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11/02/2020 @ 09:57 pm

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ACCEPT LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE. There are people there that are not only terrible managers that knows nothing about the law or management but they have legitimate psychological issues that need to addressed before continuing to do anything let alone run an office. To "them" this basically means distribute the work you are supposed to do to everyone else. I knew from that first moment that this was going to be a bad experience. "They" believe that leadership is telling people what to do even if it is completely inimical to the job at hand. "They" go out of their way to yell, scream, and attempt to intimidate people that work there if they do not submit to him immediately. "They" refrain from using the office phone in order to curse out clients on his private cellphone (everything is recorded). And the worst part? The owner signs off on all of this behavior. In all truth, "they" only police the intake department because it is the only department "they" truly understands and for one more important factor. PAY ATTENTION HERE: Everyone can collect a small bonus for retaining a client (all retention happens in the intake department), but "they" are entitled to double that fee. "They" hover over the intake department because they use it as their personal piggy bank, "they" retain clients and as opposed to running a full intake on the prospective client to open the case "they" pass additional work onto the intake department and cash in on every single one of them. While "they" pretend to manage the office they spend "their" whole day collecting sign-ups making money while not doing what they are ALREADY PAID TO DO. "They" do not have the knowledge to even pretend to manage the other departments so "they" hover around intake and paint them all as incompetent to justify keeping an eye on the piggy bank. If you are unfortunate enough to be in the intake department you will have to do double the work just to make "them" money. To put this all into perspective, in two sign-ups "they" make what most of the office makes in an entire day. So if you add that on top of whatever salary "they" are making (anything over $0 is too much) and look back at your paycheck how would you feel? There is no way to successfully deal with "them", you will simply have to endure, Emrani will not intervene except maybe to transfer you but this is rare. In any real company, "they" would be fired immediately. Oh yeah, and check all the typical boxes, racism, sexism, arrogance, irresponsibility, dishonesty, etc. Everyone has problems with them and this keeps turnover high. Lack of HR: I know I listed this as a pro but it also serves as a con. This means abuse is tolerated and even endorsed by certain forms of management. Other people in a "department head" role is usually assessed to be LITTLE tyrants that has become settled into "their" meager position of power and will displace anyone that may expose "them" or make "them" look less capable. "They" tried to subjugate someone that has been doing "their" (the department heads) job longer than "they" has been alive and luckily that backfired. "They" are needlessly aggressive and it shows in their work. They talk about their huge workload and yet has time to walk around the office and chop it up about the acquisition of suspicious (stolen) fashion goods and take three hour breaks. People are allowed to openly have intimate relationships with management with no inquiry, which is the only reason why some employees haven't been weeded out and are allowed to skip steps in the leadership structure based on doing so. The Owner: To be honest he is one of the nicer attorneys I have come across (and that isn't saying much). One thing I can appreciate is that he literally only cares about money, he favors some employees over others due to the time they put in but generally everyone is just an asset that produces money for his image and pockets. If you calculate how much he spends on advertising and what he offers attorneys vs. the rest of the office it will bother you, as it should. Pay isn't tied to anything real, its literally based on what he feels you are worth. To put this into perspective, there are people there with over 10 years of law firm experience making $13/hr and people with 2 or less making $18-$20. He usually doesn't address issues and if you are not exhausted and pulling your hair out by the end of the day with a stomach ache because you've had to hold your urine for two hours you are classified as lazy. He does not care about the extremely high turnover rate at the firm (people come and go almost daily) because if he did he would pay appropriately or ensure a better work environment. I don't expect his outlook to change, in fact, I watched it get worse. He treats the intake department like a sweatshop, with talk of confiscating personal phones, he installed cameras for constant surveillance, he basically wants to turn the office into a cleaner version of communist China or his home country. But the truth is "minimum pay, minimum work"- D.M. Your current pay rates tell people that you can't afford the productivity you want, so get your money up and pay people. If you want all-stars that work like dogs and get everything incoming, it costs money and if you don't have the funds, live with what you get. Meanwhile, you want to know where the productivity issues are? Look at your top people lol. Office Politics: Yes I understand that every office has politics but in this case, it was truly hilarious. This is not a top tier company that you can spend your life working toward a meaningful career. This is not a place that will let you lead projects and get the compensation you deserve. This is where you go when you either need some money or had no skills or experience and were hired here first. There is no reward for backstabbing and yet it is rampant. And the people there that have been sycophantic enough to stay and earn the owner's respect as a loyal subject will do anything they can to protect their place (applies to most but not all). The long-timers have accumulated a wide latitude to do what they want when they want for the most part and will attempt to destroy anyone who tries to wake the owner up to that fact. I have never seen people work so hard to protect peanuts. Basically, if you work so well that you outshine your manager