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Erik Huberman

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2020-11-09 01:00:49

The world needs to know the truth
Man where to start.... this isn't the Best Places to Work Be prepared to spend 10-12 hours per day 5+ days a week working, no lie . There are a lot of reviews here saying people weren't willing to work hard and left, but some of the hardest workers i've seen left the company because they couldn't take it. Most people will be juggling anywhere from 6-20 clients at a time. It really makes it where where we're spending only an hour a week on some accounts because, well, there's only so much you can expect one person to accomplish. There's no work life balance here. There's always so much pressure to get work out the door so sales can bring in another deal Expect the absolute minimum support from upper management. They are just there to allocate new clients to you the second you are done with one of your clients. There is very little down time, expect to always have an unbearable amount of work and nothing to do about it. And if you dare take a vacation longer than a week, prepare to feel guilty and shamed. The work-a-holic culture here is pretty toxic. Many many many times we reached out to upper management for help with negligible results. Many a times I heard "I've been hearing you guys saying you're stressed lately... but I don't get stressed ever anymore so it's all really your attitudes." The CEO cares more about posting about how he's flying around the country than a single human inside the company or his dog. And the COO tells us how he's going to outwork us in the onboarding videos and how our jobs aren't that hard, but honestly not sure what he does all day since he was out a lot of the time and golfing. I stopped reaching out after a while. I will say while I made the most of my time at Hawke, I couldn't recommend this place to any friends or colleagues. I had to really survive on my own with a couple of friends at the company. It only makes sense to work here if you need to start your career from scratch. If you're at all seasoned, steer clear


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