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Jon Prasuhn

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2020-11-09 05:27:54

PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING! The company's "point system" is total trash. You get points for doing anything besides standing at the cooler, basically. Leave to get more flowers but also stop to help a member? That's a point for being gone for 15+. minutes. Costco's phone system down for maintenance? That's a point for not being able to call. You get the idea. They also NEVER tell you where you're at with points so you have to hope to never get them, and try to keep track of where you're at w/your points. They also have you unload 2-3 (on normal delivery days) by yourself and expect it done in 90 minutes or less. That includes taking inventory, checking for bad product, organizing old flowers, changing all the water buckets on the cooler, stocking while unloading, and doing paperwork, all while trying to stay out of the way of Costco employees who are stocking and zooming around on forklifts. I've had 3 times where I've been so sick I really couldn't work. One of which lead to me going to the emergency room after work. But they REFUSE to let you call out even if you have your paid sick time. They don't want to have someone not at the cooler 24/7. The best I ever got was when my manager called 1 HOUR before I was supposed to be off and said I could go home a rest! That didn't help at all!! If you're sick, you should not be forced to go into work. Same with any family emergencies, they won't let you leave for that. Or they will say, "well you can leave for an hour, but you HAVE TO come back to work". They want someone at the cooler, but only have 2 employees in my location so neither of us is ever allowed to cover the other if something were to happen. The manager for my location constantly texts me reminders as if I were a child that couldn't keep track of time! Or if I'm literally one minute late to calling in my inventory my manager will either call to yell at me, or text me consistently telling me I'm late and need to hurry up. Another issue is with how they do NOT give you any sort of padded mat, or stool, to stand/sit on, so you spend your entire shift standing on concrete and after about 1 hour your feet are in flames. When I asked my manager about getting one, she said I'm not allowed to because I have to be able to help members quickly. As if a mat would somehow slow me down?! I work weekends full 8 hour days plus an hour lunch so I'm there for 9 hours and get barely any relief. My last complaint is minor, but still bothers me. Costco doesn't have any policies on having tattoos/piercings, but Kendal does. I had just gotten a small nose ring before getting hired but got told I had to take it out for work. Because of constantly moving it in and out for my shifts, it horribly irritated my nose to the point I had to take it out although and let it close. Essentially wasting the $50 I paid to get it. I know this one isn't life changing, but it does not seem fair that for a company that says you can express yourself you clearly can't. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via Email Copy Link


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