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11/02/2020 @ 09:24 pm

Not great work/life balance There is zero work/life balance. We're in 3 different time zones and we're expected to be available 24/7. If someone in management needs something, they will send you a message at 11pm and expect you to respond. Leadership jumps from one goal to the next on a weekly basis. People are brought in for one job and told to do something completely different within weeks of being hired. We had our recruiters doing the job of an office manager until they laid one of them off. Goals are completely unrealistic and have no underlying math behind them. Last year we were given a hockey stick growth pattern as a goal. The strategy to get there? We'll figure it out along the way. No surprise that it didn't work out that way because we changed the strategy five times and were never able to build on anything we did. Our customers think we're overpriced, they don't use our product and we refuse to listen to them and fix the underlying problems. Instead all of our time is spent just trying to figure out how to grow at all costs. It's not surprising that we haven't been able to grow when people don't like our product. It's been a roller coaster.


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