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Amy Nicole

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2020-11-03 01:51:11

A Job with a VERY low ceiling
The owner really has no actual experience as a working Makeup Artist at all, so you can imagine taking orders from someone on how to do a job that they themselves doesnt know how to do, would be infuriating. Her sweet charm comes off as sincere and caring which I can guarantee is completely fake. Working at Chic with a boss like Amy is essentially like being back at highschool. Passive aggressive remarks (through email because Amy can never say anything to your face) are regular here. The owner, Amy, rarely ever has anything remotely constructive to say. She is too busy driving her $80,000 car and taking selfies at posh restaurants in LA to actually take the time to invest in her business or her employees. Amy looks at everyone as "replaceable" as she has said many many times. Oh yeah, and she "runs" her business from LA so you can imagine getting things done can be a nightmare when your boss lives across the country. Like the great Trump, don't come here with facts. Even when you present a case for concern, or show progress in your job from the previous years, prepare to get shut down and told your simply wrong, but in the sweetest way of course. That's working at Chic. Once you are completely lied to thinking you're going to grow, you'll realize Amy Nicole doesn't want anyone being better than her. The flexible schedule and lack of structure is what keeps people working here. Because no examples of quality work are being done, everyone is just coming and going just to make a dollar. It's easy to get sucked into a job where you feel like a ship in the night. Collect a paycheck right? Working under her for over a year actually made me go to therapy to try to manage my thoughts on how someone could be such a mean girl. Oh and raises, bonuses, and promotions are rare. If you get a raise you might go down in hours or simply let go The owner thinks because you work for her that means you should be thankful. Oddly enough your raise is probably going to be a bag the owner has sitting in her closet.


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