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Ricky Ray Butler

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2020-11-09 05:16:39

Horrible Culture/Environment
BEN has a toxic culture that management is not introspective enough to even see. They think that giving little "goodies" (like a company trip or some nikes) means they take care of their employees, but the reality is that they don't see you as an individual but rather a cog in a wheel that could be easily replaced. This toxic culture is worse on some teams and better on others because it depends somewhat on your manager, but overall it comes from the CEO being either too busy/oblivious or too uncaring to see people as people. He's a "visionary" so focused on growth that human beings are just tools - unless you'er one of his bros. This attitude trickles down even though it's not directly taught. They also promote based on achievement which means that often, high-achievers with HORRIBLE leadership skills are your managers. I've since left the toxic environment at BEN and only after leaving did I realize just how bad it is. Like some of these other reviews note, they also pay you as little as possible for your work. Even HR responded to one review I read saying that they looked at "average salary" of the position and pay according to that - this is a classic example of companies under paying. Instead of looking at what you're worth, they look at the "average" so they can pay you as little as possible but still say it's based on the average. I moved to a new position where I manage a tenth of the scale that I did at BEN but make almost double the salary because this new position actually cares about it's employees and pays equal to their work, not arbitrary "averages" (aka minimum). If you want to work with influencers, you might have to bite the bullet on a horrible work place and take a position at BEN. Just make sure your priorities are right and that a business that cares about you as a person isn't a priority.


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