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Tyler Anderson

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2020-11-09 06:11:01

Lack of Accountability & Other Issues
As someone mentioned below, things move at a mile a minute but there's no real process in place to ensure that people are getting the right training to help them be successful in their role. Management continues to praise people who don't know what they're doing, and managing 10+ accounts is the norm. Not sure what's going on financially but when the company doesn't give everyone raises annually (and those who do receive a raise receive less than a 1% raise) and three people get laid off at the loss of a large client, it's pretty unsettling. There also seems to be a disconnect between what management claims to prioritize - such as company culture and transparency - over what they actually care about. Company culture is a joke (team happy hours? "Your time, your dime") and there is no such thing as transparency when management keeps information from its employees, and as a result, clients know about things before the employees do. Despite being told that Freckle is used to see how much time we are spending on each client (and making sure the amount is comparable to how much that client is paying), it's unfortunately being used to micromanage employees and keep track of the work they are doing. Management doesn?t take accountability for problems/unhappy employees and instead blames employees, which is part of the reason why good people and skilled employees are leaving. Management also enjoys talking about employees behind their backs, such as when they're on business trips and openly talking about their employees to other employees, or the time they talked about a client and an employee?s work accidentally in a public channel for the whole company to see. I was excited to join this company because I was told that management wanted to create an environment that wasn't like the corporate world, and while some of the pros mentioned above are definitely better than those offered in larger companies, the shift that Casual Fridays has taken in the last year or so - less transparency, less of an emphasis on company culture, employees not feeling valued or appreciated, increased micromanagement and strategists being told that working 40 hours is unacceptable and that 45-55 hours per week and working on days off is expected - seems to show otherwise. When employees give their notice and upper management seems unfazed by it and doesn?t even say anything to the people leaving, it reaffirms that feeling of being unappreciated and not valued. It seems that unless you?re on the inside of things, the guys at the top really just don?t care about their employees.


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