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11/09/2020 @ 03:51 am

Do Not Work Here I would start by reading the older reviews that don't sound like they're written from a corporate robot. It is widely known that HR doctors the reviews for the company so they can replace all the good people that left due to their extremely high turnover and mistreatment of employees. The entire company is a mess with the most recent CEO being let go, but used the euphemism that he was "tired". The company/upper management will focus on literally everything except the fact that their current retail model is failing, and no one knows what they're doing. Day to day work there is just putting out fires. Bulletpoints: - Upper Management & HR is a joke. Management is very quick to write you up for literally anything you do that remotely upsets them. Upper management will also routinely read through Google Hangouts/Emails as a way to micro manage? Not really sure how or why they have the time to do this but alas. - TURN OVER IS EXTREMELY HIGH. I watched 10+ people within the first year of my employment leave. Keep in mind, the corporate office has 20 people max. This is due to insane expectations of management, and how they lead by doing the absolute bare minimum of work while expecting you to give 150% (also all the write ups). This 150% is working after hours, having work email + phone number + gchat linked to your phone, and having a massive workload that you will never catch up on since they won't hire an adequate number of people since they're cheap. - Judgemental: if you don't fit in with the office, you will be targeted by management for having a bad attitude. Walked on eggshells the entire time I worked there. -Promotes the wrong people: You will be sold a pipe dream about how working for a small company has plenty of growth/opportunity/etc... wrong. They only promote who they like, and will still massively short change what your pay is worth, all while expecting you to put your back into a company that could care less whether you succeed or not. -Going deeper into only promoting who they like: you will watch people who do zero work get promoted and receive special treatment because they play "office politics" (aka brown nosing) while you're there working 10+ hour days and wondering why you accepted the job in the first place - Horrible Pay/Benefits (non industry standard) - No protection from Upper Management: most companies have a checks & balances system where employees can at least review their manager anonymously and HR will work to fix - NOT THE CASE HERE. Management uses scare tactics and punishment versus open communication whenever there are issues.

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