had personally witnessed management screw them up with my own two eyes. But it's cool, maybe I just hallucinated. Maybe I'm going insane. Maybe I'm just the most incompetent office assistant ever. Maybe I should just go crawl into the wine fridge and drink and die. But now I see. Look, I am not a person who complains about anything. Ever. As a bartender, sommelier and longtime member of the restaurant industry, i understand the damage a negative review can do to an individual or business. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and only voice my grievances in situations where I feel that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, they are absolutely warranted. This is one of those situations. Vignaioli Selection is by far the worst, most abusive work environment I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. And I've worked as a stripper. It is, as the title suggests, "The Land That Time Forgot." Everything from the ordering system to the filing is completely antiquated and manual. As in, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of papers in boxes and cabinets all over the office that you must file at the end of every day. Everything is extremely discombobulated. All of the ladies I worked with (there were several, as turnover was ridiculously high), were highly experienced, organized and detail-oriented people, and even they couldn't keep up with the exponentially growing disaster zone that is this office. The UPS man is afraid to deliver packages here. He's a bodybuilder. He's built like a refrigerator. And HE HATES DELIVERING PACKAGES HERE. Let's briefly revisit the part about turnover. I was hired as an unpaid intern, initially. I didn't come here seeking a full-time position. but was offered the job on my first day there because one person was being fired, and the other just quit, and they didn't have anyone else. THAT'S HOW BAD IT IS. I thought I had gotten lucky and this was a sweet deal, but in reality it was one of the more unfortunate things that has ever happened to me. Now, I see there is a review on here that was clearly written by a member of upper management in an effort to mitigate the effects of the reviews that speak the genuine truth about the way this office is run. Let me just say that your former employees' complaints have nothing to do with cultural differences. I have traveled extensively. This office is an embarrassment to Italian and European culture. Kindness and respect towards others is a universal virtue.

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