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11/03/2020 @ 08:41 am

Don't Believe the Hype The first thing you need to understand is that Kwittken is a little firm, run by petty, bitter people who make up the lack of joy in their lives with a massive egos and an uncanny abilities to pathologically lie every time they speak. I was hired with the promise of a job that was filled with opportunity, at a cutting edge agency on the cusp of serious growth and global expansion. In fact they had so much business that they regularly had to turn clients away. Kwittken was getting ready to separate from their parent company KBS. They were planning to make some key hires in social media, publicity, finance, HR and business development. I was tasked with developing an important, thriving category within agency. It all sounded amazing and too good to be true but given the direct, warm, gentle demeanor of the Aaron and the cute quirkiness of Jason, I finally thought I had found a pair of good guys in an industry filled with bad people. Unfortunately I was wrong and the reality of what I've experienced, watched and endured makes me sick every single time I think about it. I'm beyond disappointed in myself for letting 2 psychopaths fool me. Aaron and Jason are insane and take EVERYTHING personally. Innocent, hard working employees are the targets of witch hunts because they always feel the are being taken advantage of. Any time a staff member needs time off or flexibility for personal reasons they are automatically deemed a liar. Apparently all their overworked millennial work force wants to do is to pull a fast one on their bosses. I've had to go to bat a number of times for my team members and been questioned about why I would approve time off... time off that they've earned!!! Aaron is a pathetic bully. He takes joy in making fun of his employees behind their backs for things that he knows they're very insecure about, and of course nothing is off limits -their weight, appearance, acne, skin, speech impediments and and others. He also loves telling the story of how one client's been having cheating on his wife publicly for years.... "the fact that this fat drunk was some how able to get a wife and a girlfriend means anything is possible" and "It's amazing that everyone in the world except his wife knows about the girlfriend, she must be brilliant, NOT!" Jason is no better. He walks around the office bragging about all the amazing things he does; incredible vacations, frequenting the best restaurants, buying the latest technology and of course his house in the Hamptons -something he finds a way to mention in nearly every conversation. This is exactly what i group of unhappy, broke 20 somethings want to hear about at their horrible job! Get real, NO ONE CARES!!! Great, you went to Cannes, WOW, good for you!!! OOOOH YOU HAVE A HOUSE IN THE HAMPTONS??? NO WAY, OMG!!!! The work at Kwittken is garbage! They have a long list of no-name clients that no one really cares about. It's hilarious that this company is sold as being on the rise or that they could be so busy that they're turning business away. In reality they are bottom-feeders who will take any work from any company. Kwittken would do PR for a halal cart if there's a dollar to be made and force a 22 year old to spend their weekend doing it. The amount of senior level people i've seen come and go is insane. Aaron hires people from real agencies, makes insane, outrageous promises about their job then turns on them a few months later once their newness has gone away. This has been the case with a number managing directors, executive leaders and others. So many good people have come and gone. It started before I joined Kwittken and will continue long after I leave. In 2013 PR Week named agency as one of the best places to work. My guess is that they did so without ever visiting the agency or speaking to a single employee. KWITTKEN IS THE WORST PLACE ANYONE CAN WORK, EVER!!!!!!

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