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Morgan Rousseau

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2020-11-03 09:52:43

Change for the better never comes
* Claims there's no money for hard-working employees when the bosses give themselves big raises. Even worse, if you ask for a raise you might be accused of "blackmailing" your manager and threatened with termination. * Has people on staff given positions due to connections to board members. Despite ongoing bad behavior, they're never disciplined and even given raises. If they mess up your work you're told to do your work AND theirs * Clear favoritism. Bosses have favorite staff members whose opinion they value over everyone else's even at the expense of the company and revenue * Not actually looking for solutions. Many people on staff just want to keep collecting a paycheck. If you rock the boat at all, even to make the company better or the work more effective, these people will actively make your day harder and go over you to complain directly to the CEO about you. * Don't respect the expertise of some people they hire. They'll throw endless money at consultants who tell them the same solutions as competent people on their staff. Can save endless time and money by listening to people they hired for a reason. * Petty staff. Personal vendettas rule and are taken to HR or the CEO. People lie about each other to HR, go to the CEO to complain when their superiors discipline them for good reason, and start fights in the public boards on the Slack account. * Endless promises, no action. They'll tell you you're the future of the company, that things are going to change, that the toxic people will be put in line..."soon." And you'll keep hearing soon, soon, soon until you can't take it anymore. * Toxicity seeps into your personal life. Because no one is held to basic standards of the workplace (the CEO screams and uses cuss words in the office, uses chew and spits it out in a coffee cup in meetings), you carry it with you. Even off hours staffers will try to pick a fight with you on Slack for personal reasons.


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