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11/09/2020 @ 06:52 am

Needs some improvements. For starters, 95 of the workers there are temporaries, and most do not speak English. But the hours are excellent, and the pay scale depends on experience and time there. Hire ins are not very common, especially direct hire ins. Office is separated heavily from the floor workers. Separate break rooms, separate bathrooms, all the way down to separate parking lots, I'm told at the Irving location they opened up in March 2014. Too many times, multiple management and office personnel will take vacations at once. Whoever is approving those vacation days is not paying attention to when they will overlap, and so calls will come in for people who are gone, and some folks will get really annoyed when it seems that no one is around to answer their questions. They close everyday from noon to 1pm for lunch, company wide. Problem? There's no phone recording to state that this is why no one is answering phones or answering doors. So it appears as though no one even cares about the company, or is even working, when a potential customer or current customer calls or visits. Some of the long standing employees are really kind to work with, but other times, if things are not going properly, then when the stress kicks in, attitudes kick up too, and can make working as a team almost impossible. This is a heavily family run company. You can absolutely, without a doubt, expect that if you work here, you will meet nearly the entire family, including the family dog. Yes, they bring their dogs to work. They also bring their kids to work. Kids will run up and down hallways, riding scooters, play hide and seek around the building, and you can even hear them screaming at times, which makes business meetings and phone conversations quite interesting at times. At times, it comes off as this company being more of a hobby than a business for the owners. They are not native to the area, but transplants from New Jersey, and they are entirely missing from the picture each summer, which means that things often get done remotely, which makes getting things approved a slow and painful process when the "bosses" aren't around. The adult kids of the owners are VP's and assistant controllers of the company, and there are nephews and brothers who are in sales and purchasing. So really, the bigger positions, or weightier positions I should say, are filled by all family members. I would not join this business in hopes of excelling or advancing to any high up positions. And expect to be utilized for more than you were hired for, if you do land a job here. It's a great company from the outside, but once within, there are a lot of secrets, and interesting details that surface to the top - especially in the financial departments. Nothing sketchy or illegal, just...not the best management of budgets and plenty of ticked off vendors who call to let you know that the company is in debt with them and they are now on credit hold until payment is made. Definitely, lots of calls. Lastly, there have been plenty of times that the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing, and it caused waves. If someone is out, someone else who doesn't normally do that job is given crash courses for taking over that position and sometimes, it can even stick on as your task, even after they returned back to work (just depends on the task). Instead of hiring people in to make the work lighter and more efficient, they will typically resist bringing in new folks, and just spread out the workload to others who are already behind in their own tasks. This really adds to the stress, and back biting that can happen when things aren't totally A-OK. So, bottom line... if you can handle suddenly changing tasks or taking over things that you normally have nothing to do with (and don't mind searching for hours for paperwork that has been misplaced, or fielding emails or calls that demand answers you don't have), don't have a problem with kids or dogs randomly appearing in your office, and can deal with the oddball things that happen from time to time - you'll do great here!

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