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11/03/2020 @ 01:02 am

was not a great place to be I came in during the summer months to perform data entry work. I actually wrote a review under this for contract work, however it does not appear many people may be viewing my review, unless they click on the contract box. Therefore, I would like to also comment on it here, as well, since it was a full time position, although as a temporary employee. During the summer months they hire interns, as I saw a lot of them during this time. I came in as a temporary worker for a few months. Although it was an extremely long time since I had completed high school, I apparently was thought of as an intern by everyone. In fact it was so long ago, that I hardly remember being in high school at all. I therefore got the treatment that was felt by the interns, which was basically being ignored by the permanent employees or being talked down upon as if I did not know what I was doing. This was during a time where I had already accomplished and helped many people while working for different companies and industries. I was a well established professional for a variety of companies in many industries also. It was very insulting that your permanent employers would treat me differently because I looked young to them or you thought I was an intern or something. This could be taken as age discrimination which is becoming somewhat of a serious issue right now. I suggest you inform your permanent workers that they also hire temporary workers, along with high school interns, during the summer months, and not assume that everyone is an intern based upon how they look. That they should treat everyone equally and with respect, even if they looked young. In fact I remember one woman who was actually younger than me, when seeing me deliver a file to a cubicle, actually walk around me to avoid me. This was noticeable since the aisle between the cubicles was 8 feet wide and there was plenty of space to just move slightly, in order not to bump into me. There was no intention of me ever talking to her, so why she did this while looking at me, was highly strange and completely inappropriate. In fact, I would say it was offensive to me even. Some of these permanent employees probably had children that could be old enough to be an intern, yet they treated other interns disrespectfully, as I was also unfortunately brought into this as well, even though I was not an intern at all. I will not go into all the other incidences but it was not pleasant. I would say there were a couple women that did not treat me badly, although I'm not sure if it was because I told them I was older than I appeared, or if they would have spoken to me the same way if they thought I was an intern or not. I basically viewed how I was treated and didn't tell anyone I was a temporary, accept for those two women who treated me well. It gave me a great insight into how people viewed and treated each other at this place, especially to those who appeared younger and looked like an intern as well. I was glad when that day came that I completed my assignment and left.

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