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11/03/2020 @ 12:39 am

Unethical, Untrustworthy and a Toxic Work Environment Zero job security. If the government shuts down or your contract abruptly ends, you?re put on leave without pay and just hung out to dry. They won?t even let you use the paid time off that has been accrued if there is a shutdown. They don?t have additional projects to transition people to. There is no concern to find work for employees rolling off a project. If you?re connected to an executive, you?re safe. If you have no personal relationship with an executive, you?re history. No severance upon being laid off even for employees who have been there for ages. No bonuses. No incentives. One day or less of notice of termination from layoffs or stop work orders. Expect to see people arbitrarily let go with no notice or severance. Seniority means nothing. No professional development budget. No training budget. GKG has no interest in developing and increasing the skills of employees. Incestuous, cliquish, toxic environment. More so with the newest wave of executives. There is a constant churn of new leadership. No room for growth. No work life balance. Expect to get called out and admonished for working less than 60 hours a week for a 40 hour salary. Every 12 to 18 months, GKG hires some new big-wig who is going to take GKG to $50-$100 million dollar big business status. The person they bring in quickly realizes that GKG is not positioned to move from small to large and that leadership is unwilling to do what it takes. This new person realizes that the power they were promised to reshape the company is never really granted and their business decisions are second guessed by leadership and denigrated by executives and those who have the ear of leadership. There are too many chiefs, and the person they hire to transform the company quits or is blackballed by leadership. GKG has gone through three of these people in the last 18 months. Several others have come and gone in the time I was there. Leadership is more interested in collecting people with fancy credentials (who never return on the investment of their outlandish salaries) and meeting people and companies who GKG can brag about being associated with. Executives spend lavishly on executive dinners and booze and then balk at ordering pizza for employees who stay all night at the office while working under extreme stress and time constraints. No true organizational structure. No business development or capture process. No proposal development process. No annual personnel review process. People are given responsibilities with no authority. Leadership does nothing but hold meetings and never finalizes anything and never disseminates decisions from the top down. GKG doesn?t solicit ideas from staff. Expect to use your personal computer or an old HP laptop of theirs. The fancy new Surface Pros are just for the special employees. Must use your own cell phone for GKG business. Don?t expect PMO support if working on a project. They are only there to put out contract ending fires. Don?t expect help managing the project or the expectations of the client. No leadership accountability. IT is sorely undertrained. Constant hacks and phishing attacks and unresolved IT issues. Business decisions are made without weighing metrics and instead on emotion. Worker fatigue based on overwork due to no strategy for bid no-bid decisions. 100+ proposals a year out of a tiny proposal shop, with a very low win threshold. You will only get ahead if you brown nose the executives and angle for a personal relationship. Leadership and coddled employees are prima donnas who have no accountability. Personality driven work culture. Those employees with closest ties to ownership get resources and special perks like fancy desks and computers, while others get nothing. If you have some fancy credentials and are really great at glad handing and brown nosing and jockeying for the favoritism of a boss, then GKG is the place for you. If you?re looking for a stable work environment where you are provided the tools to succeed and don?t want to be concerned with petty office politics, run from GKG and don?t look back.

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