they will either try to destroy you or bury you with so much work that you won't be able to breathe and eventually quit which is a win-win for them. By destroying you they get to replace you and by burying you they get to enjoy a lighter workload and when you quit they get to call you weak and just go back to the previous amount of work they were doing. Pay: Complete and utter joke. The amounts people get are literally based on the owner's perception of you, people doing the same work in the same department will be $5 different in pay and that is not based on gender, race skill level, anything, in fact, having education works against you, most of the people that have formal educations are relegated to the lowest positions (except for the law degrees) or either quit for a real job, or get fired because the demand fair compensation. This job gives you gas money, that's about it. Maybe some of the senior people who have been there for 10+ years get some decent paper but that's probably it, and the attorney ads he puts up say 100k-200k (HAHAHA) but I'm positive anyone below the age of 50 is not getting that much. Once again he gauges your pay based on the goofy sets of factors in his mind that constitute experience and "value". IMPORTANT: The clock in system is based on whatever time you agree to start at and calculates your time on that basis, so basically if you are 5 minutes late but stay 30 minutes after you will be docked for the 5 minutes and not compensated for the 30 unless you have it personally approved as overtime and GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. The accounting department is comprised of older people that mean well but enter things by hand, which means that your check will be different amounts each time even if you work the same amount of hours and when your raise a discrepancy their answer will be "TALK TO JACOB". I remember once one of them even told an employee that dealing with pay issues was "not my job". YOU ARE THE FIRM'S ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT, WHO ELSE IS SUPPOSED TO HANDLE THE MONEY?!?!?!?! And talking to the owner about money is so painstakingly difficult that you will most likely take the pay cut to end the suffering and channel that energy into your job search. Getting a raise is impossible and if you do it'll be less than a dollar. Owner also takes advantage of immigrant visa programs and pays slave wages (except for two). Job Value: This part I found more funny than anything else. NO ONE, I REPEAT NO ONE, takes this firm seriously. When I went on interviews (went on at least 7 while I was there) all of the interviewers whether they be from small law firms or Fortune 500s they all literally giggled when they got to that part of my resume. They would ask how tall the lawyer is, how much he spends on advertising, does he have a close relationship with the Lakers, why does he have so many goofy billboards, etc. They laughed at the fact that I was coming from that firm and never once asked why I was leaving because they already knew. I am not saying you cannot progress from working here but working at this law firm will basically only qualify you to work at law firms of similar caliber and for similar pay, you will have to cast your net far and wide. And if you plan on working here, I would keep applying as you do and leave this off of your resume (unless you pass the 90 day mark) so you can accept a good offer immediately. Turnover: Law is a notoriously challenging field for many reasons but the biggest challenge is usually the types of characters you encounter in your legal workplace. Turnover here is extremely high, I mean so high that two out of the three people that interviewed me were gone inside of 60 days (the third was the owner). This is due to substandard pay, unreasonable demands, and ridiculous management. I have seen people accept an offer, work a day, and simply never come back, this is not an exaggeration. People will work here for a few days and then just peel out because ultimately, it is not worth it. Honestly, I have a theory that he doesn't monitor all of these things to get work done and keep turnover really high in all the administrative roles so he doesn't have to provide pay increases for time served or provide any benefits (which he doesn't already lol). But I'm pretty sure he keeps things on a rotating basis so no one has the time to gain any experience in a particular position so that they can ask for more money. THE LAW: For some reason it seems that the legal profession has been dominated be some of the worst people that society has to offer and because that tradition has persisted for so long new people entering the field believe that in order to fit in you should mimic that behavior. To top it all off the head of the firm targets the lowest rung of society for easy and gullible clientele. Plaintiff side law is already horrible in and of itself but low income clients who are thirsty for money and usually have a hand in causing these accidents make it even worse. Always crying about a check the day after the case is started making up these stories about how the world is going to end if they don't get an immediate cash pay out. These people are almost never seriously injured but they believe they can get a solid payday when meanwhile they don't realize they are (most of the time) reducing the amount they would get if they handled the matter through insurance or sued in small claims. My mother has been in two accidents and as opposed to faking injuries, getting a lawyer and waiting 4 years to receive $2,000, she handled it herself and had $4,000 cash inside of two weeks. People try to be lazy and end up taking the long way around. 90% of the cases are fender benders where the damage isn't visible but you'll get screaming phone calls about a broken back lol. Also, the litigation department is made up of some of the weirdest and rudest people that you will come across. Everyone knows everything and yet that side is in complete disarray. How have you gone to school for almost a decade and haven't mastered the concepts of saying "good morning" and filing by alphabetical order? Just don't go over there if you can avoid it. Conclusion: If you can work somewhere else you probably should, but on the off chance you can't, keep your head down, identify the right people and stick to them, do just enough to not be noticed, check out ASAP. You're welcome.

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