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11/02/2020 @ 06:50 pm

Falsified Accounts, Broken Promises, and Lies (given in a sarcastically compassionate tone) I was hired to go through a Professional Development Manager Training that was supposed to last 2 to 3 months. I was really confused why they hired me in the first place because from the 2nd day, they avoided me like the plague (never returned phone calls, texts, emails - I couldn't ask questions which is fundamental to learning). In my 47 days of "training", I only got 3 days of in-person training and one 30-minute training phone call from my mentor (who was responsible for my training). *To hide the fact that I was not getting trained, my boss and mentor falsified my training documents to make it look like I got double/triple the amount of training with my mentor than I did *Because my mentor was ignoring my phone calls, texts and, emails (I went an entire month without any significant response and never saw him for a month), my boss said she would switch me to another mentor halfway through, but that never happened. *On the 3 days of training that I did get with my mentor (out of 47 days in the training program), I was told NOT to bring my computer and take notes. I have to take notes to learn, and I use notes as a reference for a later date. This was denied me. After expressing my concern that I can?t learn without notes, I was able to get special permission from my boss that I could take hand-written notes even though she knew my typed notes were of a much higher quality. My boss ?politely? and with a smile held a grudge against me for making this request. With a fake kindness in her tone, she spoke to me as if I were a slow learner because I wanted to be able to take notes. ENTIRE MONTH GOES BY AND NO TRAINING FROM MY MENTOR: My mentor avoids my texts, emails, and phone calls. My boss responds with false empathy and a smile harbors a grudge against me for telling her. She ?kindly? comes up with excuses of somehow it was my fault that my mentor can?t talk to me - a way for her to vent her resentment. As long as I make her aware of the issues, she can?t easily pretend that she doesn?t know about them. My boss doesn't want any more work, so if I made her aware of an issue, instead of solving the problem, she resented me for telling her. Hiding her resentment under fake compassion, my boss tells me to deliver parts of a training that I had never seen from my mentor before; I had never observed my mentor deliver the training, yet I had to present it. I made my boss aware that I HAVE NEVER OBSERVED my mentor give a training and thought I should observe him first. She ?compassionately? told me it didn?t matter that I never got training (huge lie). She told me that I was going to get a different trainer/mentor half-way through my training process, but that never happened (another huge lie). She just said that to quiet me. I HAD TO GIVE A TRAINING ACCORDING TO MY MENTOR'S STYLE OF WHICH I HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE. I had delivered a training according to what I had witnessed from another PDM whose style was the polar opposite to my mentor's ?so, of course, it did not blend well with his presentation. Again, I denied me any training and did not tell me to know to prepare so that it would fit in with what he was doing.

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