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Kris Carlson

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2020-11-09 01:05:10

TLDR: I have never seen or heard of a professional workplace that treats its employees so poorly. I have worked my fair share of bad jobs, but this one takes the cake. Carlson Environmental Consultants (CEC), is an unpleasant place to work. And I don't say that because the business is landfills and solid waste (although that doesn't help). While I could go on and on with examples of a hostile workplace, unrealistic expectations, and unprofessional behavior, I will summarize with a just a few: 1) The turnover is extremely high. This is at all levels of staffing, from entry level to senior management. 2) Your the job conditions and terms discussed in your interview and offer letter will NOT be honored. "Oh that's not the companies policy". 3) The company generally acts like they own you. You are expected to work very long hours, pack up and leave for long deployments with no notice, extend said deployments with no notice, and do whatever is asked of you. This is the bare minimum. 4) To quote a supervisor, "this is a bleed you until you are dead sort of company and if you don't like that they you can leave". 5) While in a meeting to plan a new project that was new to most of the staff on the call, the project manager said, "...and if you don't know how to do something or have any questions about how something works.....figure it out for yourself." this was NOT said sarcastically or as a joke. 6) My co-workers when receiving calls from staff in other offices, "yeah?! what do you want?! I am really busy!" Again, not as a joke. 7) A supervisor "I know that Employee X mistreats co-workers regularly. But they are valuable to the company. So I am not going to do anything about it."


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