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Christie Peale

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2020-11-03 02:16:39

Bait and switch
The entire work culture is toxic once the honeymoon phase wears off. You start to realize that they promote they are good so much to rope people in that they don?t even attempt to actually be good. Far too many people are just there to pick up a check, enforce bs, tow the line, and have no desire to actually be effective. The goal here is to get and keep money flowing in. They act like being given a contract and grant is the end of the game and spend most of their time coasting and making excuses for their lack of progress to keep funders from pulling the plug. Within the organization, it thrives on nepotism. There are so many unqualified people in management positions in every division of this place. When you get into the deep culture, you start to realize who was friends with who to get and keep them in. There are so many unwritten rules here, one that hierarchy is everything and two that you cannot speak on things and try to work within for accountability. Despite ownership being one of their top 3 tenets, the organization just denies, ignores, and puts the responsibility on whoever vocalizes issues. I?ve heard about so many situations happening here and I honestly don?t think Human Resources has ever actually helped anyone. They blame everyone (especially those not in management) for what they?re experiencing. This place is way too much like a cult, ganging up to attack and discredit rather than listening. It?s full of passive-aggressive and unprofessional excuses for leaders who expect and demand everyone to shut up and drink the kool-aid of how great they want to pretend the organization is.


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