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Jill Collins

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2020-11-02 22:17:49

Professionalism and trust won't be found here
The office temperature is set and locked at 78-80 degrees. Meaning there is an actual key lock on the thermostat. That should be your first sign this is not your usual place of business. Upper management is highly involved in the day to operations. To the point where they do not understand the concept of trust. The level micromanagement in this office is the worst I have ever witnessed. Upper management has an unclear vision regarding roles and responsibilities. There is a flat organizational structure across all lower levels of employees. Meaning, everyone overlaps in decision making because everyone knows upper management will have final say. This leads to constricting of ideation. Everyone is afraid to voice their opinions and when they offer strategic examples, upper management just ignores them and in many cases belittles people. This is a clear sign upper management has insecurity issues. The lying and clear conflict of interest in upper management means HR issues will never be dealt with properly within California Law. So now that the operational issues have been highlighted, the company benefits are laughable compared to any other professional opportunity. 3 sick days annually and no personal days is not a reason to consider accepting a position here. And if you do call in sick, upper management immediately second guesses it. Yes, it is honestly that kind of environment. Career advancement is also not supported. Upper management does not believe in a traditional organizational structure, because it will lessen their influence on daily operations.


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